Arovec AroDry-1800 Air Dehumidifier User Manual


Arovec AroDry-1800 Air Dehumidifier User Manual


This user manual provides safety and operating instructions. Please read this user manual thoroughly before using the product. This user manual will help get your dehumidifier going in just a few quick minutes.


  1. 1 x AroDry-1800 Air Dehumidifier
  2. 1 x Power Adapter
  3. 1 x user Manual
  4. 1 x Warranty Card


Power AdapterInput: AC 100V – 240V, 50/60Hz, 1.0A
Output: DC 15V, 4A
Rated Power60W
Effective RangeAreas up to 25m²
Operating Conditions>15oC, >40%RH
Noise Level<43dB
Standby Power0.4W
Dehumidify CapacityApprox. 750ml/day at 30oC, 80%RH
Water Tank Capacity1800ml
Dimensions20 × 20 × 32cm
Net Weight2.3kg


Please read all instructions before use to prevent the risk of injury, fire, electric shock, or damage. Use your dehumidifier safely by following the instructions in this manual.

  • ALWAYS turn off and unplug the dehumidifier before emptying the water tank.
  • DO NOT move the dehumidifier when the water tank is full to prevent water spillage.
  • DO NOT use the dehumidifier if it has been dropped, damaged, left outside, dropped in water, or not working properly.
  • DO NOT turn on the dehumidifier when the water tank is removed from the unit.
  • DO NOT remove the water tank when the dehumidifier is turned on.
  • DO NOT use the dehumidifier if the cord or adapter looks damaged.
  • DO NOT use the dehumidifier near gas appliances, fireplaces, stoves, candles, or heating devices.
  • DO NOT use the dehumidifier in an area with insect repellents, burning incense, toxic fumes, flammable dust, or oxygen tanks. Always leave at least 1.5m of clear space from any oxygen being administered.
  • DO NOT run the power cord under furniture, other appliances, carpet, or cover with rugs, runners, or floor covering.
  • ALWAYS tuck away the power cord to prevent tripping accidents.
  • DO NOT put the dehumidifier on an unstable surface e.g. bed or couch.
  • DO NOT use the power adapter on wet or damp surfaces.
  • DO NOT touch any part of the humidifier or adapter with wet hands.
  • DO NOT put the dehumidifier in water or liquids.
  • DO NOT use the dehumidifier outdoors.
  • DO NOT use for commercial purposes. This appliance is for households only.
  • DO NOT put any object into the air inlet/outlet.
  • DO NOT attempt to repair or adjust any electrical or mechanical functions of the dehumidifier, as this may cause danger and void the warranty.
  • DO NOT sit on the dehumidifier or put any object on the top of the unit.
  • DO NOT block/obscure the air inlet/outlet. Keep free of anything that could reduce airflow.
  • DO NOT spray air fresheners, perfumes, or oils on or near the dehumidifier.
  • DO NOT fit the dehumidifier with a different power supply unit.
  • DO NOT clean with the power adapter plugged in.


Arovec AroDry-1800 dehumidifier reduces humidity levels, making your home less hospitable to allergens such as dust mites, mould and mildew. Getting rid of musty or rotting smell. Additionally, the stylish design adds beauty to your room.


  • Quiet Operation: Helps you get clean and healthy air in your room while running quietly.
  • LED Light: Built-in night light with color changing, fixed colour or entirely turn-off options.
  • Removable Water Tank: Easily remove the water tank and drain the collected water.
  • Auto Shut-off Function: AroDry-1800 will shut off automatically when the water tank is full or removed to prevent water overflow.
  • Humidity Display: The display shows the current relative humidity (%RH) in the air.



  1. The dehumidifier should be on a flat, level surface, with the control panel facing up before switching it ON. [Figure 1.1]
  2. Leave at least 40 cm of clear space around each side of the dehumidifier when it is ON. [Figure 1.2]
  3. For optimal efficiency, shut all windows and doors when the dehumidifier is operating. [Figure 1.3]




  • The display shows the current relative humidity (%RH) in the air.


  • Press once the (Arovec-AroDry-1800-Air-Dehumidifier-User-Manual-fig-5 ) to turn the dehumidifier ON or OFF


  • Press the ( Arovec-AroDry-1800-Air-Dehumidifier-User-Manual-fig-6) to adjust the desired relative humidity level (%RH) from 20%RH up to 80%RH.
  • The dehumidifier will operate until the selected %RH is achieved.

Sleep-mode Feature:

  • In sleep mode, the dehumidifier runs quietly on the lowest fan speed and all indicators turn OFF including the night light. All the control panels will turn OFF and the dehumidifier will be working in dark mode.
  • Press the ( Arovec-AroDry-1800-Air-Dehumidifier-User-Manual-fig-7) to enter the sleep mode. The sleep indicator will blink for 5 seconds then the dehumidifier enters the sleep mode.

Night Light Feature:

  • Long press the ( Arovec-AroDry-1800-Air-Dehumidifier-User-Manual-fig-7) for 3 seconds to turn the night light ON or OFF.

When the water tank is full, the dehumidifier will stop functioning and the ( Arovec-AroDry-1800-Air-Dehumidifier-User-Manual-fig-8) will start blinking. When the water tank is removed from the dehumidifier, the unit will stop functioning and the (Arovec-AroDry-1800-Air-Dehumidifier-User-Manual-fig-9

) will start blinking.

When the water tank is full (approx. 900ml of water collected), the dehumidifier will automatically turn OFF and the LED light will start flashing.

  1. Switch off the dehumidifier and remove the water tank. [Figure 2.1]
  2. Remove the water tank cover. [Figure 2.2]
  3. Drain the collected water from the water tank. [Figure 2.3]
  4. Replace the water tank cover. [Figure 2.4]
  5. Put the water tank to the appliance. [Figure 2.5]


Using a drain hose (continuous drainage)

  • When using a drain hose, the collected water is drained out of the drain hose outlet.
  • The connected hose must be sloping downwards as the drain hose outlet does not operate with pump.
  • Open the drain hose outlet and connect the hose. [Figure 2.6]
  • Place the end of the drain hose at a suitable drain.



For better performance of the dehumidifier, Arovec recommends to perform basic and deep cleaning of AroDry-1800 regularly. Always unplug the dehumidifier before you clean it. DO NOT use any harsh cleaning agents e.g. bleach or alcohol to clean any part of the dehumidifier.

Basic Cleaning:

  • It is recommended to perform basic cleaning the dehumidifier every day.
  • Drain collected water from the water tank.
  • Wipe down the outside of dehumidifier and water tank with a soft and clean cloth.

Deep Cleaning:

  • It is recommended to perform deep cleaning the dehumidifier at least once a month and before/after storing it for long periods of time. You should also deep clean if there is any mould or scale build-up inside the water tank.
  • Switch off the dehumidifier and remove the water tank.
  • Wash and clean the water tank and its cover. Then, wipe down and dry the water tank and its cover.
  • Leave the empty water tank open for at least one hour to remove any bad smells.
  • Put the water tank back to the dehumidifier.


  • If not using the dehumidifier for an extended period of time, it’s a good idea to clean and wrap the dehumidifier in plastic packaging and store in a dry place to avoid moisture damage.
  • Ensure that the dehumidifier is turned off and unplugged.
  • Store the dehumidifier in an upright position. Do not store anything on the top of dehumidifier.

To prevent possible harm to the environment or human health from uncontrolled waste disposal, separate the unneeded dehumidifier and its related accessories from other types of wastes. Ask your local council where to dispose of your dehumidifier and its related accessories. You should not throw your dehumidifier and its related accessories away with the daily normal household waste.


Here are some tips to try if your dehumidifier isn’t working properly.

ProblemPossible CausePossible Solution

Dehumidifier won’t turn on or buttons not working

No electricity.Check for power.
The power adapter is not properly plugged in.Remove and reconnect the

power adapter.


The water tank is removed.

Ensure that the water tank is placed properly in its place.






Dehumidifier runs but the humidity level does not decrease.

Air inlet or outlet is blocked.Remove blockage.
Doors and windows are open,

letting in new moisture.

Make sure all doors and windows are closed.
There are other sources of humidity in the room

(e.g. boiling water).

Prevent the humidity sources in the room.


The temperature in the room is too low.

The dehumidifier is designed to operate between 15oC and 32oC. Moisture removal is greatly reduced if room temperatures exceed this temperature range.
Insufficient time for the dehumidifier to remove moisture.After initial operation, allow few hours to maintain desired dryness.
Dehumidifier stopped working and the light is flashing.The water tank is full.Drain the collected water.

The water tank is removed.

Ensure that the water tank is placed properly in its place.
Water leaks down on the floor.The dehumidifier is placed on an uneven surface, so water drips out of the tank.Place the dehumidifier on

an even level surface.




Fan is working.

Wind from the fan can create sounds during operation. This is normal.

If your problem isn’t listed in the above table, please contact customer support at for assistance.


Arovec dehumidifiers are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Your dehumidifier is covered for 2 year warranty, which includes 1-year standard warranty and 1-additional year, from the date of original purchase

Product nameAir Dehumidifier
Standard warranty period1 Year

Additional warranty

Extend your warranty for 1-additional year. Simply register on to within the first 14 days of original purchase.
Record your order details here. This will help if you have any warranty questions in the future.
Date of original purchase
Order number

In addition to your rights under the Arovec warranty, you are also covered by guarantees under Australian Customer Law. The Arovec warranty is only available in Australia. In Australia, our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Customer Law.

You are entitled to replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and failure does not amount to a major failure.

What is Covered

  • The repair or replacement of your Arovec dehumidifier (at Arovec’s discretion) if the product if found to be defective due to faulty manufacture. Arovec reserves the right to determine if the fault requires a replacement or repair.
  • Packaging and instructions for a faulty dehumidifier may also be replaced if damaged.
  • This warranty is valid for using your dehumidifier within Australia.
  • This warranty is valid for personal use only.
  • Warranties are limited to the 2 years (1-year standard and 1-additional year) from the date of original purchase.

What is Not Covered

  • Using your dehumidifier for commercial purposes or anything other than normal domestic use.
  • Using your dehumidifier outside of Australia.
  • Accidental damage or faults caused by neglect, misuse, vandalism, and abuse.
  • Damage or faults are caused by not following the instructions in this user manual.
  • Unsupervised use by children under the age of 18.
  • Repairs or alterations carried out by parties other than Arovec or an authorized agent.
  • All other conditions that are not covered by Arovec warranty as listed in the “What is Covered” section.
This warranty is not transferable.

Arovec is not responsible or liable for any damages, losses or inconveniences caused by product failure or accidental damage or faults caused by not following the instructions or safety warnings contained in this User Manual. Please email at with any further inquiries about Arovec warranty or to ask about making a warranty claim. You must contact us within your warranty period for your claim to be eligible.

Once your product proved as a defective within the specified warranty period, stop using it and contact customer support at with your order number.

Please contact customer support with any questions regarding your product. Feel free to contact our helpful customer support team. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Customer Support:

  • Yasin Pty Ltd.
  • PO Box 2, Ermington NSW 1700, Australia
  • Please provide your order number when you contact customer support.


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