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Brookstone ar108a4bka Speaker Latest User Manual

Radiation Exposure Information

  • This gadget has been assessed to meet the general F exposure standards. The gadget can be utilized in portable exposure conditions with no restrictions.

Essential Safety Instructions

  • Previous to using the item, make sure you read and follow all safety and utilize instructions.

Safety and Handling Information

Avoid dropping, throwing, or crushing the Brookstone speaker to ensure optimum product life. Keep away from exposing it to dampness, dust, Brookstone ar108a4bka or operating temperatures over 32°F to 113°F (0°C to 45°C). Circumvent charging at temperatures exceeding 113°F (45°C).

Warnings for Lithium Polymer Batteries

BC Symbol: This device has a non-removable Lithium Polymer battery. The battery should be reused or disposed of responsibly. Contact your local waste management authority for further information about battery recycling or disposal.

Rating Label Definitions

Direct Current Symbol In Brookstone Speaker

The disposal Symbol mark indicates that the particle should not be inclined off as domestic waste but rather brought to an acceptable collection site for recycling. Proper disposal and reusing help to save natural resources, health, and the environment.

This symbol appears and designates that this equipment features battery charging that abides by California CEC and energy efficiency standards.

Bluetooth SymbolThis icon indicates that this is a Brookstone wireless speaker device with Bluetooth technology. The Brookstone speaker Bluetooth word mark and sign are registered combinations held by Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

Before you begin

Read this manual and save it for further reference 

Additional Warnings In Brookstone Speaker

  • First of all, Before using the item, read all instructions to ensure it is safe and properly working. Use only manufacturer-approved batteries, chargers, accessories, and supplies.
  • Keep away from children because this is not a toy. 
  • Don’t dismantle, modify, or repair the gadget.
  • Avoid revealing the gadget to severe temperatures open flames, and moist or damp situations.
  • Do not deluge in water.
  • Low power may result in a bad Bluetooth connection or audio natural.
  • Do not overcharge the battery.
  • If using a USB adaptor, make sure that it is not defective.
  • Do not uncover the USB port or the connectors of the included USB cable to dirt or water, nor should they come into contact with any conductive materials.
  • This thing has a built-in battery and should not be disposed of with normal household rubbish.

In the Box Brook stone Big Blue Party Speaker

The BSSK1082 kit includes one wireless speaker, one tripod, one wired microphone, one micro-USB charging cable, and one instruction manual.

Charging the Brook stone speaker

  • Connect the provided charging cable’s micro-USB connector (smaller) to the micro-USB port on the speaker’s back. Plug the USB connector (larger) into a USB power source or a 5V USB charging adapter (not supplied) and connect to a wall outlet.
  • The LED indicator will turn RED while charging and then OFF after completely charged. On low power, a tone will sound regularly, indicating that the speaker needs to be charged.

Powering On/Off Brook stone Speaker

  • Make sure the Brookstone speaker has been charged.
  • To power on, turn the [POWER/VOLUME] dial clockwise until it clicks. A tone will be heard, and the speaker will go into Bluetooth pairing mode. The speaker may automatically reconnect to any adjacent, previously linked device.
  • To power off, turn the [POWER/VOLUME] dial counterclockwise until it clicks.

Changing Input Modes In Speaker Brookstone

  • Press the [MODE] button on the speaker’s back panel to switch between input modes.
  • The mode will be indicated on the LED panel on the rear of the speaker, as well as by a voice. To switch between these modes, you must enter a micro TF card, or USB device, or connect an AUX cord.

Adjusting Volume and Playback

brookstone speaker

  1. Adjust the volume using the [POWER/VOLUME] dial or the controls of a connected device.
  2. There is also Brookstone Big Blue Party Speaker
  3. To skip tracks or stations in Bluetooth, FM Radio, USB, and TF card mode, use the speaker’s [Previous] and [Next] buttons.
  4. To pause and restart playback, simply use the [Play-Pause] button.
  5. To connect with Bluetooth, turn the Brookstone speaker on.
  6. Configure your mobile device to search for Bluetooth devices. When it displays, choose BSSK1082 from the list of discovered devices.
  7. In Bluetooth mode, you can control playing and volume using your associated device or the controls on the speaker’s rear.

Using The Speaker Lights

brookstone speaker

  • When you power on the Brookstone speaker the LED lights will switch on automatically.
  • To choose between LED light modes and turn them off, press the [Speaker Lights] button on the back of the speaker.
  • To use the FM radio, turn on the speaker and switch to FM mode.

USB Device and TF Card Input

  • Insert a USB device, such as a USB flash drive or a micro SD/TF card, into the USB or TF card input ports on the speaker’s back.
  • Note: To listen to music on your USB device, you may need to place files in the device’s root folder. For more information, go to the manufacturer’s specifications for your USB device.
  • If the speaker Brookstone does not immediately transition to the appropriate mode, push the [MODE] button until you are in USB or TF card mode. A voice will be heard identifying the mode, and the brookstone speaker  will instantly start playing music from the device.

Mounting the Speaker

  • Unfold the tripod and adjust it to your chosen height. Mount the speaker’s bottom hole to the tripod’s rod.
  • To secure the speaker brookstone, turn the thumb screw handle clockwise until it’s tight.

Warranty Service is Not Available.

This warranty excludes damage caused by an accident, misuse, abuse, improper installation or operation, a lack of reasonable care, and unauthorized modification, including software modifications such as the installation of custom firmware. This guarantee is invalid if this product is opened, altered, or repaired by an unauthorized person. All products returned to an authorized service location for repair must be properly packed.

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