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Campbell Hausfeld Air Cleaner / Dryer User Manual




The Campbell Hausfeld Air Cleaner / Dryer is designed to remove dirt, most contaminants, oil and water from compressed air. It is a two part system consisting of a coalescing filter which removes most contaminants, oils and condensed water and a desiccant dryer which removes water vapor.


After unpacking the air cleaner / dryer, carefully inspect for any damage that may have occurred during transit. Check for loose, missing or damaged parts.

Safety Guidelines
This manual contains information that is very important to know and understand. This information is provided for SAFETY and to
PREVENT EQUIPMENT PROBLEMS. To help recognize this information, observe the following symbols.

General Safety Information

This product is a part of a high pressure system and the following safety precautions must be followed at all times along with any other existing safety rules.

  1. Read this instruction manual before installing this device on a MANUAL compressed air system.
    Be thoroughly familiar with the controls and the proper use of the equipment.
  2. Safety glasses must be worn during operation. Always work in a well ventilated area.
  3. Do not exceed any pressure rating of any component in the system.
  4. Protect air lines from damage and puncture.
  5. Check air hoses for weak or worn condition before each use. Make sure all connections are secure.
  6. Keep all nuts, bolts and screws tight and ensure equipment is in safe working condition.


This product is specifically designed for compressed air service ONLY. Use with any other fluid (liquid or gas) is a misapplication and not permitted. For example, use with or injection of certain hazardous liquids or gases in the system (such as alcohol or liquid petroleum gas) could be harmful to the unit or result in a combustable condition or hazardous external leakage. Campbell Hausfeld’s warranties are void in the event of misapplication and assumes no responsibility for any resulting loss.

Maximum pressure: 150 PSIG (10 bar).
Maximum temperature: 125˚F (52˚C).


Disconnect power and release all pressure from the system before attempting to install, service, relocate or perform any maintenance.

  1. The air cleaner/dryer should be located as close as possible to the air tool or spray gun.
  2. A shutoff valve should be installed before the air cleaner/dryer so the unit can be easily depressurized for servicing. Securely mount the air cleaner/dryer in a vertical position using the mounting bracket supplied with the unit.
  3. Install a Campbell Hausfeld 3/8” Filter (PA2121) before and after the coalescing filter/dryer for optimum performance. Connect the piping or hose with airflow in the direction of the arrows cast into the top of the unit. Avoid using unnecessary fittings, couplings, etc., that restrict air flow.
  4. Remove the bowl from the dryer housing by pushing the bowl toward the body and rotating bowl. Pull bowl down to remove from housing.
  5. Open bag of desiccant and pour into bowl. Shake or tap bowl periodically to settle desiccant. Fill to within 1/2” from top of bowl. Do not allow desiccant to get into center tube.
  6. Reinstall bowl on housing. Be sure it is securely locked in place before pressurizing the unit.
  7. The coalescing filter is supplied with the filter element preinstalled.
  8. Be sure to use a clean air hose to prevent contamination of the cleaned air.
  9.  Pressurize system and check for any air leaks.

Before turning on the air pressure supply, make certain the bowls are securely locked in place and all fittings are tight.


Always depressurize the unit before removing any bowl or personal injury and/or property damage could occur.

  1. Drain moisture from coalescing filter before every use. To drain, turn drain valve. Make sure system pressure is 10 psig or less.
  2. The only other servicing required for the air cleaner/dryer is replacement of the desiccant when the desiccant turns pink, and replacement of the filter element when the service indicator shows red.
  3. Desiccant Replacement
    a. Shut off air flow to the air cleaner/dryer and depressurize system.
    b. Remove bowl from the dryer housing by pushing the bowl toward the body and rotating bowl counterclockwise. Pull bowl down to remove from housing.
    c. Pour out used desiccant.
  4. Coalescing Filter Replacement – The service indicator on the coalescing filter (shown in Figure 1) signals when the filter element needs to be replaced. When the indicator turns red the filter element must be replaced. Use replacement filter element PA2087.
    a. Shut off air flow to the air cleaner/dryer and depressurize system.
    b. Remove bowl from from the dryer housing by pushing the bowl toward the body and rotating bowl counterclockwise. Pull bowl down to remove from housing.
    c. Remove used filter element by grasping the bottom of filter element and turning counterclockwise.
Technical Service

For information regarding the operation or repair of this product, please call 1-800-543-6400 between 8 a.m. and noon or between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. (EST), Monday through Friday for assistance.

Limited Warranty

  1. DURATION: From the date of purchase by the original purchaser as follows: Standard Duty Products – One Year, Serious Duty Products -Two Years, Extreme Duty Products – Three Years.
  2. WHO GIVES THIS WARRANTY (WARRANTOR): Campbell Hausfeld / Scott Fetzer Company, 100 Production Drive, Harrison, Ohio, 45030, Telephone: (800) 543-6400
  3. WHO RECEIVES THIS WARRANTY (PURCHASER): The original purchaser (other than for purposes of resale) of the Campbell Hausfeld product.
  4. WHAT PRODUCTS ARE COVERED BY THIS WARRANTY: Any Campbell Hausfeld nailer, stapler, air tool, spray gun, inflator or air accessory supplied or manufactured by Warrantor.
  5. WHAT IS COVERED UNDER THIS WARRANTY: Substantial defects in material and workmanship which occur within the duration of the warranty period.
    Implied warranties, including those of merchantability and FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE LIMITED FROM THE DATE OF ORIGINAL PURCHASE AS STATED IN THE DURATION. If this product is used for commercial, industrial or rental purposes, the warranty will apply for ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. Some States do not allow limitation on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations may not apply to yo



Campbell Hausfeld Air Cleaner Dryer user manual

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