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GAMDIAS Hermes P3 RGB Mechanical Keyboard User Guide


GAMDIAS Hermes P3 RGB Mechanical Keyboard User Guide



Thank you for purchasing the GAMDIAS™ HERMES P3 mechanical gaming keyboard. The new HERMES P3 keyboard is designed by combining user’s fundamental requirements and features of the HERMES series mechanical keyboard as well as compact keypad. All these are aimed at enhanced mobility, comfort operation, and spatiality. Your HERMES P3 comes with two programmable macro keys (FN+G1/G2), which enable playing preset macros while gaming. Its portable profile and macro saves can be shared with other gamers or automatically backed up to your computer.

System Requirements

  • Windows ® XP/ Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • PC with USB ports
  • Internet connection (used to install the HERA software)
  • GAMDIAS™ HERA software

Package Contents

  • GAMDIAS™ HERMES P3 Mechanical Keyboard
  • Keycap puller

Hardware and Software Installation

  1.  Insert the USB plug of the GAMDIAS™ HERMES P3 keyboard into an available USB port on the computer.
  2. The “New Hardware Found” notification will be displayed. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the hardware installation.
  3.  Connect to the GAMDIAS™ website ( and download the latest version of HERA software.
  4. Start installing the GAMDIAS™ HERA software and follow the instructions on the screen to complete.

Introduction to HERMES P 3 Keyboard Configuration

  • Six sets of customizable gaming profiles: PF 1-P F6,
  • GAMDIAS-Hermes-E1A-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard-User-Manual-ImageSix multimedia shortcut keys: Previous track, next track, play/pause,, mute 1,decrease volume,., increase volume.
  • GAMDIAS-Hermes-E1A-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard-User-Manual-Image-1Game mode: Press [Fn + Win] once to lock the Windows key so there, will be no response when it is pressed. Press again to unlock.


  • Lock keyboard keys: Press [Fri + F11] once to lock the keyboard keys so the re will be no response when they are pressed. Press again to unlock the keys.
  • GAMDIAS-Hermes-M1-7-Color-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard-User-Manual-Image-4Speed adjustment of shortcut key: There are 11 speed steps in existence (0~11 where 0 represents stop).
  • GAMDIAS-Hermes-P3-RGB-Mechanical-Keyboard-User-Guide-Image-1Keyboard backlight brightness level adjustment: [Fn + Num 8] increases brightness, [Fn + Num 2] decreases brightness. There are 4 phases for brightness level adjustment; OFF / 30% / 60% / 100%
  • GAMDIAS-Hermes-P3-RGB-Mechanical-Keyboard-User-Guide-Image-2 On-The-Fly macro recording (OTF):
  1. Start OTF recording: Press [Fn +F9] and all keys will start flashing simultaneously
  2.  OTF recording: Enter the macro action (keyboard keys) to record
  3. End OTF recording: Press [Fn+F9] and all keys will start rapidly blinking
  4.  Specify macro key: Press the key to execute the macro and all keys will return from rapidly blinking to their original indicator statuses
    • To cancel OTF recording during the process, press [Fn + F9] after step (3) to cancel recording; at this time the all keys will return to their original statuses
    •  If no keys were pressed for 20 seconds during step (2) the macro recording process or step (4) specify macro key process, macro recording will end automatically and all keys will return to their original statuses


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