Serenelife Mini Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Manual


Serenelife Mini Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Manual



Read the safety instructions before operating the Mini Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and keep this manual handy for your future reference. Observe the basic safety rules to prevent any occurrence of fire, electric shock or personal injury.

  1.  Do not operate the Mini Robotic Vacuum Cleaner outdoors.
  2. Before starting to use the Mini Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, make sure the dust bin filter is properly installed.
  3.  Do not use this product in wet or moist environments (any environment with liquid), e.g. bathroom or laundry room.
  4.  Before you use the Mini Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, remove any loose articles on the floor such as clothes, paper, loose cables, or extension cords. Additionally, lift curtains and drapes off the floor to avoid any possible accidents. If a loose cable is tangled with the Mini Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, the cable may be dragged with the Mini Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and could topple furniture or cause property damage.
  5. Never stand or sit on the Mini Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. Use Caution when operating the Mini Robotic Vacuum Cleaner around children or pets.
  6. DO NOT let the Mini Robotic Vacuum Cleaner approach cigarettes,lighters, matches or other flammable objects or combustible materials.
  7. Never use the product to clean up combustible or highly volatile liquids such as gasoline.
  8.  While the product is in operation, make sure all doors leading outside are closed.
  9.  If the Mini Robotic Vacuum Cleaner malfunctions or is damaged by force,do not operate regardless the cause. Call your local dealer for service information.
  10.  Before charging, ensure that the adapter and outlet are properly connected.
  1.  The battery is rechargeable. Please use the voltage and current specified on the packing. If you are not sure of the voltage and current of your house,please contact the seller or local power company of a licensed electrician. (Only use the battery pack provided by the manufacturer or specified by the manufacturer, please check the polarity before installing the battery.Battery voltage: 11.1V DC Working current: 700-800mA
  2.  Only use the original battery and power adapter of the product for charging.
  3.  Charging adapter is for indoor use only.
  4.  Do not recharge the product if the battery cord or plug is damaged.
  5.  Never touch the charger, plug or cable with wet or damp hands.
  6.  Before cleaning the product, unplug the adapter, switch off the unit and take out the battery.
  7.  Remove the battery when it is not in use for a long time.
  8.  Remove the battery from the product if disposing of the appliance
  9.  Switch off the Mini Robotic Vacuum Cleaner before removing the battery.Recycle and dispose of the battery properly.


This revolutionary Mini Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with functions suitable for cleaning floor surfaces such as wood, tile, and linoleum. The Mini Robotic Vacuum Cleaner will automatically switch between modes during its run cycle to ensure that every surface of the floor is cleaned.






  1. Before installing or removing the battery, disconnect the product from the power source.
  2. Open the battery cover.
  3.  Insert the battery into the battery cabinet and close the cover.Make sure the cover clicks securely into its position.



  1.  Before charging, make sure the battery is correctly installed.
  2. To charge the product, connect the adapter output into the DC jack,then plug the output into a wall outlet. A blue light will flash when charging.
  3. After it is fully charged, the indicator light will turn to a solid blue light.
  4. When the product runs out of power, an LED indicator will turn red/purple to signal that charging is needed.
  5. To ensure the best performance and life span of the battery, please charge the product for at least 3 hours continuously.


  • a. Charge the Mini Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for at least 8 hours before first use.
  • b. When the battery is low, please charge as soon as possible.
  • c. If you are not using the robot for an extended period of time, please fully charge the battery and remove it, then store it in a well ventilated and dry place.
  • d. If the robot is unused for more than 3 months, please charge it for at least 8 hours before using again.


Cleaning Dust Bin

  •  Open the upper cover by lifting the lid near the power on/off button.


  • Put your finger into the dust bin groove and grip to take it out.
  • Open the lid of dust bin.
  •  Take out the inner filter.
  •  Empty the dirt in the dust bin.


  • Rinse the dust bin with tap water. Do not wash it in washing machine, dish washer or other machine.
  • Periodically clean the filter with a soft bristled brush.
  •  Reinstall the filter and the dust bin lid when fully dry.
  •  Put the dust bin back into the vacuum.



Red LED light stays on after product is powered on1. The battery is low

2. The main body is elevated from the floor

1. Recharge the battery

2. Ensure that the vacuum is on a flat surface of the floor


Vacuum is on but won’t collect dust

1. Dustbin is full

2. The filter is not correctly installed


1. Empty the dustbin

2. Reinstall the filter


The product is moving backwards

1. The product is on dark colored flooring

2. The anti-drop sensor light is covered

1. Put the robot on light colored flooring

2. Clean the anti-drop sensor light



The blue LED light is still flashing after 4 hours of charging



1. The power supply may have been cut off during charging

2. The battery needs to be reset

1. Be sure that the power supply is fully connected, then recharge for 4 hours

2. Unplug the battery from the device and hold the power button for 10 seconds, then reconnect the battery.


The side brushes are crooked and not sweeping well


The side brush is worn from use over time

1. Pour hot water over brushes to revert to their original shape

2. Replace side brushes


The vacuum moves in circles only and won’t go straight


One of the wheel wires may be loose

1. Open the wheel cover and connect the loose wire properly

2. Send the robot to seller for repair


Serenelife Mini Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Manual

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