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Carlson Void Scans Manuals Updated 2024

Carlson Void Scans Manuals Updated 2024

Carlson Void Scans Manuals is a specialized, ruggedized equipment that uses laser technology to detect cavities and assist you solve subterranean surveying difficulties fast and affordably. Void Scanner+ uses time-of-flight laser measurement to scan the shape, position, and geographical location of voids, ensuring workers’ safety as well as the protection of stock and underground facilities.

How Void Scanner Works

The Void.Scans laser emits infrared pulses that reflect off solid surfaces and return to the probe for quick, precise, and safe surveying of subsurface voids. Distance measurements are accurate to ±5 cm, while laser direction is measured to 0.2° using encoders.

Internal pitch and roll sensors adjust the scan information, yielding real-time XYZ coordinates for each data point. This enables accurate georeferencing in the mine’s coordinate system and stitching of several scans. Plot the output data against design drawings or as-built data.


Void Scans Weak Hero, a specialized, ruggedized tool, employs time-of-flight laser value to scan the shape, position, and geographical location of voids, thereby ensuring human security as well as the protection of stock and underground provision.

Void-scans data is used to increase the efficiency and profitability of mineral extraction. With precise, up-to-date site maps, you can better monitor work, enhance planning, eliminate waste, maximize extraction, and accelerate project timelines.

Improve project capability

Carlson Scan program now supports multi-station projects, allowing you to scan from various locations and view the results in real-time to create a full 3D depiction of the site.

Minimize safety risks

Operators can retreat to a secure position while scanning, thanks to flexible deployment choices and wireless communication.

Improve the Site Management

Use Void Scanner+ data to better monitor and reduce ore loss and dilution by comparing scanned stopes to design data. Scans also give a record of daily production, which can help with decision-making.

Void Scans Advantages 

void scans

Simplify Operations

Using infernal void scans for daily void volume estimations requires quick setup and straightforward operation. It only takes ten minutes to unpack the system, connect connections, mount the boom, and set up the software.

Accelerate Decision-Making

Each Void Scanner+ data point has XYZ coordinates, allowing precise georeferencing with the mine’s coordinate system. This implies that scans can be stitched together in real-time to provide an immediate image of the spot.

Reduce Scan Time

The void scans lookism has a 200 points per second scan rate, 360° horizontal scan extent, and 270° vertical scan extent, allowing for a comprehensive scan in 1˚ increments in under 12 minutes.

Specialized features

Easy to Use

The system is easy to set up and use, taking only 5 minutes to unpack, connect wires, mount on the boom, and prepare the software. This speeds up normal stope volume calculations.

Speed of Operation

Complete a full scan in 1° increments in less than 12 minutes using the 200 points-per-second scan rate, 360° horizontal scan, and 270° vertical scan extent.

Flexible Deployment

The Void Scanner can be mounted on a tripod, boom, mast, or crane for safe operation in areas with limited or risky access.

Optional Wireless Connectivity

The optional WiFi box, which includes a rechargeable battery, wireless module, two power options, and a durable IP65 Peli™ case enclosure, allows for wireless control of the lookism void scans from a safe distance of up to 50 meters.

Multi-Station Project Capability

Real-time 3D scanning from several places can provide a comprehensive image of a mining or building site. 

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