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Kenmore’s $1,530 Elite 31633 top-load washing machine exceeded my expectations. $1,530 is a lot to spend on a washer, so I expected many high-end features. However, the 31633 lacks app functionality, a built-in sink, and the ability to hold a second, smaller washer in a storage pedestal below. Regardless, it’s a wonderful appliance. This is largely due to its big 6.2-cubic-foot capacity and remarkable stain-removal ability. The 31633 had the highest cleaning score of any top-load washer we’d tested thus far.

A Truly Big Loader

Kenmore’s 31633, wrapped in a dark gray metallic finish and with a glossy black touchscreen display panel, appears to be the top loader of the future. A central dial lets you choose from the ten available cleaning cycles, and everything else is accessed via integrated “buttons” on the display.

The controls function more like a phone touchscreen than actual buttons. They appeared overly responsive at times, as you only had to tap on the option you wanted to modify. Alternatively, you must hold the Start button for a few seconds before it will activate — something you’ll have to get used to, given the super-responsiveness of the other buttons.

Basic Setting 

The controls include basic settings like Wash Temp, Soil Level, and Spin Speed, as well as advanced options like Steam Treat, Two Rinses, Fabric Softener, and Accela-Wash, which decreases cycle duration by at least a few minutes (the actual number varies depending on the cycle you select).

There is also no standard cumbersome agitator taking up room inside the drum cavity; instead, there are 6.2 cubic feet of space with a high-efficiency impeller-style agitator dangling out the bottom.

Compared With Other Washers 

kenmore elite top load washer

Compared to other high-end top-load Kenmore elite top load washing machine, the 31633’s size becomes apparent. Many machines have a 4.5 cubic-foot drum size, which is more than enough for a constant 8-pound load of washing. Kenmore Elite Top Load Washer LG’s WT1801HVA has 4.9 cubic-foot dimensions, kenmore elite washer error codes 29133 has 5.3 cubic feet of space on the inner side of the drum, and GE’s GTW860SPJMC has 5.1 cubic feet.

Testing a washer

To test a washer’s ability to remove stains, we use stain strips covered with sebum, carbon, pig’s blood, cocoa, and aged red wine. After the stain strips have gone through a cleaning cycle, we calculate the percentage of original stains that remain. The smaller the percentage, the more effectively the washer removed stains.

Kenmore’s Elite 31633 received the highest score of any top loader thus far, with only 41% of stains left overall. Here’s a breakdown of the percentage of stain remaining by stain:

  • Sebum: 37% stains remain.
  • Carbon: 43 percent of stains remain.
  • Blood: 35% of stains persist.
  • Cocoa: 44 percent of stains persist.
  • Red wine: 46 percent of stains stay.

LG’s WT1801HVA washer retained 52% of its original stains, Kenmore’s 29133 had 44%, and GE’s GTW860SPJMC had 53%. Only the $1,099 front-load Electrolux EFLS617S outperformed the 31633, which had 40% stains persisting. We also use mechanical action strips, or fabric squares with five pre-punched holes in the shape of an X, similar to the five faces on a dice, to determine how rough or gentle a washer is on garments. After washing the strips, we count the number of connected, torn fabric threads at least 2 millimeters long. The greater the number, the harsher the Kenmore elite washer troubleshooting was on the garments.

Kenmore Elite Washer Parts and Components


The Kenmore elite washer manual lid remains locked during operation. Press the START/PAUSE button to unlock the lid and stop the washer.

ULTRA-CAPACITY Stainless Steel Tub

The ultra-large stainless steel tub is extremely durable.


The lid’s soft-closing hinges ensure a quiet and gentle closure. The sturdy tempered glass allows for easy observation of the washer.

Front Touch Panel

The front touch panel is water-resistant and offers convenient access to functions, reducing the need to reach for rear buttons. The soft-surface touch buttons provide a quality touch.


This washer’s jet spray rinse mechanism saves water throughout NORMAL and HEAVY DUTY cycles.


If your washing machine has a problem, it can send data to the LDJQRVWLFV Team via phone. This allows you to speak directly with our skilled technicians, who analyze the data from your machine to provide a quick and accurate diagnosis.

Dispenser Drayer

Add detergent or softener to the main wash compartment of the Kenmore Elite washer dryer combo. Cleaning agents are automatically delivered throughout the wash cycle. 

Final Thoughts

Kenmore’s Elite 31633 is an excellent top-loading washing machine. Not only does it look great, but it also has all of the essential capabilities, including a steam function. It also has a vast capacity, making it ideal for large families. I didn’t like the sensitivity of the display panel’s incorporated buttons at first, but it grew on me over time, and its excellent cleaning performance more than compensated. While it lacks sophisticated features compared to its $1,530 pricing, the Elite 31633 is currently on sale at Sears for $915. I would choose this top-load kenmore elite he3t washer if I had a laundry room that was large enough.

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