Vaddio 9985000001 ProductionView Rack Console User Guide

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Vaddio 9985000001 ProductionView Rack Console User Guide



The ProductionVIEW Rack Console was specifically designed to provide a professional rack enclosure for the Vaddio™ ProductionVIEW Series of Video Consoles and provide ample and use able space for supporting video peripherals used for video productions.

ProductionVIEW Rack Console Features

  •  8-RU Upper rack bay (14” / 35.56 cm)
  •  7-RU Lower rack bay (12.25” / 31.11 cm)
  •  Aluminum construction with attractive black powder coat finish
  •  6 Slant on Lower Bay, 39 slant on upper bay for optimal viewing angles



General Installation Instructions

This section largely covers the common sense aspects of the Rack Console Installation.

  •  It is constructed out of aluminum and can be prone to concealed damage. If the rack is damaged, contact your freight carrier immediately to start the claims process.
  •  Route all cabling out the back of the rack through the rectangular cable opening.
  •  Use any 10-32 threaded rack screws to secure products to rack rails (rack screws not included).
  •  Always use rack screws with protective washers to avoid scratching the front panel of the mounted products.
  •  Do not over tighten or cross thread rack screws.
  • Do not attempt to take the rack apart.
  • For smears or smudges, clear any dust with a blower and wipe stains with a clean, damp and soft cloth.
  •  Do not use abrasive chemicals or solvents.

Warranty Information

Hardware* Warranty
One year limited warranty on all parts. Vaddio warrants this product against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the day of purchase from Vaddio. Please see Vaddio’s Service Terms and Conditions at for specific details and policies.

The above warranty shall not apply to defects resulting from: improper or inadequate maintenance by the customer, customer applied software or interfacing, unauthorized modifications or misuse, operation outside the normal environmental specifications for the product, use of the incorrect power supply, improper extension of the power supply cable or improper site operation and maintenance.

Vaddio Customer Service:
Vaddio will test, repair, or replace the product or products without charge if the unit is under warranty and is found to be defective.  All components must be returned for testing as a complete unit. Vaddio will not accept responsibility for shipment after it has left the premises.

Voided Warranty:
The warranty does not apply if the original serial number has been removed or if the product has been disassembled or damaged through misuse, accident, modifications, or unauthorized repair. Cutting the power supply cable on the secondary side (low voltage side) to extend the power to the device (camera or controller) voids the warranty for that device.


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