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3M Peltor MT15H68FB ComTac User Manual

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3M Peltor MT15H68FB ComTac User Manual

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Peltor ComTac – improves communication and safety

Being able to communicate with your surroundings whilst at the same time being protected from harmful noise levels is a vital necessity in the military, both for exercises and battle situations. Noise levels are often so high that they can cause immediate, permanent damage to your hearing if protection is not worn. At the same time, communication is a must. Orders and information must be heard, both over the radio and directly from person to person.

The Peltor ComTac is designed for just these conditions. The ComTac is also specially designed to be worn comfortably under a helmet, be used with different kinds of weapons without being in the way, and at the same time protect effectively against harmful noise levels.

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The ComTac is a “hearing” hearing protector; it picks up and amplifies ambient sounds. A radio can be connected to an audio input for external communication and a microphone arm can be attached for a complete headset function.

A “hearing” hearing protector

The Peltor ComTac is an active-volume hearing protector, which means that it lets you hear ambient sounds. The conveniently located volume control lets you adjust amplification so that you can hear soft sounds much better than you could without the hearing protector. Two microphones pick up ambient noises and reproduce them in stereo so you can hear from which direction the noise is coming. Any sudden impulse noise that exceeds harmful levels is immediately attenuated. An electronic valve detects the noise level and attenuates it to a harmless level. When the noise fades, ComTac returns instantly to its listening function.

Reliable communication

The standard model Peltor ComTac is equipped with an audio input for connecting an external radio. The systems for external communication and active volume work independently of one another, which provides extra high reliability and increased safety. Even if the ComTac is switched off, it can receive external radio signals. A microphone arm can be mounted and connected with a simple maneuver, making the ComTac a complete headset for two-way communication.

The highest possible comfort and convenience
The Peltor ComTac is carefully designed for the soldier’s environment and is to be worn all day without inconveniencing the wearer. The cups are designed to fit under a helmet and to be used with different types of weapons without being in the way. The controls are well-protected, yet easily accessible, even with gloves on. Peltor’s well-known concept of individually sprung steel bands ensures an ideal pressure around the entire ear, guaranteeing excellent attenuation properties and high comfort. The headband is leather-covered and collapsible for comfort and easy storage.

Sharpens your senses when it matters most

We all know that a soldier’s senses have to be sharp to enable him to perform his missions successfully. Hearing is as critical as vision in both darkness and daylight. He needs to be able to hear incoming radio signals without the risk of revealing his location, he needs to be able to hear and locate a snappping twig or a whispering comrade and be able to communicate unhindered over the radio, even in a deafening battle… All of these are situations where hearing is critical to success. In battle, on reconnaissance missions or at your post, Peltor ComTac sharpens your hearing.

ComTac data


  • Active-volume function in stereo.
  • The last setting is stored when switched off.
  • Automatically switches off after two hours if no function is used. Two signals are emitted as a warning that the ComTac will switch off in one minute if no function is activated.
  • Battery life is about 250 hours. Three warning signals are emitted every 30 seconds for five minutes when power is low, then the headset switches off.
  • Polarity protection of the circuit if the batteries are inserted backward.
  • All models are equipped with an audio input via a J22 jack to allow connection to an external radio.
  • Weight 315 g.
Attenuation values

for the Peltor ComTac. Tested and approved according to European standard EN 352-4 and applicable parts of EN 352-1.

ModelFrequency 21252505001000200040008000HML 




315gr/10.6oz 1

Mean att. 310.715.824.729.428.240.641.6
Stand. dev. dB22 dB14 dB25 dB
APV 56.912.122.125.724.537.836.4


The Peltor ComTac – Specially designed for military needs

The Peltor ComTac is a “hearing” communication headset, specially designed to be worn comfortably under a helmet and to be used with different types of weapons to provide excellent protection against harmful noise levels.

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World leader in hearing protection and communication in noisy environments

Peltor manufactures a complete range of hearing protection and communication products for anyone having to spend time in noisy environments. Our product development is based on over 40 years of research and collective knowledge from our own experience and that of end users. This strength has made us world leaders in hearing protection and communication for the military, manufacturing industries, aviation, motorsports, forestry, and agriculture. Peltor is part of the Aearo company, who are world leader in personal safety equipment. E·A·R is renowned throughout the world for an extensive range of hearing protectors, amongst which is the E·A·R Classic earplugs.




3M Peltor MT15H68FB ComTac User Manual

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