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Aennon Ultrasonic Humidifier User Manual

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Aennon Ultrasonic Humidifier User Manual

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The 1byone cool mist is an Ultrasonic humidifier. An ultrasonic humidifier atomizes water into ultra-fine particles of 1-5um using the principle of ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation and diffuses the cool water vapor into the air through a pneumatic device to serve the purpose of even air humidification.


  1. The 1byone cool mist is specifically designed to humidify the air with cold vapor using ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation.
  2. The cool mist features a seven-color LED night light.
  3. The aromatic diffuser allows you to diffuse your favorite oil or water-based aroma.
  4. The silent operation will ensure your loved ones get the best night’s sleep possible.
  5. The cool mist will give you 10 hours of continuous use if run at a maximum flow rate.
Safety precautions
  1. Do not replace the power cord without authorization. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory, or mental capabilities.
  2. When the body is inclined, please handle this with the power cut-off.
  3. If the unit generates any abnormal sound or odor during operation, please shut it down immediately and disconnect the power plug.
  4. Before cleaning or moving the unit, please shut it down or disconnect the power plug.
  5. Do not operate the unit with an empty water tank.
  6. Do not scratch the ultrasonic oscillator with a hard object.
  7. Place the unit in normal room temperatures. Avoid operating the unit in chilly environments to avoid damage to the unit. If there is freezing inside, do not start the unit until the ice has been cleared or melted.

Operating Precautions

  1. Do not add hot water of over 45°C to the water tank and to avoid discoloration or distortion.
  2. Do not place metals, chemicals, and detergents into the water tank.
  3. Do not put the aroma oil directly into the water tank or the water bowl of the humidifier.
  4. Do not add water to the water bowl directly.
  5. When the unit is not to be used for a long time, please unplug it from the PowerPoint.

Know your Cool mist humidifier

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Choosing a suitable location

Do not direct the cool mist vapor flow at walls or furniture which is sensitive to moisture. Please adjust the vapor flow to the required comfort level and to suit the size of the room.

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Filling Instructions

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  1. Remove the vapor nozzle from the water tank.
  2. Invert the water tank and turn the filter cap anti-clockwise
  3. Remove the cap and the attached filter.
  4. It is highly recommended that the filter be replaced after approximately 500 hours of operation.
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  5. Fill the tank with clean water at room temperature.
  6. Screw the cap and filter, wipe off excess water drops around the water tank.
  7. Put the water tank back on the base. Secure the nozzle on the water tank.

Operating instructions

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  1. Turn the main control knob clockwise. The power indicator lights up green and humidification begins.
  2. Adjust the humidification level by turning the power/humidification control knob. The humidification, vapor level increases by turning the knob clockwise.
  3. When the LED flashes Red, the water level is low. Humidification will stop. Please turn off the power and unplug from the main power supply. Refill the water tank as per previous instructions.
  4. To stop the humidification, turn the main vapor control knob counterclockwise until a click is heard, the switch is now off. The LED light also turns off.

Controlling the LED Night Light

  1. The Cool mist night light lights up when you press the LED ON/OFF button. The LED lights will change as per the cycle shown below.
    Aennon Ultrasonic Humidifier User Manual fig 6Aennon Ultrasonic Humidifier User Manual fig 7

Using the Aroma Diffuser

  1. Remove the Aroma diffusion tray in the rear. Simply hold the tray, lift it, and pull it out.
  2. Soak the Aroma diffusion sponge with your favorite oil or water-based aroma.
  3. Replace the Aroma diffusion tray.
  4. Turn on the cool mist humidifier and enjoy the aroma.

Caring for your Cool mist


  1. Remove the nozzle and water tank
  2. Wipe off the excess water from the humidifier bowl.
  3. With a soft toothbrush, clean the metal surface of the oscillator
  4. Rinse well with fresh water.
  5. Dry thoroughly.

Cleaning the water tank

  1. Remove the nozzle and water tank
  2. Remove the filter cap.
  3. Clean the tank with a diluted vinegar solution.
  4. Rinse extremely well, taking care not to leave any cleaning residue in the tank.
  5. Dry thoroughly.
  6. Store in original packaging if not used for an extended period of time.

Technical Specifications

  • Question Answer
  • Model name Ultrasonic Humidifier
  • Rated Voltage US AC120V 60Hz
    Japan: AC100V 50-60Hz
    Europe: AC 220-240V~ 50-60Hz
  • Power consumption 22W
  • Maximum jet flow 210 ml/hr
  • Water tank capacity 1.3 Litres
  • Continuous use time Approximately 7 hours at maximum flow rate
  • External dimensions 160 (W) x 160(D) x 240 (H) mm
  • Weight 0.65 Kg
  • Country of Manufacture China


If you have problems while using your Cool mist humidifier, please refer to this guide to help resolve the problem. If the problem persists, please contact our customer service department at:

The power does not turn onThe power cord is disconnected. Plug into the main power supply.
• The humidifier does not work.

• The humidifier does not blow out enough vapor.

• There is not enough water in the water tank. Refill the water tank

•The humidifier is placed on a level horizontal surface, and the tank is installed correctly.

• Ensure the variable control knob is on the correct setting.


• Ensure the float is functioning properly.

• If no vapor is produced, ensure the oscillator is not damaged.

• The vapor smells• The humidifier bowl and oscillator may be dirty. Clean the oscillator and bowl as per instructions.

• Change old water and replace with fresh clean water.

• There is a water leak• The water tank, filter cap is loose. Please tighten.




Aennon Ultrasonic Humidifier User Manual

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