Alpha Digital KS1016 Cloud Frame Owner manual

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Alpha Digital KS1016 Cloud Frame Owner manual


What’s-In-The Box?

  •  Cloud Frame
  •  Quick Start Guide
  •  Power Adaptor
  • USB cable
  • OTG cable
  •  Warranty card
  •  Cloud Frame Stand

Know your Cloud Frame


  1. Earphone jack: Audio output connection for earphones.
  2. Volume up: Press to increase the volume level.
  3. Volume down: Press to decrease the volume level.
  4.  Power: Press and hold on for more than 3 seconds to turn on or turn off the unit. One quick press to turn the screen on and off.
  5.  Micro USB port:
    1. Charge and power the frame with the included power adapter and USB cable.
    2.  Connect this unit to your computer by USB cable, and read U-disk by OTG cable.
  6.  MicroSD card slot: Insert one of the microSD cards each time(support up to 32GB).
  7.  Stand: Using the stand provided that the frame can sit on the top of a surface.
  8. Speaker: Stereo speakers built-in.

Connect Power


  • Plug the Power Adapter into the frame and also into a power outlet.
  • Press and hold on the Power ( ) button for more than 3 seconds to turn on or turn off the frame.

Link Wi-Fi

After power-on, the screen will appear a prompt to ask you to link to Wi-Fi,follow below instructions to link your frame to the internet.


Register Your Cloud Frame

After Wi-Fi is connected, tap “My Cloud Album” on home screen, below message will appear to remind you to register your cloud frame.


Now you can register your cloud frame on this device, or you can go to your mobile phone or computer to register your cloud frame.

Register on your Cloud Frame
Tap on “Register Now” button on the prompt, enter your personal information, then tap “Submit”, you will be prompted to enter the activation code that has been sent to your registered email, get your activation code, and tap “Confirm”.
Register with your mobile phone
Step1: Go to Apple’s App Store or the Google’s Play Store, download and install “Alpha Cloud Frame” onto your mobile phone.


Register Your Cloud Frame

Step2: Open the “Alpha Cloud Frame” App from your phone, tap “New to Alpha Cloud Frame? Create an Account”.
Step 3: Enter your personal information and tap “Create Account”.

Alpha-Digital-KS1016-Cloud-Frame-image-6 Register on your computer
Open browser, type in, you will find below interface.Click “Sign Up”, then click “Activate your Cloud Product”.
Step 4: You’ll receive an activation email from Alpha shortly, enter the activation code on the interface, and you have your cloud account ready. Then you can activate your cloud frame by entering your frame serial number.


 Register on your computer
Open browser, type in, you will find below interface. Click “Sign Up”, then click “Activate your Cloud Product”.

Getting to know your main menu


  1. Calendar: Current time.
  2. User account: Means that your account is already logged in.
  3. WiFi icon: Means that the router is available and shows the signal intensity.
  4. Videos: Play or view the videos stored in internal memory or microSD card.
  5. Clock: View the time and date.
  6. Alarm: To set or edit alarm.
  7. Photos: Play or view the photos stored in internal memory or microSD card.
  8. My Cloud Album: To load and manage photos in cloud storage space.
  9. Weather: Real-time weather report.
  10. Volume down: Press to decrease the Volume level.
  11. Back: Press to return to the previous screen.
  12. Home screen: Press to return to the home screen.
  13. Recent Apps: Press to display the list of Apps that you have worked recently.
  14. Volume down: Press to increase the Volume level.
  15. Settings: Configure the unit.


How to find my cloud frame serial number?
On your cloud frame, click Settings at the lower right corner, then click “Settings” again, scroll down to find “About device” or “Device info”, you’ll find your device serial number starts with “SK***”.
 Why my cloud pictures are not showing on my cloud frame?
Please first check if your cloud album has been pushed to your cloud frame. Login to your Alpha cloud app, tab “Manage Frame” from the menu options, then tab your cloud frame showing on the top,you’ll see which cloud albums have been pushed your frame.If an album has been pushed, but not showing on our frame, please check Wi-Fi connection on your frame, check if it is connected to Internet.
If all of above are all confirmed with no problem, it still cannot receive photos, t is a rare case. Then please try to do following operation, go to Settings > Apps > All> find “Wifi frame” app (the app could be named same as your cloud frame model number) > press “clear data” button > reboot frame. This would re-download everything you’ve pushed from the cloud.

 I haven’t received activation code for registration.
Please check your junk folder, if still haven’t received anything, please email, we’ll push through the registration for you within 24 hours.

How to update my cloud account email? What if I have a typo?
Your account email cannot be changed once it’s registered, you’ll need to contact to update it.

What to do when I got message “This frame is already registered by another user” message?
Sometimes retailers resell returned goods, and you might get a device that s previously registered by another user. But don’t worry we can remove previous registration for you, please send a picture with the frame showing the serial number, and a copy of your purchase receipt, we’ll remove previous registration for you as soon as possible.

Why does my cloud frame “Turn off” after a while?
Your frame will not turn off by itself, it’ll go to sleep according to the cloud setting. You can adjust how long your frame goes to sleep. Simply login to your Alpha cloud app, tab “Manage Frame” from the menu options, and tab the settings con of your frame to go to your frame settings.Then adjust the sleep in settings to your desired time, and save the setting. Your cloud frame will pick up the change shortly.
My account password isn’t working, what can I do?
You can reset the password by clicking the Forgot Password link at the Alpha cloud app login interface. Or you could email to have it reset.

 Frame showing “Wifi frame has stopped” message frequently
It happens for too many pictures been pushed at once meanwhile the Wi-Fi connection is not good. We would like to suggest you to split the pictures into smaller slide shows, and push one by one, it is better to wait for one slideshow fully shown, then push another.

How to add a new cloud frame into my current account?
Alpah’s cloud frame does not support to add multi cloud frames into one account, each of our frames has its independent account number. We are working on Grouping Frames function, you will see the function soon

 What’s my account number while signing in to cloud app?
It is just the email address you have used when you registered your cloud frame, and the password
is just the one you are using for logged in the cloud frame’s service platform

Forget password, Cannot sign in to frame service platform
There’s a “forgot password” link under the “login” screen. You can input your registered email address and “submit”, then, you will get a new password created by the server from, then, please change it to your own password.


 Visit the support site
For manual download, FAQs and more supports:
 Contact Sungale Support team
Toll free number in the USA: 800-473-5156 Service email:
For additional product video support, go to, and search “Sungale Products”, where you will find additional demo videos to help with explaining the operation of your product.



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