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Black & Decker HNVC115J  Vacuum Manual

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Black & Decker Cordless Vacuum Manual

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Product Features

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  1.  On/off switch
  2.  Pivot lock button
  3.  Charging indicator
  4.  Nozzle
  5.  Bowl release button
  6.  Crevice tool
  7.  Brush tool
  8.  Dust bowl door
  9.  Dust bowl door release
  10.  Removable dust bow
  11.  Charging base


Adjusting the nozzle

The nozzle (4) has a brush (7) that can be folded forward for dusting and upholstery cleaning.

  • Press the pivot lock button (2) and rotate the nozzle (4) to the required position.
  • Release the pivot lock button (2) to lock the nozzle in position

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  • Before first use, the battery must be charged for at least 24 hours.
  •  Plug the appliance into the charger whenever power gets low.

Charging the battery (fig. D)

WARNING: Charge only at ambient temperatures between 50°F (10°C) and 104°F (40°C).

To charge the appliance

  • Plug the charging base (11) into a standard 120 Volt 60 Hz electrical outlet.
  • Lower the appliance onto the charging base.The blue LED (3) in the base of the appliance will blink to indicate that it is charging.
  •  When charging is complete, the LED will turn off.
  • The charger may become warm during charging. This is normal and does not indicate a problem.
    While it is safe to leave the appliance connected to the charger indefinitely, to reduce power consumption, we recommend
  • unplugging the charger after 24 hours.

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Switching on and off (fig. E)

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  • To switch the appliance on, slide the on/off switch (1) forward to position I.
  • To switch the appliance off, slide the on/off switch (1) back to position 0.
Cleaning the filters (fig. F – I)

WARNING:Never use the appliance without the filters.

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Cleaning the dust container (fig. J – L)

WARNING:: Never use the appliance without with clean filters.

CAUTION: Do not turn appliance on when dust container is removed.Push and hold the release bowl button (5)
on the nozzle.

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To replace the dust container
  •  With the filters installed, slide the container back onto the base and rotate the handle toward the front of the
    appliance until an audible click is heard. Ensure that the container is fully fastened back onto the base

Replacing the filter

A replacement filter is available from your Black +Decker dealer (cat. no. PVF110):

  •  Remove the old filter as described above.
  •  Fit the new filter as described above.


Use only mild soap and damp cloth to clean the tool. Never let any liquid get inside the tool; never immerse the main body of the appliance into a liquid.


Recommended accessories for use with your tool are available from your local dealer or authorized service center. If you need assistance regarding accessories, please call:1-800-544-6986.

WARNING: The use of any accessory not recommended for use with this tool could be hazardous.


This product uses Lithium Ion rechargeable and recyclable batteries. When the batteries no longer hold a charge, they should be removed from the Vac and recycled. They must not be incinerated or composted. The batteries can be taken for disposal to a Black +Decker , Company-Owned or Authorized Service Center

Service Information

Whether you need technical advice, repair, or genuine factory replacement parts, contact the Black +Decker location nearest you. To find your local service location, refer to the yellow page directory.

The RBRC® Seal

The RBRC® (Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation) Seal on the nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride or lithiumion batteries (or battery packs) indicates that the costs to recycle these batteries (or battery packs) at the end of their useful life have already been paid by BLACK+DECKER. In some areas, it is illegal to place spent nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride or lithium-ion batteries in the trash or municipal solid waste stream and the Call 2 Recycle® program provides an environmentally conscious alternative.


A defective product meeting the warranty conditions set forth herein will be replaced or repaired at no charge in either of two ways:

The first, which will result in exchanges only, is to return the product to the retailer from whom it was purchased (provided that the store is a participating retailer).under “Tools—Electric” or call: 1-800-544-6986 or visit The second option is to take or send the product (prepaid) to a Black +Decker owned or authorized Service Center for repair or replacement at Black +Decker ’s option.

This warranty does not apply to products sold in Latin America. For products sold in Latin America, check country specific warranty information contained in the packaging, call the local company or see the website for such information.



Black & Decker HNVC115J Cordless Vacuum

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