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BREVILLE BEG800 Precision Poacher™ Manual

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BREVILLE BEG800 Precision Poacher™

BREVILLE BEG800 Precision Poacher™



  • Remove and safely discard any packaging material and promotional labels before use.
  • To eliminate a choking hazard for young children, remove and safely discard the protective cover fitted to the power plug of this appliance.
  • Always ensure the appliance is properly assembled before use. Follow the instructions provided in this book.
  • Do not touch hot surfaces. Appliance surfaces are hot during and after operation. To prevent burns or personal injury, always use protective hot pads or insulated oven mitts, or use handles or knobs where available.
  • Do not place the appliance near the edge of a bench or table during operation. Ensure that the surface is dry, level, clean and free of any liquid and other substances.
  • Always operate the appliance on a stable and heat resistant surface. Do not use on a cloth covered surface, and position the appliance at a minimum distance of 8″ (20cm) away from walls, curtains, cloths and other heat sensitive materials.

CAUTION Avoid injuries from the egg pricking device. Note the inside of egg topper cutting rim can be sharp. Use with caution.


BREVILLE BEG800 Precision Poacher™ FIG 1

  • A. Cooking Vessel Lid
  • B. 2.6 Qt Aluminium Pot
  • C. Heating Base
  • D. Egg Tray
    Holds up to 6 eggs at once.
  • E. Egg Piercer
    Use to pierce eggs before cooking. Pierce base of egg gently.
  • F. Egg Topper
    Useful tool when you want to open EGGSPERT, SOUS VIDE and steamed eggs.
  • G. Probe
    H. Probe Holster at rear of unit (not shown) Power cord with Breville Assist® Plug (not shown)


BREVILLE BEG800 Precision Poacher™ FIG 2

  • I. Method indicator lights
    Indicates which method is currently selected.
  • J. METHOD button
  • K. TEXTURE button
    Choose from soft, medium or hard texture to suit your liking.
  • L. TEMP button
    Precisely adjust temperature.
  • M. LCD screen
    Easy to read intuitive screen.
  • N. Set temperature
    The target temperature to cook foods.
  • O. Probe Temperature
    The actual temperature that probe is reading.
  • P. TIME button
    Adjust clock and adjust time in different method.
  • Q. °C/°F button
    Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • R. SET DELAY button
    Set finish time to have eggs cooked perfectly when you are ready.
  • S. START button
  • T. POWER button
    Used to power on/off unit.


Carefully unpack your Precision Poacher™ and keep all packing material until all the parts have been found and the appliance has been assembled. Remove all promotional stickers. To remove any dust that may have accumulated during packing, wash the cooking vessel, lid, egg tray, egg piercer and egg topper in warm soapy water. Rinse in clean water and dry thoroughly. Wipe exterior of base and the probe with a soft damp cloth and then dry thoroughly. Carefully read all instructions before operating and save for future reference.

  1. Once you plug the product in, the unit will enter the standby mode.
  2. Press time arrows up and down to set your time. Press and hold for faster time change.
  3. Confirm the clock setting by pressing the START button. Alternatively the clock will automatically confirm the time if no button is pressed for 3 seconds.

To change the time

  1. Power it down by pressing the power button. Enter the standby mode.
  2. Press time arrows up and down to set your time.

Once unplugged for 5 seconds, all settings will be reset to factory defaults. Only clock time will be remembered for up to 5 days.

Care & Cleaning

  • Always turn the power off and remove the plug from the power outlet before cleaning the egg cooker.
  • The vessel, lid & egg tray can be washed in hot soapy water. The lid & egg tray are dishwasher safe.
  • Do not use chemicals, steel wool or harsh abrasives to clean the non-stick surface of the cooking vessel.
  • The heating base and the probe can be wiped over with a damp cloth.
  • Always use wood or silicone cooking utensils when using the product.

the One° Precision Poacher can cook various foods. For more recipes please see included recipe cards or visit



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