Maxell, famously known for its consumer electronics like cassette tapes, VHS tapes, headphones, OEM batteries, as well as optical components was established in the United States in October of 1969. The company started by setting up the dry battery and magnetic tape divisions of Nitto Electric Industrial Co., LTD and then commenced production of the first alkaline dry batteries in Japan in 1963. After introducing the cassette tapes in the Japanese market, Maxell Corporation of America was established in 1969.

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Maxell® Bass 13™ True Earbuds user manual

Maxell® Bass 13™ True Earbuds Specification Battery capacity (400mAh) Working Voltaae and Amps: 3.7V-, 16mA Speaker Output: 2mW Battery Capacity: 60mAh Earbud: 60mAh/3.7V Polymer lithium battery. Charming Box: 400 mAh/3.?V Polvmer lithium battery. Play Time: 6 hours & 36 hours with the case StandbyTime: 60h Call Time: 2. SH Charging Time: Charging the Earbuds 1 Hr, Charging the Battery Case 4 Hrs Bluetooth Version: 5.0 Charging the charging case Connect the USB charging cable…

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