Cobra 200W Power Station Owner Manual


Cobra 200W Power Station Owner Manual



Precautions when working with the Power Station:
WARNING: Keep the unit clear of fire and water.
WARNING: Shock Hazard. Keep away from children. Do not insert foreign objects into any of the Power Ports. Submerge not this product in water, expose to rain, snow, condensation, or spray. Do not open the Power Station to replace the internal battery. There are no user replaceable parts inside the Power Station.
WARNING: Explosion Hazard. Do not use this product where there are flammable fumes or gases, such as an inadequately vented bilge of a boat or near propane tanks. Do not use this product in an enclosure containing automotive-type lead-acid batteries.



  • A. Area Work Light
  • B. (2) GFCI AC Outlets
  • C. LCD Display
  • D. DC Switch
  • E. 12V DC Port
  • F. LED Light/Display Switches
  • G. 110V Switch
  • H. (2) USB-A Outputs
  • I. Fast Charge Switch
  • J. USB-C Output
  • K. Input Charging Port
  • L. 12V Charger
  • M. AC Adapter and Cable (2 Parts) Not Shown – LED Flashlight, Side Panel

Re-Charging Your Power Station

When first unboxing your power station, plug it into a suitable AC outlet until it is fully charged.After that, in order to get the most out of your power station’s battery life, make sure to recharge your power station after using it or before putting it into storage. Different Ways To Recharge Your Power Station There are multiple ways to recharge your power station, but every method requires plugging into the power station’s “INPUT” charging port.  Power station is charging you will see an input power value on the LCD display as well as the input LED light blinking green indicating that the power station is charging. When charging is complete the blinking green L

Connecting Devices to the Power Station


The power station is divided into different power sections depending on the type of connection your devices requires. To properly connect and power/recharge a device with the power station, follow these steps.

  1. Determine the connection type required for your device (AC Outlet, USB-A, USB-C, 12V DC).
  2.  Press the switch associated with the power section you are looking to use in order to activate that section.
  3.  Plug in your desired devices.
Using the Power Inverter

The power station is equipped with an internal 200W pure sine wave inverter, which allows you to connect devices to the two AC outlets just like you would at your home. However, there is a limit to how much power the power station can continuously output (200 Watts). If the output power to the AC outlets exceeds that limit for an extended period, the inverter will shutdown in order to protect from damaging itself or the power station.

  •  To see how much power your power station is currently outputting, look at the “Output” power value located on your power station’s LCD screen.
  •  Additionally, as a quick check to see what your device’s power requirements are, multiply the expected current draw of your product by 110 to see what the expected power draw will be in Watts (W).
  • When using the power station’s inverter, the internal cooling fan will turn on once a certain temperature is detected. This will continue to run as long as the inverter is operating in order to cool internal components. Once the inverter has stopped being used or the 110V switch has been turned off, the fan will turn off.

Using the Power Station’s Flashlights

LED Flashlight

  • To turn on the LED flashlight, press and release the LIGHT button on the control panel. After the flashlight has been on for more than two seconds, press and release the LIGHT button again to turn the LED flashlight off.
  •  To cycle between the three modes on the LED flashlight (solid, strobe, SOS), after turning on the flashlight, press and release the LIGHT button to cycle between each mode until the desired
    mode is selected. Area Ligh
  •  Turn on the area light, press and hold the LIGHT button on the control panel until the area light turns on. To turn off this light press and hold the LIGHT button until the area light turns off.


Capacity211.2Wh (16.5A/12.8V)
Input12 to 40V DC
AC Output110VAC, 60Hz

200W Continuous 400W Surge Peak

Output TypePure Sine Wave
USB Output (Fast Charge)USB-A: 5V/2.4A

USB-C: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A

GFCI Outlets2
Operating Temperature14° ~ 104° F (-10° ~ 40° C)
Recharging Temperature32° ~ 104° F (0° ~ 40° C)
Dimensions8.9″ W x 5.9″ D x 7.9″ H

(22.6cm W x 15cm D x 20cm H)

Weight7.9 lbs. (3.6 kg)
MPPTSupports Solar Panel MMPT Charging
Warranty2 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of battery is in the Cobra Power Station 200W?:
The Cobra Power Station 200W contains a battery pack which consists of an array of LiFePO4 cells with high energy density
How do I know if my power station is charged?
The power station’s current battery charge percentage is shown on the LCD display. Additionally, if your power station drops below 20% charge the LED above the input charging port will illuminate red indicating that you should recharge your power station as soon as possible.
Can I charge my power station while also powering devices?
Yes, the power station can power other devices even while it is being recharged. However it is not recommended to use the power station while it is being recharged.
How many devices can be connected to the power station at once?
As long as you don’t exceed the 200W continuous power limit of the power station inverter, all AC outlets, USB ports and 12V socket can be used simultaneously to charge and power devices. The more devices are being used at once though, the faster the battery will be drained on the power station.


Beeping noise coming from the power station: When the internal power inverter faults the power station will beep in warning and the LCD display will show a flashing black plug and warning triangle.

  • Press the 110V switch to turn off the power inverter and silence the warning alert coming from your power station.
  •  Unplug all connected cables to the AC outlets.
  •  Verify that the battery has sufficient charge (>20%).
  • Turn the inverter back on to see if the fault has been cleared.

Limited 2-Year Warranty

Warranty Exclusions:

Warranty does not apply to your product under any of the following conditions:

  1.  The serial number has been removed or modified.
  2. Your product has been subjected to misuse or damage (including water damage, physical abuse, and/or improper installation)
  3. 4. Your receipt or proof-of-purchase is from a non-authorized dealer or internet auction site including E-bay, U-bid, or other non-authorized resellers.



Cobra 200W Power Station Owner Manual

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