Cobra HH350 FLT Marine Radio Owner manual


Cobra HH350 FLT Marine Radio Owner manual


Radio Controls and Indicators


Important Safety Information

Before installing and using your Cobra HH350 FLT Marine Radio, please read these general precautions and warnings.
Warning and Notice Statements
To make the most of this radio, it must be installed and used properly.Please read the installation and operating instructions carefully before installing and using the radio.

General Precautions 
The following WARNINGS and NOTICE information will make you aware of RF exposure hazards and how to assure you operate the radio within the FCC RF exposure limits established for the radio.

FCC Licensing Information

Cobra Marine VHF radios comply with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission)requirements that regulate the Maritime Radio Service.The radio operates on all currently allocated marine channels and is switchable for use according to U.S.A., International or Canadian regulations. It features instant access to
emergency Channel 16 and calling Channel 9 as well as NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) All Hazards Radio with Alert.

Included in this Package

You should find all of the following items in the package with your Cobra Marine VHF radio:


Batteries and Charger

Initial Charge

The Cobra-provided LiON battery pack may be charged at home,in a car or in a boat using the appropriate 12V or 120V power cord with the charger.

  1. Insert one (1) of the power cords into the back of the drop-in charger.
  2. Insert the other end of the power cord into the appropriate 12V or 120V power source.
  3. Remove battery pack spacer from the charger and insert the entire radio/battery into the charger. The metal charge on the battery will contact the mating prongs in the charger to transfer the charging current.
  4. Allow the batteries to charge for five (5) to six (6) hours before use.


Setup Mode Programming

Call Tone Select


This setting will also allow you to transmit a unique Call Tone alert to identify your radio when you transmit
messages. You can select from one of 10 different Call Tone signals.
To Set Call Tone:

  1.  From the previous press of the Call/Enter/Setup button,the matrix will display CALL TONE SELECT and the display will flash the current Call Tone number (01 through 10).
  2. Press the Channel Up/Down button to select a different Call Tone. An example of each call tone will sound for 1.5 seconds.
  3.  Press Call/Enter/Setup button to save this entry and move to the next Setup mode programming.
    Intro Operation Customer

Call Tones are not usually used for Marine VHF communications. We allow you to turn it On for your unique communication needs. It is only compatible with other Cobra VHF radios.

Roger Beep Mode


In Roger Beep mode, your listener will hear an audible tone when you release the Talk button. To Set Roger Beep On or Off:

  1.  Display will show ROG icon flashing and the matrix will display ROGER BEEP ON or OFF.
  2. Press Call/Enter/Setup button to save this entry and move to the next Setup mode programming.

Key Tone Mode


In Key Tone mode, an audible tone will sound each time a button is pressed or you change a setting.
To Set Key Tone On or Off:

  1. Display will show Key Tone icon flashing and matrix will display KEY TONE ON or OFF.
  2. Press Channel Up/Down button to select ON or OFF.
  3.  Press Call/Enter/Setup button to save entry.

Advanced Operation


Channel 16/9 Mode
Channel 16/9 mode gives you quick access to calling on Channel 16 and Channel 9 from any operational mode.
To Switch to Channel 16 or Channel 9:

  1.  Press the Channel 16/9 button to change to Channel 16.
  2. Press the Channel 16/9 button again to change to Channel 9.
  3. Press the Channel 16/9 button a third time and return to the last used channel.

Floating Feature

Burp Feature

Cobra’s Burp feature allows the operator to expel water from inside the speaker grill.  In these conditions, water can become trapped in the speaker grill and muffle the audio.
To Activate Burp:

  1. Press and release the 16/9 and SCAN keys at the same time.
  2. The Burp tone(s) at maximum level will sound from the internal speaker for eight seconds.
  3.  During this time, the matrix will display BURP.
  4.  Hold the radio with the speaker grill down to help the water drain out.
  5. After an 8-second interval, the radio will return to standby.

Floating Radio

The orange center makes it visible and easy to retrieve. This rugged radio is also designed to meet JIS7 (IPX7) specifications. This means it’s designed to operate properly after being submerged in one meter deep water for 30 minutes.


Very little maintenance is required to keep your Cobra Marine VHF radio in good operating condition:

  •  Keep the radio and charger clean by wiping with a soft cloth and mild detergent.Do not use solvents or harsh or abrasive cleaners, which could damage the case or scratch the LCD screen.
  • If the radio is exposed to salt water, wipe with a soft, moist cloth at least once a day to prevent buildup of salt deposits, which could interfere with button operation.
  •  This is especially important if you are using alkaline batteries.

VHF Marine Radio Procedures 

Maintain Your Watch

Whenever your boat is underway, the radio must be turned On and be tuned to Channel 16 except when being used for messages.


If there is no answer,switch to 3 watts and call again. You have the ability to go up to 6 watts of output power to increase your calling distance. Remember, the lower wattage outputs will conserve your battery and minimize interference to other users.

Calling Coast Stations

Call a coast station on its assigned channel. You may use Channel 16 when youdo not know the assigned channel.

Calling Other Vessels

Call other vessels on Channel 16 or on Channel 9.  You may also call on ship-to-ship channels when you know that the vessel is listening on a ship-to-ship channel.


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