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DT No.1 DT 3 Pro Sports Smart Watch User Manual


DT No.1 DT 3 Pro Sports Smart Watch User Manual

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Thank you for choosing our smart watch. You can fully understand the use and operation of the equipment by reading this manual. The company reserves the right to modify the contents of this manual without any prior notice. The product contains: a packing box, a manual, a watch body, and a USB cable.

Watch function description

Button description:    


  • Up button:
    Turn on and off the screen; one key to return to the main interface; long press to restart the watch.
  • Button down:
    Short press to enter multi-sport mode. In addition, when the watch is in the off-screen state, the watch can turn on the screen by pressing the button.
  • Charging instructions:
    Magnetic charging, as shown in the figure below.

Shortcut function:

  • Swipe to the left to display the “+” icon, click the icon to add part of the menu as a shortcut function.
  • Slide down to display, Bluetooth connection status, time, power, brightness adjustment and other functions.
  • Swipe to the right to display, time/date/week, the latest message (enter to view multiple messages)/turn on or off Bluetooth for calls and display some of the recently used menu functions.
  • Swipe up to enter the menu interface, and slide up and down to find the corresponding function.
  • Long press the watch face interface to slide to switch the watch face, select it and touch it to set it successfully.

Push message

  • When the watch is bound to the APP, and the notification permission is turned on, the new messages received in the notification bar of the mobile phone will be pushed to the watch, and a total of 10 messages can be saved. The messages received after 10 messages will be overwritten one by one news.
  • Swipe to the bottom to press the delete icon to clear all message records.

Drop-down menu

The dial interface slides down to open the drop-down menu interface.

  • Bluetooth connection status; time display, power display;
  • The first icon, about;
  • Setting; enter the setting part of the function;
  • Brightness adjustment; adjustable screen brightness adjustment;
  • stopwatch;Click the stopwatch to enter the timing interface, and you can record the time at a time.

Phone/Call History

  • Enter the left swipe interface, click the call icon to turn on/off the Bluetooth phone, turn on Bluetooth, go to “About” to turn on Bluetooth, open the phone settings, search, Bluetooth name + the last four digits of the Bluetooth address, after connecting the phone to Bluetooth successfully, you can Use the watch to answer/hang up the Bluetooth phone.
  • Call records, which can save the records of connected and dialed calls. (It can save more than 50 call records, and it will be automatically overwritten when 128 records are full. Click any call record to call back)
  • Dial the keyboard, you can enter the phone number to make a call.


  • The watch and the APP are successfully bound, the corresponding notification authority in the mobile phone system is opened, and the mobile phone information can be synchronized with the watch.
  • Incoming call notification:
    Turn on the call reminder in the personal application. When the phone receives the call reminder, the watch will light up or vibrate.
  • SMS notification:
    The SMS notification is enabled in the personal application. When one or more SMS messages are received on the mobile phone, the watch will receive one or more SMS reminders at the same time.
  • Other application message notifications:
    Turn on the corresponding application message notification switch in personal applications, such as WeChat, QQ, Outlook, Facebook and other applications. When the mobile terminal receives one/multiple application message notifications, the watch terminal will receive one/multiple corresponding message reminders at the same time Notice.
  • Frequently used contacts
    You can connect to the APP. In the device of the APP” select frequently used contacts” add contacts (up to 20 contacts can be added), which can be synchronized to the watch, and the watch can display up to 20 contacts.
  • Fitness data
    The fitness data is turned on by default. Enter the fitness data interface and slide from bottom to top to display the current number of steps, distance, and calories of the watch. The data is cleared at 12 o’clock in the morning every day.
  • Sports modes (strike, running, cycling, skipping rope, badminton, basketball, football)
  • Select the corresponding exercise mode, click the start button on the screen to enter the corresponding exercise mode; click the start button of the exercise being calculated to pause the exercise, click the end button to end the exercise and save the data.
  • When the exercise time is longer than 1 minute, the exercise data can be saved; when the exercise is saved under this condition, it will prompt “Too little data to save”.


  • Heart rate
    Put the watch on your wrist correctly, enter the heart rate menu, and you can measure the heart rate value at a time.
  • ECG
    Put the watch on your wrist correctly, enter the ECG menu (need to open the APP “ECG monitor” interface), you can measure the ECG value in a single time, and the single ECG measurement can be saved in the APP simultaneously. This function needs to be connected to the APP to use .

My QR code

  • Connect the watch to the APP, find my QR code on the APP interface, select WeChat/QQ/ Alipay and other “Receive money QR code” to save (the specific operation method is based on the instructions of the APP).
  • Calculator
    Simple calculations can be performed after entering.
  • Remote music
    Connecting to the APP, you can control the phone’s music/start/pause/previous/next song, and the speaker sound will appear on the phone. Connect the call Bluetooth, you can control the phone’smusic/start/pause/previous/next song, and the speaker sound appears on the watch.
  • Sleep
    Sleep monitoring time period: from 18:00 in the evening to 10:00 the next day, the watch generates data. After exiting the sleep monitoring, the sleep data on the watch can be synchronized to the APP for viewing after connecting to the app.
  • stopwatch
    Click the stopwatch to enter the timing interface, and you can record the time at a time.
  • Weather
    After the watch is connected to the app and the data is synchronized, click on the weather on the watch to display the weather  information of the day.
  • Find mobile phone
    After the watch is bound to the app, click on the phone to find the phone on the watch, and the phone will vibrate or ring tones.
  • Meteorology
    Click the weather on the watch side to display the ultraviolet (UV) and air pressure conditions of the day.
  • Breathing
    There are three modes of breathing: slow, moderate, and fast, which can be selected, and the breathing can be carried out according to the mode selected by the user.
  • massager
    Tap the green button to start the massage, and the watch is in a vibrating state, tap the red button to end the massage state.
  • Menu style
    There are a variety of menu styles to choose from. After setting, the menu style of the watch will also be changed.


  • When you enter, you can select the watch language, connect to the APP, and synchronize data. The watch and the phone have the same language.
  • Switch the watch face, slide right to select the next watch face, select a watch face, and click to set the watch face.
  • Bright screen time; a variety of bright screen time lengths can be selected.
  • Vibration intensity; click to set reminder vibration intensity.
  • Bluetooth phone; Bluetooth phone can be turned on/off
  • Password; a 4-digit password can be set (if you forget the password, please enter 8762, which can be decrypted)
  • Restore factory settings; click √ to enable the factory reset, and click X to cancel the factory reset.

Bind APP

APP download method

  • Scan the QR code to download


  • Application market search and download
  • Android side: App treasure, Google play app market search WearPro to download
  • IOS side: Search for WearPro in the APP Store to download
  • Android phones: WearPro is installed and the application icon is as shown in the figure:
  • Apple mobile phone: WearPro is installed and the application icon is shown in the figure:

Bind Bluetooth

  • Not connected state:
    After the watch is turned on, the Bluetooth is always in the searched state. After opening the APK/APP, go to Device “Add Device” and click Start Search, select and click the corresponding watch device name to successfully bind the watch to the app.
  • Bind app status:
    Watch time synchronization: The watch is successfully bound to the app. Click to synchronize the time between the watch and the mobile phone.
  • Bind audio call
    On the dial interface, swipe from left to right, click the call icon to turn on the audio call switch, and on the dial interface, pull down and click About . Check the Bluetooth name, turn on the Bluetooth in the settings of the mobile phone, find the corresponding Bluetooth name, and click Connect.
  • Find the device
    The watch is successfully bound to the app. Click to find the watch on the mobile app, and the watch will vibrate once when the screen is on.
  • Camera
    Tap the camera to wake up the watch device’s camera mode, tap the camera button to take a photo, and the picture will be automatically saved to the phone system album.
  • Data synchronization
    The watch is successfully bound to the app, and the data from the watch can be synchronized to the app. Raise your hand to brighten the screen Wear the watch correctly on your wrist (left/right hand). When you turn on the hand-up button, when you lift your wrist to look at the watch, the watch will automatically brighten the screen.
  • Do not disturb mode
    In the APP Device>More, set the start to end time, such as: 12:00 to 14:00 noon for the do not disturb mode, during this time there will be no phone calls and message sound reminders on the watch.
  • Daily alarm clock
    In the APP in the APP Device>More, set the start to end time, the alarm can be set only once or repeatedly select the date (week) setting, and the alarm can be turned on/off.
  • Sedentary reminder
    Set the start to end time period and the sedentary time interval (minutes) in the APP, click to enter the repeat setting only once or select the sedentary reminder date (week). When the sedentary time is reached, the watch will vibrate and there will be a sedentary icon.
  • Drink water reminder
    Set the start to end time period and frequency (minutes) in the APP, click to enter the repeat setting, select the drinking reminder date (week), check the drinking reminder and save it. When the reminder time for drinking water arrives, the watch will vibrate and there will be a drinking water icon.
  • Dial push
    Push an existing watch face Connect to the app, go to Device>Dial Push>Select Dial>, and make sure to replace it with this dial. After the dial is synchronized, the watch will automatically restart and then automatically connect to the app.
  • Customize the watch face
    Connect to the APP, select Device>Dial Push>(Dials with pen icons belong to custom dials) Custom Dial Settings>You can choose a custom background. After the dial is synchronized, the watch will automatically restart and then automatically connect to the app.
  • Firmware version
    The version of the watch is displayed, and the user can choose to upgrade the firmware version.
  • Unbind
    Bind the watch to the app, unbind in the device, click OK and unbind, the IOS system needs to go to the settings of the phone to ignore the Bluetooth device.



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