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DT No.1 DTX Max Smart Sports Watch User Manual


DT No.1 DTX Max Smart Sports Watch User Manual

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Thank you for choosing our smart watch. You can read this manual and have a thorough uoderstandlng of the use and operatioo of the equipment. The Company reserves the right to make changes to the contents of tbJs manual without prior notice.

Product package including:

  • Smart Watch 1,
  • Strap 1,
  • User manual 1,
  • Charging cable 1.

Function description


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  • Button A: long press to switch ON/OFF, short press to turn ON/OFF the screen.
  • Button B: Touch screen, support full touch screen.

Charging battery

Magnetic charging, as shown below:

DT No.1-DTX-Max-Smart-Sports-Watch-Fig2


  • Please note that the two contacts of the charging cable cannot contact the conductor at the same time, which will cause the circuit to bum.
  • Standby dial interface
  • Slide right to entre menu interface, the menu function is the default smart style, enter the menu function, and slide up/down/left/right to view the menu function icon.
  • Slide down to enter the menu: Bluetooth connection status/Shortcut setting/Battery
    capacity/Brightness adjustment
  • Slide left to enter the function of Steps/Weather/Heart rate/Sleep recording/Shortcut function.
  • Slide up to enter the information inter1ace.
  • Hold down the standby dial interface to select dials, it will be set successfully after hold down the selection. 1.2 Push message Slide up on the standby interface is the push message interface, and the watch is bound to the app. Under the premise of enabling notification permission, new messages received in the notification bar of the mobile phone will be pushed to the watch. A total of 15 messages can be saved. After the 15 messages are stored, the messages received will overwrite the messages received before.
  • Sllde down to menuE
    Slides down the standby interface is the menu interface
  • lcon shows Bluetooth connection status; battery capacity
  • Click the first icon to turn ON/OFF thePower saving
  • Click the icon function to set the shortcut function (Screen display/Language selection/Vibration intensity/Menu style/QR code,/About)
  • Click ‘QR code’, scan it to download the APP
  • Click the icon ‘find the phone’ for find phone function (Must be connected wit ht he APP)
  • Click the icon to turn on or tum off ‘Do Not Disturb mode’
  • Click the icon to adjust the screen brightness
  • Pedometer
    Step counting is enabled by default, the interface displays the current step count of the watch, and the data is cleared at 12 a.m. every day
  • Sleep monitor
    Sleep monitoring time period: 21:00 to 09:00 the next day, the watch generates data. After exiting sleep monitoring, the watch sleep data can be synchronized to the APP after binding the app
  • Bluetooth music
    Android: After the watch is connected to the mobile phone APP, turn on the music player of the mobile phone, you can control the music play/ pause, increase and decrease the volume and switch songs on the watch;
  • IOS: The watch is bound to the APP, turn on the mobile music player, the watch can control music playback/ pause, increase and decrease the volume, and switch songs.
  • Sports mode (walking, running, climbing, basketball, badminton)
  • Select the corresponding sport mode, click the screen, enter the countdown 3, 2, 1 to enter the corresponding sport mode; swipe the screen to the right to jump to the end of the sport interface, click “□” to end the sport and save the data
  • When the distance is greater than 200 meters or the exercise time is greater than 5 minutes, you can save the exercise data; when it is less than this condition, the end of the exercise save will pop up a prompt box: “The data is too little to save” (Various sports data can only be saved in the current interface; after exiting, sports data can only save step data)
  • Heart rate
    Put the watch on the wrist (left hand/ right hand) correctly, enter the heart rate menu to measure the heart rate value. The test takes 45 seconds. The heart rate light turned off after 3 seconds after the test is finished. 1.9Blood pressure Put the watch on the wrist (left hand/ right hand) correctly, enter the blood pressure menu, start measuring and obtain a single blood pressure value.
  • Blood oxygen
    Put the watch on the wrist (left hand/ right hand) correctly, enter the blood oxygen menu, start measuring and obtain a single blood oxygen value.
  • ECG
    Put the watch on the wrist (left hand/ right hand) correctly, enter the ECG menu, start measuring and obtain a single ECG value.
  • Stopwatch
    Click the stopwatch to enter the timing interface, click the ‘Start’ icon to start timing, and click the icon again to pause. Swipe right on the screen to exit, and then enter the stopwatch again. The previous time is cleared and restarted.
  • Find phone
    After the watch is bound to the app, click on the watch to find the phone, and the phone will vibrate or ring to remind.
  • SettIng
  • Sedentary reminder
    The switch is off by default. After the app is connected, the app has an on or off function, and the watch function can be turned on or off.
  • Raise your hand to brighten the screen
    The switch is off by default. After connecting to the APP, the ON and OFF functions of the APP can control the function of the watch to turn on and off.
  • System
  • Check the Bluetooth name/ Bluetooth address/ version number of the watch
  • Restore factory settings, click Restore factory settings, the watch will return to the factory state
  • Shut down, after clicking shutdown, the watch will shut down

The screen display contains the following functions

  • Click to switch the dial
  • Long press to enter the dial selection function, slide left and right to select the dial
  • Brightness adjustment, click to adjust the screen brightness
  • Screen duration, click to adjust the screen duration
  • The duration of the bright screen when raising your hand, click to adjust the duration of the bright screen for the function.
  • language selection
    Click to switch watch language
  • Menu style
    Click to select the menu style
  • QRcode
    Scan the QR code to download APP
  • Vibrating
    Click to adjust the vibration intensity·

Binding the app

APPDownload method

  • Scan QR code download


  • App store Android system:

App store, Pea pod, Google play and other app stores search ‘FitcloudPro’ to download IDS system:  Search ‘FitcloudPro’ In the APP Store to download

Blndlng Bluetooth 

  • Unbind appstatus:
    After the watch is turned on, Bluetooth has been searching. After turned on the APK / APP, go to ‘Device’ – Add device-click ‘ Start ‘ to search, select ‘ click ‘ the corresponding watch device name, you can bind the watch to the app successfully.
  • Bound app status:
    Watch time synchronization: After the watch and app are successfully bound, click to synchronize the watch and phone time.
  • Flnd device
    After binding the watch to the app successfully, click on the phone app to find the watch, the watch will lights up and vibrates once
  • Data synchronization
    After the watch and app are successfully bound, the watch’s health data can be synchronized to the app; Turn on sleep, steps, click to select the date, click the icon in the upper right corner to share the current interface data to QO. WeChat, WeChat friends, Sina Weibo , Twitter;
  • Push message
    After the watch and the app are successfully bound, switch on the corresponding notification permission in the mobile phone system, enter the app “More”-“App notification”, and switch on the corresponding third­party application.
  • Incoming call notification,
    Turn on the call notification in the personal application. When the phone receives the call, the watch will brighten and vibrating.
  • SMS notification,
    Switch on the SMS notification in the personal application. When the mobile phone receives one or more SMS, the watch will receive one or more SMS reminder notifications at the same time;
  • Other application notifications:
    Switch on the corresponding application message notification in personal applications, such as WeChat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter and other applications. When the mobile phone receives one or more application message notifications, the watch will also receive one or more corresponding message reminder notifications;
  • Wechat sports
    Watch sports data can be synchronized to WeChat sports rankings Binding method: Android system: first bind the app, then enter WeChat to bind. There is an operation method in ‘app’ source from
  • iOS system health
    After setting, you can view FitcloudPro data on iOS system health
  • Drinking water reminder
    Set the time period and frequency {minutes) from ‘Start’ to ‘End’, click to enter ‘Repeat’ to set the date of drinking reminder (week), check ‘Drinking reminder’ and save. When the reminder time for drinking water arrives, the watch vibrates and shown a drinking water icon.
  • Sedentary reminder
    Set the interval between “start” to “end” and sedentary time (minutes), click to enter the “repeat” setting to select the sedentary reminder date (week), when the sedentary time arrives, the watch will vibrate and display the sedentary icon. Do not disturb mode is from 12:00 noon to 14:00 noon.
  • Alarm reminder
    Click ‘Alarm Reminder’, set the time of ‘Add Alarm’, when the alarm time arrives, the watch will prompt: alarm icon and time, and vibrates 6 times.
  • Heart rate detection
    Set and save the time period from “start” to “end” in the app. The heart rate interface of the watch can save the data of the heart rate measured each hour.
  • Firmware upgrade
    Automatically detect whether the watch firmware version is the latest version, if there is a newer version, it will prompt you to upgrade to the latest version.
  • Unbind app
    When the watch is bound to the app: After unbinding the device, click ‘OK’ to unbind it. The iOS system needs to go to the phone settings to ignore the Bluetooth device.
  • Push dials
    Connect the app, in ‘Device’-‘Dial Settings’-Click on ‘Dial’-After synchronizing the dial, the watch will disconnect and then connect automatically



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