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Elgato EYETV 310 Video Recorder User Manual


Elgato EYETV 310 Video Recorder User Manual

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Quick Start Guide

You will need to select the satellite’s orbital position and name when setting up the EyeTV software (see below). Connect an RG-6 (satellite quality grade) coaxial cable from the LNB to the ANT IN port on the EyeTV 310.

Attach EyeTV 310 to the Power Supply

  • Connect the applicable power cord to the AC input of the power adapter and into the power socket.
  • Connect the DC output cable from the Power adapter to the DC-12V port of your EyeTV 310.
  • Put 2 AAA batteries in the remote control.

Attach EyeTV 310 to your Macintosh

  • Connect one end of the FireWire cable to one of the FireWire ports on your EyeTV.
  • Connect the other end of the FireWire cable to a FireWire port on your Macintosh.
  • After the setup assistant has completed, you will be able to launch the EyeTV software by pressing the red power button on the remote control.

If you have more than one satellite dish, or you wish to connect another satellite receiver to your dish via a DiSEqC 1.0 compatible switch, please complete the setup. Then go to the EyeTV preferences dialog and select the setup pane. You can choose your switch type, and optionally add up to 3 additional satellites.

Once setup is complete, you can watch your programs in the live TV window. Use the on-screen remote control to pause or skip through video, or to start a manual recording. Refer to the user’s guide for more details on scheduling automated recordings, and for Internet programming using the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) from tvtv.


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Product Description

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Elgato EYETV 310 Video Recorder User Manual

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