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Haptic Live Production: Easily manage your favorite tools and platforms. 6 customizable LCD keys: Instantly trigger one-touch actions. Multi-action: Click once to initiate multiple actions simultaneously or sequentially. Smart Profiles: Create basic settings specific to different applications and switch between them instantly. Strong integration: Elgato 4KCU, OBS, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Discord, Spotify, Philips Hue, vMix, VoiceMod and more.

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Setting Up

Installing Stream Deck Software
To begin using Stream Deck Mini,
download and install the latest software:


Connecting Stream Deck Mini
Pick an available USB 2.0 or 3.0 port to plug the Stream Deck Mini into. For best performance, it is recommended to plug Stream Deck Mini directly into a computer’s USB port and not use a USB hub.

Updating Stream Deck Mini Firmware

  1. To make sure SD Mini is running the latest firmware, click on the settings button, and open the General tab.
  2. If a firmware update is available, next to the firmware number there will be an update prompt.

Adding An Action To The Canvas

Adding powerful actions to the canvas in Stream Deck is as easy as drag and drop thanks to native integrations with popular software and services.

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Pick an action from the right-hand side Action list and drag it onto a key in the canvas.

Customizing An Action

Each Action, once on the Canvas can be customized in various ways by adding a title, changing the icon to a custom image, and more.

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  1. Clicking on an action in the canvas opens the property inspector ”PI” in which the key can be customized with title text, title color, text font, custom icon (Image or gif), and more.
  2. Many actions like Microphone toggle, Scene toggle, Hotkey Toggle, and more feature two states – Active or inactive. By default, the inactive state icon will be a slightly adjusted and toned-down version of the active state icon, but it can be customized individually if desired.

Sample Actions

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  • This Action will change the OBS Studio scene PC Game scene.
  • This Action will play a sound clip.
  • This Action will post a message in the Twitch chat.

Using Folders

If 15 actions aren’t enough, each key can become a folder, and folders can have folders in them, opening Stream Deck to a potentially indefinite amount of actions.

  1. Creating a folder can be done in one of two ways:
  2. Right-click on a key in the canvas and choose Create Folder.
  3. Drag the Create Folder action onto a key on the canvas.
  4. To add an action to a folder, drag and drop it from the canvas onto the folder, or enter the folder and drag a new action from the action list onto the canvas.

Creating A Multi Action

Multi Actions enable powerful configurations and setups of Stream Deck. With Multi Action, a single key can execute multiple actions at the same time or at custom intervals.

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  1. To set up a Multi Action, drag the action from the action list onto the Canvas.
  2. . Once the Multi-Action is on the canvas, it will automatically open the Multi-Action property inspector.

Multi-Action Cont.

Actions in the Multi-Action can have a delay between them – A specific amount of time before the next action in the sequence is executed. If no Delay action is used, the sequence will be executed at the same time.

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  1. Drag the Delay action into the Multi-Action
  2. The Delay action can be set to a custom length, in milliseconds. (1000 milliseconds is 1 second).

Multi-Action Cont.

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  1. Begin setting up the Multi-Action by dragging actions from the Action List into the Multi-Action. The Multi-Action is executed from top to bottom in order.
  2. Each action inside a Multi Action can be customized as if it was on the canvas.

Sample Multi Actions

Stream Deck Mini fig9

Going Live Multi Action
This Live Mult Action is an example of how a Going Live key could be set up. The Multi-Action will switch to the Intro scene in OBS Studio, Mute the microphone, wait 1 second, play Spotify, Mute Alerts, post a Twitch welcome message, wait 5 seconds and finally update the Twitter Name to include [ LIVE].

Be Right Back Multi Action
This Multi-Action is an example of switching to a Be Right Back scene when a streamer needs to take a quick break. The Multi-Action will switch to the Be Right Back scene, mute the microphone, pause the follow and donation alerts, start Spotify music, post a chat message, play a 90-second ad, and set the chat mode to emote only.


Profiles allow Stream Deck to instantly swap layouts based on which program is in the foreground.

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  1. Open the settings and go to the Profiles tab
  2. Click + at the bottom left to create a new profile. Double-click the profile to give it a custom name.

Profiles Cont.

Stream Deck Mini fig11

  1. From the application dropdown, select the application that will trigger the profile.
  2. With obs64.exe selected, when OBS Studio is the foreground application, the My Stream profile will become active.

Sample Profiles

Stream Deck Mini fig12

OBS Studio profile
This profile will activate when OBS Studio is in the foreground.

NVIDIA Share profile
This profile will activate when a certain game is in the foreground.

What is Stream Deck Mini?
The Elgato Stream Deck Mini is a six-button customizable keyboard with LED displays for the buttons. It can be used to control all sorts of things including smart lights, computer automation and microphone and video control for phone calls or live streaming.

Warranty and Support

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