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Elgato Wave Panels Starter Set User Manual


Elgato Wave Panels Starter SetElgato- Wave Panels -Starter -Set-prodect

ContentsElgato- Wave Panels -Starter -Set-fig-1
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Assemble Easy Click framesElgato- Wave Panels -Starter -Set-fig-3

Mount on smooth wallElgato- Wave Panels -Starter -Set-fig-4

Elgato- Wave Panels -Starter -Set-fig-5Elgato- Wave Panels -Starter -Set-fig-6

Clean frame surface with rubbing alcohol or silicone-free glass cleaner before applying teas® adhesive strips. Clean wall surface with a dust-free cloth. Attach white side of self-adhesive strips to Easy Click frames, blue side must point towards the wall. teas® adhesive strips are not suitable for use on vinyl wallpapers, anti-stick surfaces and porous materials such as Styrofoam, fabric, etc. For removing, hold Easy Click frame firmly without pressing and pull teas® adhesive strips downwards approx. 25 cm in parallel to the wall

Mount on textured wallElgato- Wave Panels -Starter -Set-fig-7

  • Mount a panel with a single screw and let it hang in place. Use a spirit or laser level for accurate orientation. appropriateElgato- Wave Panels -Starter -Set-fig-8
  • mounting materials must be selected according to wall conditions.

Connect Easy Click framesElgato- Wave Panels -Starter -Set-fig-9

Use a combination of teas® adhesive strips, clips, and a few screws to achieve maximum stability with minimal drilling

Get creative and enjoy!Elgato- Wave Panels -Starter -Set-fig-10

Apply acoustic foamElgato- Wave Panels -Starter -Set-fig-11

  •  Be especially careful when setting up near children (small parts posechocking hazard).
  •  Do not attach items to the panels.
  •  Do not leave panels exposed to direct sunlight.
  •  Do not set up in areas susceptible to strong air currents.
  •  Only mount on straight walls. Do not mount panels on ceilings.

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