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FireFriend BQ-6392F Gas Baking Plate with Trolley User Instructions


FireFriend BQ-6392F Gas Baking Plate with Trolley User Instructions




  1. Never store or use gasoline or other flammable liquids near this or other barbecues.
  2. Check the barbecue first for leakages according to the instructions in this manual before starting to use it. Perform these checks also when the barbecue was mounted at the dealer.
  3. Do not try to ignite this barbecue without first having read chapter “barbecue ignition instructions”in this manual.
  4. Follow the instructions for connecting the gas pressure regulator to your barbecue.
  5. Never store a backup gas cylinder or disconnected cylinder underneath or near this barbecue.
  6. Never put barbecue covers or other in flammable materials on top or in the storage space of the barbecue.
  7. After a long period in which the FireFriend barbecue has not been used, it must be checked for gas leaks and obstructions of the burners. Refer to the instructions in this manual for the correct procedure.
  8. Never check for gas leaks using a lighter.
  9. Never use your FireFriend barbecue in case of gas leaks at the gas connections points.
  10. Always wear heat-resistant oven gloves when using the barbecue.


  1. FireFriend-BQ-6392F-Gas-Baking-Plate-with-Trolley-User-Instructions-Image-1 Baking plate
  2. Windshield
  3.  Burner
  4. Rear panel
  5. Knob seat
  6. Knob
  7.  Grease tray
  8. Left rear foot
  9. Support left top
  10.  Support right top
  11. Right rear foot
  12. Left side table
  13.  Right side table
  14. Front plate
  15. Left front foot
  16. Right front foot
  17. Bottom plate
  18. Hooks
  19. Wheel
  20. Wheel with brake



  • Keep an open space around the barbecue, and keep inflammable materials, gasoline and other combustible gasses at a safe distance.
  • Make sure that the holes on the bottom side of the device stay open to keep the air supply and ventilation from being blocked.

This barbecue needs to be cleaned regularly. Make sure the barbecue is dry and clean and grease the metal parts with oil or Vaseline to avoid rust. Always store the barbecue after use. Don’t use abrasive cleaning agents and/ or anti-corrosion products to clean the control panel with the pictures. Such aggressive cleaning materials can remove the pictures.

The grill surface can be simply cleaned with a mild detergent, after that clean with hot water. Food rests can be removed with a fiber brush.


  • Make sure that the gas tap and knobs are set to the position“OFF”. Check whether the barbecue is cooled down.
  • Clean the exterior of the burner with a brush. Remove persisting debris with a metal scraper. Never use a wooden toothpick as it can break and obstruct the opening.


  • The drip tray must be emptied and cleaned regularly, and washed with water and a mild detergent.You could put a small amount of sand or cat litter in the bottom of the drip tray to absorb grease.
  • Store the barbecue outdoors on a dry and well-ventilated spot, out of reach of children, when the gas cylinder is still connected to the barbecue
  • ONLY store the barbecue indoors after closing and removing the gas cylinder. The gas cylinder must be stored outside, out of reach of children, NEVER store the cylinder in a building, garage or in other confined space.


  • Check whether your barbecue is installed correctly.
  • For a correct functioning of this barbecue, it is important to place the barbecue on an even surface.
  • This barbecue is set up to be used with butane or propane gas bottles from 5 kg till 15 kg, with an appropriate gas pressure regulator.
  • For replacement of the gas pressure regulator and hose please see below table for the correct specifications
  • The hose should not be longer than 1.5 meters. Only use approved connections.
  •  The gas hose needs to be adjusted if this is required by national circumstances.
  • The gas hose needs to be fitted in such a way that it cannot be twisted. • Connect the pressure regulator to your gas cylinder.


  • The temperature of the regulator may not exceed 60°C (140 F). 0
  • The regulator must be equipped with a safety valve or pressure limiter.
  • The opening of the regulator must fit on the connection of the gas tap of the cylinder.
  • Make sure that all burner knobs are set to position“off”


  • Turn off all knobs.
  • Remove the pressure regulator from the gas tap by turning the quick- connect nut counterclockwise.
  • Replace the protective cover on the gas tap of the gas cylinder.


All gas connections of the barbecue are tested for leaks in the factory prior to shipment. Nevertheless, when mounting the device, it must be checked entirely for gas leaks, because of possible damages during transportation or due to exposure to extreme pressure. Regularly check the device for leakage, or check whether you can smell any gas.


  • Make sure to remove all packing materials from the barbecue, including the straps keeping the burner in its place.
  • Never check for leakage with open fire.
  • Prepare a solution of water and soap of one part detergent and one part water. Use a spray can, brush or cloth to apply the solution to the connections. Make sure the gas cylinder is full before the first leak test.
  • Checking for leaks must be performed outdoors on a well-ventilated spot, away from ignition sources such as gas or electrical devices and combustible materials.
  • Keep the barbecue away from open fire and/or sparks during


  • There is an open space of at least 100 cm between combustible substances and the sides and rear of this grill.
  • There are no unprotected combustible substances above the grill.
  • All internal packing materials are removed.
  • The burners fit well on the openings.
  • The knobs can rotate freely.
  • The device has been checked and is free of leakage.
  • The user knows the location of the gas tap.


Check the gas supply hose before turning the gas“ON”. In case of visible damage or rips, the hose must be replaced before use. The new gas supply hose must be according national regulations.


  • Read all instructions before igniting the burners.
  • Turn all knobs to“OFF”and open the gas tap of the gas cylinder. Keep your face and body as far as possible from the barbecue when igniting it.
  • Press and turn the control knobs slowly to the position. The built-in igniter clicks and simultaneously ignites the pilot flame and burner. If the burner does not ignite within 5 seconds, IMMEDIATELY turn the control


  • Check whether the characteristics of the flame are in order.
  • The flames of the burners must be blue and stable, without yellow tips, noise or sudden increases.
  • A yellow flame indicates insufficient presence of air. A noisy flame with sudden increases from the burner.


Grilling requires a high temperature for the meat to nicely burn and brown. Most dishes are constantly grilled on position temperature after the first browning. This ensures the food to get well done, without burning the outside. For food requiring long grill times or containing sugar marinade you might have to lower the temperature nearing the end of the grilling time.

  • Make sure the barbecue is checked for leaks and is properly placed.
  • Remove all packing materials.
  • Ignite the burners according to the instructions in this user manual.
  • Turn the control knob to and preheat the barbecue for 15 minutes.


The control knobs can be set to any position

NOTE: The hot grill will brown the outside of the meat, keeping the juices inside. The longer the barbecue is preheated, the quicker the meat will brown.


We guarantee the original customer/buyer of any FireFriend Gas barbecue that, when used for normal domestic purposes, this barbecue is free of material and production defects for the period stipulated below. Grills being rented or used for commercial purposes are excluded from this warranty. Costs for sending and delivering warranty parts will not be charged.


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