Forever BHS-300 Bluetooth Headphones User Manual

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Forever BHS-300 Bluetooth Headphones User Manual


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  1. Volume (+) / Next track
  2. Pause / Play / Answering / Ending a call
  3.  Power button
  4.  Volume (-) / Previous track
  5.  Mode selection
  6.  In-built microphone
  7. Light signal LED
  8. AUX socket


  •  Possibility to connect via Bluetooth and AUX
  • Compatible with music players with BT function, e.g. MP3/MP4 players, mobile phones, PC, iPhone, iPad or i POD etc.


  • Connect USB charging cable to power supply port or to a PC
  •  Connect the second end of USB cable to the headphones
  • Red LED will be lit during charging
  •  LED turns off automatically when the battery is fully charged Warning is sent when the headphone’s battery level is low

To activate the headphones, press and hold button (3) located on the side of the right headphone of the device.

To deactivate the headphones, press and hold button (3) located on the side of the right headphone of the device.


  •  Press and hold ON/OFF button (3) until LED starts to flash red and blue. This means that the headphones are in the pairing mode.
  •  Activate Bluetooth mode in the broadcasting device
  •  The headphones will appear as “BHS-300” on the list of available Bluetooth devices. Select and connect


  1.  VOLUME ADJUSTMENT: When listening, press “+” (1) to increase volume or hold “-” (4) to decrease it.
  2.  CONTROLLING MUSIC: When listening to music, press button (1) to skip to the next track or press button (4) to go back to the previous track
  3.  PAUSE/PLAY: When listening to music, press (2) to stop playing music, then press it once again to resume music
  4.  ANSWERING/ENDING A CALL: To answer an incoming call, press button (2). Press it again to end a call
  5. REJECTING CALLS: To reject an incoming call, hold button (2)
  6. REDIALING: To redial the most recently called number, double press button (2)
  7.  CHANGING MODE: To switch between Bluetooth mode and music playing mode, short press button (5)


When the headphones are paired with a device, you may directly play music from the device. Select a track you want to listen to on the device and enjoy clear sound.


To connect to MP3 player or another external sound source:

  • Use 3.5 mm audio cable (included in the set) to connect an external device to AUX socket
  •  Connect the second end to AUX socket in the headphones (8)
  •  After connecting, the remaining options in AUX mode are available in the connected external device, that is volume, track skipping etc.

PLAY MODE using SD card

  •  Before using, make sure that the headphones are activated
  • Insert Micro SD card, blue light signal will appear,
  •  The device will automatically start playing music
  •  To change the mode to Bluetooth or MP3 playing, press button (5) to switch and select required mode.

Safety rules

  • Long-term listening to loud music may lead to loss of hearing and health problems.
  • While listening to a music and moving, pay special attention to the surrounding.
  • Read and keep this manual for future reference.
  • Do not remove the device cover. There are no inside parts to be repaired by the user. All repairs should be performed by the qualified personnel.

Note: Only use genuine spare parts / accessories delivered by manufacturer.


  • Bluetooth version: V4.2
  • Driver: 40 mm
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Max broadcasting power: 0,32 dBm
  • Coverage: 10 m
  • Battery: 400 mAh lithium and ion
  • Operation time: up to 8h
  • Charging time: 1.5h


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