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Forever KW-60 Smartwatch Call Me User Manual

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Forever KW-60 Smartwatch Call Me User Manual

Forever-KW-60-Smartwatch-Forever-Call-Me-User Manuaprduct-img

Thank you for buying Forever brand products. Before use, read this instruction manual and keep it for future reference. Do not open the device on your own – any repairs should be carried out by a serviceman. Only use original parts and accessories supplied by the manufacturer. The device must not be exposed to direct fire or other heat sources. We hope that Forever will meet your expectations.


Before using the kid’s watch, carefully read the instruction manual to ensure correct operation. Kids watch is a small telecommunication device, used to locate its position and send data. The operation of the device is based on the GSM/GPRS mobile network.

The device requires the installation of a micro SIM card with active service, allowing one to make and receive calls, with no PIN lock. It is recommended to deactivate voicemail. When sending information regarding location, the watch will require access to mobile Internet, therefore, you should buy at least 1 GB package. Use of the watch may be associated with fees for using the network and calls, following the operator’s tariff.

Device description

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  1. Speaker
  2. Camera
  3. Receiving a call / turning on the flashlight (by pressing twice)
  4. Flashlight
  5. Turn on / SOS button / return to the main screen
  6. Return to the main screen button
  7. Microphone
  8. Micro USB charging port


  • Display: 1.4’’ 128×128 px
  • Touch screen: yes
  • Standby time: do 3 days
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Strap length: 230 mm
  • Battery: 400mAH
  • Camera: yes
  • Microphone and speaker: built-in
  • Sim card: micro-SIM (with no PIN lock)
  • Compatibility: Android ⩾ 5.0, iOS ⩾ 10.0

Kit contents:

  • Smartwatch
  • Charging cable
  • User manual

It is recommended to use a charger with output parameters of 5V — 1A. The charger is not included in the set. The full charging time of the watch is approximately 2 hours. Open the plug protecting the micro USB port, then connect the included micro USB cable and connect the device to a power source.

Installing the SIM card
Always make sure your watch is turned off before inserting or removing the SIM card. Never insert or remove the SIM card when the watch is turned on. Open the back cover of the watch by gently prying it at the top and sides until the latches are unfastened. Then remove the battery, taking care not to damage the battery cables. Remember its position.

Open the micro sim card cover by sliding it slightly to the right, and then insert the SIM card into the slot in such a way that the sim card chip is facing upwards to the watch screen. Then close the lock by sliding to the left. Place the battery in the watch in its original position, then close the back cover by pressing the latches.

First run
After installing the SIM card in the watch and charging the device, you can start it by pressing and holding the on button.

  • After starting, the watch connects to the mobile network.

Device control

We operate the device via a touch screen. By sliding your finger on the screen, you can switch between individual functions and you select a given function by pressing the screen.

Proszę dodać ikony z UI KW-60

Forever-KW-60-Smartwatch-Forever-Call-Me-User Manual-fig-2

  1. The device home screen shows the current date and time as well as the battery level. On this screen, we also see the icon for connecting to the mobile network and the icon for the amount of contractual awards received.
  2. Enables you to make a phone call by manually entering the number.
  3. The phone book gives you access to 10 contacts defined using the application.
  4. Allows you to take a photo that will be saved in the album.
  5. Access to the last photo taken. Possibility to preview, send, or delete it. Each subsequent photo taken overwrites the previous one.
  6. A simple math game with three levels.
  7. It allows you to send voice messages and receive text and voice messages.
  8. It allows you to start the flashlight built into the watch.
  9. It allows you to read the registration QR code for the device and the application QR code.

Use of application
Download the “Forever Care” app for iOS or “Forever KidsCare” for Android.

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Account and watch registration:
In the registration window, enter or scan the watch code (REG CODE) found at the bottom of the package and in the watch. Enter your email address, name, and password. Then select the language of the application and the area of use of the watch.


  • Chat: Send a text or voice message to the watch by typing it on the keyboard or recording it using the phone’s microphone. You can also listen to the voicemails sent from the watch here.
  • Route: select the date and time slot to display the traveled route.
  • Map: Select the map icon to view the current location of the watch.
  • Safety zone: designate a safety zone, when the watch is found outside the selected zone, you will receive a notification from the app.
  • Reward: Select the number of rewards you want to send to your child. After approval, the information about the award will be sent to the watch.
  • Alarm clock: alarm clock settings. Set the desired time and frequency of repeat.
  • Find Watch: Select a feature to find your device if it’s near you. The watch will ring to inform you of its location.
  • Notifications: This is where you get and preview any notifications and alarms you receive from the watch.
  • Remote camera: take a photo using the watch camera and receive it on your phone. The captured image appears after a certain waiting time, depending on the signal strength of the cellular network.

My profile:

  • Personal data: Your account settings
  • Device list: Add, edit, or remove connected devices
  • Change Password: Change the password for your account


  • SOS numbers: when the watch user presses and holds the SOS button, the watch makes an automatic emergency call to three contacts defined on the list.
  • Voice monitoring: enter the phone number to be called from the watch to listen to its surroundings. Pick up the call and check what’s happening nearby. The user of the watch has no notification that such a call has been made.
  • Do not disturb: Select the time during the day when the user of the watch will not receive phone calls.
  • Location mode: select normal mode according to your needs.
  • SMS notifications: enter the number to which you want to receive SMS notifications about events such as: low battery level in the watch, triggering the SOS alarm using the watch button.
  • Phone book: Define up to ten contacts that the watch user will have in the phone book.
  • Time zone: set your time zone than the device shows the correct date and time on.
  • Language: Choose a language for your device from the available.
  • Settings switch: Enable or disable the watch function.
  • LBS Location: Enable or disable location using network operators’ antennas.
  • Turn off the watch remotely: The watch will be turned off.

Pytania problemy i rozwiązania
The application does not receive commands and shows information that the watch is disconnected from the network

  • Check whether GMS signal is correct– whether the range columns are available / visible on the display. – – – If they are crossed out, please turn off your watch.
  • Check if the SIM card is properly installed in the watch, if it supports 2G internet and if there is an internet data package available. Turn on the device. If the range columns are still crossed out, go to the next point.
  • Check if there are data transfer arrows, if not, set APN (Access Point Name – specific packet network, e.g. internet): Please send a text message to the number of the watch with the content: pw,123456,apn,internet,,,XXXXX#
  • the X character stands for digits assigned to a specific operator:
    • 26003 – ORANGE
    • 26001 – PLUS
    • 26006 – PLAY
    • 26002 – T-MOBILE
  • the remaining code digits are available on manual/ or After sending the message, wait several minutes for KidsWatch to download the settings from the network. Data transfer arrows will appear.

when writing text messages, pay attention to punctuation marks and spaces. This is very important because if the characters are not used correctly, the commands will be misinterpreted by the watch and will remain unanswered.

Could not call watch. The signal is busy or the subscriber does not answer Reason:

The watch does not recognize the incoming number or the app is set to do „not disturb”. Solution:

  • Check if the number you are calling from is hidden number.
  • Check if there are contact numbers in the application.

The watch only receives calls from numbers previously set in the contacts of the application.

The watch does not show the current time and date Reason:
The watch did not connect to the application server to update the time. Solution:

  • If the watch shows several hours back, check and select the correct time zone via the app.
  • If the above steps do not help, send from your phone (to the number of the SIM card installed in the watch) SMS with the content: pw,123456,ntpservers,,8089# In response, the watch should send an SMS with a similar text OK. After that, restart your watch.
  • Additionally, you can also send a configuration SMS to the watch’s SIM number with the text: pw,123456,time,hour.minute.second,date, – for example, giving the current time pw,123456,time,09.50.00,date,2016.06.01#

Rules for safe use

Please read these tips carefully. Failure to follow these instructions may be dangerous or illegal.

Do not switch the device on in places where the use of electronic devices is forbidden, or when it may cause interference or other hazards. Comply with all kinds of prohibitions, regulations, and warnings provided by the personnel of the place where you want to use the device.

Only qualified service of the manufacturer or an authorized service center may repair this product. Repairing the device by an unqualified service center or by an unauthorized service point may damage the device and void the warranty.

The manufacturer is not responsible for damage caused by unauthorized modifications.

The device should not be operated by people (including children) with limited mobility or mental, as well as by people who have no experience in the use of electronic equipment. They may use it only under the supervision of persons responsible for their safety after reading and understand the instructions on how to use the device safely. Keep the device and its packaging out of the reach of children. Cables and plastic bags can become wrapped around a child’s neck and cause suffocation. The device is not a toy.


The device emits radio frequency electromagnetic waves in the range of 2.402 GHz to 2.480 GHz, with a maximum power level of -7.06 dBm EIRP. The wireless Bluetooth speaker complies with safety and radio frequency standards. All wireless devices may cause interference that may affect the operation of other devices.

The device should not work in dusty conditions. Connect the device in such a way that it cannot be damaged and does not pose a threat to people and animals. Do not expose the device to sunlight and do not use it, or leave it near devices that emit a lot of heat (heaters, radiators, etc.). Plastic elements may deform, which may affect the operation of the device or lead to its complete damage.

Do not expose the device to water or other liquids. Avoid working in an environment with high humidity – steamy kitchens, bathrooms, etc. Water particles can cause moisture to appear in the device, which adversely affects the electronics and can damage the equipment.


Avoid exposing the battery to very cold or very hot temperatures. Extreme temperatures can affect the capacity and lifetime of the battery. Avoid exposing the battery to liquids or metal objects, as this may lead to total or partial damage to the battery. Use the battery only for its intended purpose. Do not destroy, damage or throw the battery into fire – it can be dangerous to cause a fire. Used or damaged batteries should be placed in a special container. Overcharging the battery may damage it. Therefore, do not charge the battery longer than necessary to fully charge it

  • Read and keep this manual.
  • There are no user-serviceable parts inside. All repairs should be performed by a service technician.
  • Protect the device from contact with water and moisture to avoid damage to electronic parts. Avoid very high temperatures; they can shorten the life of electronic device components or melt plastic parts.
  • Use only original parts/accessories provided by the manufacturer.
  • Follow the instructions in the manual. The product is not a toy.
The maximum radiated radio frequency power in the frequency range
Frequency range Bluetooth 2402-2480 MHz
Transmit power 6.8dBm EIRP


Correct disposal of used equipment.

The device is marked with a crossed-out garbage bin, by the European Directive 2012/19/EU on used electrical and electronic Equipment (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment – WEEE), Products marked with this symbol should not be disposed of or dumped with other household waste after a period of use. The user is obliged to get rid of used electrical and electronic equipment by delivering it to designated recycling points in which dangerous waste is being recycled. Collecting this type of waste in designated locations, and the actual process of their recovery contribute to the protection of natural resources.

Proper disposal of used electrical and electronic equipment is beneficial to human health and the environment. To obtain information on where and how to dispose of used electrical and electronic equipment in an environmentally friendly manner user should contact their local government office, the waste collection point, or the point of sale, where the equipment was purchased.

Correct disposal of used batteries
According to the EU directive 2006/66/EC with changes contained in EU directive 2013/56/UE on the disposal of batteries, this product is marked with a crossed-out garbage bin symbol. The symbol indicates that the batteries used in this product should not be disposed of with regular household waste, but treated according to the legal directives and local regulations, It is not allowed to dispose of batteries and accumulators with unsorted municipal waste.

Users of batteries and accumulators must use the available collection points of these items, to be returned, recycled, and disposed of. Within the EU, the collection and recycling of batteries and accumulators is subject to separate procedures. To learn more about existing procedures for recycling batteries and accumulators please contact your local office or an institution for waste disposal or landfill.

Manufacturer’s data:

  • TelForceOne S.A.
  • ul. Krakowska 119
  • 50-428 Wrockaw
  • Polska
  • Made in China


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