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G4 Doorbell Pro Complete Installation Guide 2024


G4 Doorbell Professional Latest Installation


G4 Doorbell Pro is a cutting-edge video doorbell that provides advanced security and monitoring for homes and businesses. This device is part of Ubiquiti’s prestigious UniFi secure video security systems, which are ambient for their high-quality build, unusual performance, and easy connection with other Ubiquiti g4 doorbell pro devices.

Features of Doorbell For Hearing Impaired

  • Enhanced HDR and low-light performance.
  • Programmable welcome display and supplementary packaging.-Detection camera: 6 meters (20 feet) IR night vision with AI event detection
  • Weather-resistant (outdoor cover)
  • Integrated two-way audio
  • Wirelessly connected via UniFi WiFi. Auto-Link

G4 Doorbell For Deaf People

The G4 Doorbell Professional is designed with meticulous attention to detail and has a sleek, modern appearance that matches any outside aesthetic. Its sturdy design, with IPX4 weatherproofing protection, is ideal for outdoor use, ensuring resilience against factors like rain, dust, and temperature variations. This durability makes the G4 Doorbell Pro an excellent alternative for consumers looking for a dependable security system that can endure the rigors of outdoor locations.

The g4 pro doorbell comes equipped with a high-definition video camera (a primary 5MP camera and a secondary 8MP package camera), which captures fine details with precision. This camera has night vision capabilities, allowing for 24-hour surveillance, doorbells for hard of hearing, and security. The device also includes advanced capabilities like motion detection and smart person recognition, which allow customers to receive alerts and notifications directly to their smart devices whenever someone approaches their door, increasing security and convenience.

The G4 Doorbell Professional features a two-way audio system that permits homeowners to connect with visitors in real-time from anywhere. This function adds a layer of protection and convenience by welcoming guests and preventing unwelcome visitors.

G4 Doorbell For Hard of Hearing

Combination with the unifi g4 Doorbell Pro Protect platform is a basic feature of the G4 Doorbell Pro, giving users simple and comprehensive management of their security layout. The users of the unifi g4 pro doorbell may watch the live videos. Also, they can check the recorded videos with the help of laptop tablets and from their cell phones. This connection ensures a unified and user-friendly experience throughout the UniFi Protect ecosystem.

The process of Installation of the G4 Doorbell Professional is simple, with thorough instructions and all necessary hardware supplied, making it suitable for both DIY enthusiasts and experts. The doorbell for hearing impaired is powered by the home’s existing wiring, ensuring dependable operation without the need for regular battery changes.

Unifi G4 Doorbell Pro Updated Manuals

Ubiquiti’s G4 Doorbell Professional combines sophisticated technology, great design, and sturdy construction. It is a comprehensive security solution that includes high-definition video, night vision, motion detection, and smart integration. Its interoperability with the UniFi Protect system adds to its appeal, giving consumers a versatile, dependable, and simple-to-use video doorbell that improves the security and convenience of any property.

Setup Process

UBIQUITI-G4-Doorbell- fig 1

UBIQUITI-G4-Doorbell- fig 2 UBIQUITI-G4-Doorbell- fig 3 UBIQUITI-G4-Doorbell- fig 4
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  • For simple G4 Doorbell Pro installation instructions, see the Quick-Install Guide (QIG) for the G4 Doorbell or G4 Doorbell Pro.
  • (Optional) Prepare your electrical circuit using our wiring diagrams. To bypass this step, use the G4 Doorbell Pro with a PoE Adapter or an AC Wall Adapter, as well as our UniFi WiFi Chime.
  • Connect your mobile device to a WiFi network that is compatible with your UniFi Console, and then enable Bluetooth.
  • To effortlessly set up your doorbell, download the UniFi Protect Mobile App (iOS/Android).
  • (Optional) Configure your doorbell chime using the instructions below.


g4 doorbell pro

  • Regularly check the device’s power source to ensure it remains connected and functional.
  • Clean the lens and any sensors periodically to maintain clear video quality.
  • Update the device’s firmware and the mobile app as updates become available to ensure optimal performance and security.


  • When someone rings the doorbell or motion is detected, you will receive alerts on your smartphone.
  • You can use the app to watch live videos, talk to visitors, or review recordings.
  • Adjust options like motion detection sensitivity, notification choices, and more.
  • Keep the doorbell lens clean for the best video quality.
  • Make sure the device is always connected to power or has a full battery charge.


  • Create strong, unique passwords for your device and account to prevent illegal access.
  • To add an advanced degree of security, enable two-factor authentication if available.
  • To avoid security penalties, keep your mobile device’s operating system and app up to date.

Always follow the company’s instructions and guidelines for your current model of smart doorbell for deaf, as functionality and setup processes may differ.

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