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GAMDIAS Hermes-GKB2000 Essential Mechanical Gaming Keyboard User Guide


GAMDIAS Hermes-GKB2000 Essential Mechanical Gaming Keyboard User Guide



Thank you for choosing the GAMDIAS ™ HERMES mechanical gaming keyboard. The GAMDIAS ™ HERMES employs a premium 32 bit ARM Cortex micro-processor and 512 KB memory, with full N-Key / 6-Key rollover selections and 116 macro keys. The Cherry ™ Blue switches and exclusively patented.

Package Contents

  • GAMDIAS ™ HERMES mechanical gaming keyboard
  • HERMES Wrist Rest
  • Multi-language Quick Installation Guide

System Requirement

  • Windows XP/ Vista 7/8
  • PC with USB Port
  • Internet Connection

HERMES Keyboard Layout


  • A. 13 additional macro keys: G1~G5; MI~MVIII
  • B. 10 Set of customizable gaming profiles: PF1~PF10


  • C. 6 multimedia hotkeys: Previous, Next, Play/Pause, Mute, Volume Down, Volume Up
  • GAMDIAS-Hermes-GKB2000-Essential-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard-User-Guide-Image-3D. Keyboard Lock: Press the Keyboard Lock key to disable key functions, press again to enable key functions
  • GAMDIAS-Hermes-GKB2000-Essential-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard-User-Guide-Image-4E. Gaming Mode: Press the Gaming key once to disable the Windows key, press it again to enable the Windows key.
  • F. 6-Key Rollover/ N-Key Rollover: Interchangeable between 6-Key and N-Key Rollover


  • G. Keyboard Backlight Adjustment: [Fn+Num 2] to increase brightness.


Hardware and Software Installation

  1. Plug the both the keyboard and USB pass-through plugs on the GAMDIAS ™ HERMES keyboard into your PCs via USB Port.
  2. Plug the 3.5mm headphone and microphone jacks into corresponding ports.
  3. The “found new hardware” notice will appear, please following instruction to complete hardware installation.
  4. Log onto the GAMDIAS™ website ( to download the latest version of the HERA application software.
  5. Start installing the GAMDIAS ™ HERA software by following the instruction on the installation guide.


HERMES Wrist rest instruction

  1. The wrist rest easily attaches to the keyboard through magnet.
  2. When not using the wrist rest, it may be used as dust-proof cover.



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