GAMDIAS Hermes-P2A RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard User Guide


GAMDIAS Hermes-P2A RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard User Guide



Thank you for purchasing the GAMDIAS™ HERMES P2A mechanical keyboard. The HERMES P2A focuses on the basic features users demand and applies this to the distinct design elements of the HERMES series. This easy-to-use keyboard allows for extended use and flexibility. The turbo mode is compatible with the WASD direction keys to give you optimal gaming performance.

System Requirements

  •  Windows ® XP/ Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  •  PC with USB ports

Package Contents

  •  GAMDIAS™ HERMES P2A Mechanical Keyboard
  •  Key puller

Introduction to HERMES P2A Keyboard Configuration

  1.  Six multimedia shortcut keys: Previous track, next track, play/pause, mute, decrease volume, increase volume
  2. GAMDIAS-Hermes-P2A-RGB-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard-User-Guide-Image-1 Four shortcut keys for switching among four keyboard light effects.( Marquees, Breathing, Responsive fade in, Static/Light off )
  3. GAMDIAS-Hermes-P2A-RGB-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard-User-Guide-Image-2Breathing speed adjustment of shortcut key: There are 5 breathing speed steps in existence.
  4. GAMDIAS-Hermes-P2A-RGB-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard-User-Guide-Image-3 Keyboard backlight brightness level adjustment: [Fn + Num 8] increases brightness, [Fn + Num 2] decreases brightness. There are 5 phases for brightness level adjustment; OFF / 25% / 50% / 75% / 100%
  5. GAMDIAS-Hermes-P2A-RGB-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard-User-Guide-Image-4Game mode: Press [Fn + Win] once to lock the Windows key so there will be no response when it is pressed. Press again to unlock the key.
  6. GAMDIAS-Hermes-P2A-RGB-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard-User-Guide-Image-5Lock keyboard keys: Press [Fn + F11] once to lock the keyboard keys so there will be no response when they are pressed. Press again to unlock the keys.
  7. GAMDIAS-Hermes-P2A-RGB-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard-User-Guide-Image-6Swap between WASD and arrow key modes: Press [Fn + F4] once to enable swap mode.
  8. GAMDIAS-Hermes-P2A-RGB-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard-User-Guide-Image-7Light direction from bottom to top / top to bottom / right to left / left to right (Only for some lighting effects.)
  9. GAMDIAS-Hermes-P2A-RGB-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard-User-Guide-Image-8Under the breathing mode, use FN+F10 to switch to 7-color breathing modes. Under the constant light mode, use FN+F9 to switch to 7-color constant light modes.



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