Grownsy Water Free Bottler Warmer User Manual


Grownsy Water Free Bottler Warmer User Manual


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Please read this user manual carefully before using and save it for future reference.





  • Place the top lid on the bottle warmer before use, as shown in the figure below

(Note: Do not need to place the top lid If the diameter of the bottle is greater than 3 inch)


  • Plug in the power and make sure the current is greater than 10A;
  • Place the bottle in the CENTER of the warming chamber and gently press the bottle so that the bottom of the bottle can touch sensor. Make sure the bottle is in the center so milk can be evenly heated.



  • Press the “On/OFF” button to turn on.
  • Press the “material “button to select the material of the bottle.
  • Press the “Warming” button to select mode. There are 3 modes: > 30Z, ≤ 30Z and 48 hours constant warming When the milk volume > 30Z, select> 30Z When the milk volume ≤ 30Z, select $30Z Choose constant warming function If don’t need to feed immediately
  • Press “+” or “_” to set target temp.
  • When the milk is ready, it will “beep” 9 times and will turn to 48 hours keep warm mode automatically.

Note: Final temp may vary a little bit due to different ambient temp, milk volume/initial temp and bottle material.

If the milk is not warm enough, you can take the bottle out 1-2 minute later after mode turn to 48H. Milk will reach desired temp and keep warm in this mode.

Always check the temperature before you feed your baby. Gently shake the bottle or milk storage container and check the temperature of the milk by sprinkling a few drops on the inside of your wrist.

  • DIY Function: DIY function is designed for condition when you want to set heating time according to your own wish. Press the DIY button to set heating time, and use “+” or “_” to adjust time, the adjustment range is 5-45 minutes. and it will “beep” 9 times when time is up.

Please also don’t forget to choose material when use DIY function. How to use DIY function If you are using breastmilk storage bag, Please use DIY function. Reference time setting to reach 98.6°F as below:
Milk volume



5-9 min


10-20 min
20-30 min
30-40 min

Final temp may vary based on different milk initial temp or room temp. When you find the milk is not warm enough, you can place the bag back into the appliance for extra warming.

Caution: If you leave the bag in the bottle warmer longer then the time indicated in the setting table, the milk may become overheated.

This smart bottle warmer have memory function. It will remember your setting of last time to save your trouble to set again for next warming.


  • Never add water into this warmer.
  • Make sure plug in single-phase source above 10A, and unplug during maintenance and transportation.
  • Stop using the product if there is any abnormality such as peculiar smell, noise, smoke, etc.
  • Never use the product in places with high temperature, humidity.
  • The product must be placed on a horizontal place.
  • Unplug when there no need to use, wipe the Warming Chamber and dry it.
  • Never use volatile solvents such as soap, detergent, gasoline, alcohol, etc for cleaning
  • Keep away from this machine during working to prevent burning.
  • Never Wash this product for Cleaning
  • Please ensure that the distance between the bottle warmer and the wall is greater than 2cm to maintain air intake.
  • If the power cord is damaged, immediately contact GROWNSY service.
  • Keep children away from this product.


Cleaning and Maintenance

  • The rest of the accessories can be washed while the bottle warmer can only be wiped for cleaning.
  • Never use volatile solvents such as soap, detergent, gasoline, alcohol, etc for cleaning
  • Never use hard materials such as metal balls to wipe the machine to avoid scratches.
  • Please save it carefully if there no need for use.

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