Hillrom Welch Allyn 719 Series Lithium Ion Handle User Manual


Hillrom Welch Allyn 719 Series Lithium Ion Handle User Manual



  1. 71955 USB charging accessory
  2. 71943 single well charging stand
  3. 7114x universal desk charger (double well)

Parts list


Operating instructions

  • Connect instrument head to the handle.
  • Depress On/Off Button on Rheostat Section and rotate the Light Intensity Control Ring clockwise (CW). To intensify light, continue to rotate until stop is reached (Figure 1).
  • To turn off, rotate counter clockwise (CCW). Button will click when fully off. Turn fully off after each use to ensure maximum on-time from the battery.

Charging instructions

7114x Universal Charger

  • Insert the handle into the Well. Charge for 16 continuous hours to charge a dead battery (less to top off ).
  • Fully charged handles may remain in the Charger if desired.
  • Charging the Battery after partial discharge does not negatively affect overall battery memory (unlike Ni-Cad cells).

71110 Desk Charger (obsolete) and Ophthalmic Stands

See well adapter instructions for installing well adapter(s). Once adapters are installed, follow charging procedures indicated under the 7114x Universal Charger.

CAUTION The Battery Section is not shipped fully charged. For maximum performance charge the Battery Section for 16 hours when new or after a long period of inactivity.

Low battery indicator

  • The Low Battery Indicator will illuminate several minutes before handle shuts off depending on the age of the battery (Figure 1).
  • Once the battery is fully discharged, the Low Battery Indicator may flicker.

Installing 71980 Well Adapters into the 71110 Desk Charger

  • Insert the Well Adapter into one of the Handle Receptacles in the Desk Charger. Be sure to insert the Adapter until it is fully seated. Once the Well Adapter has been installed, it does not need to be removed.
  • One or two Well Adapters may be used with the Desk Charger.

Battery replacement

Removing the Battery Section

  • Hold the instrument handle firmly by the Battery Section
  • Turn the Rheostat Section counterclockwise until it detaches from the Battery Section (Figure 2).


Replacing a new Battery Section

  • Insert the Rheostat Section into the new Battery Section.
  • To connect the two sections, turn the Rheostat Section clockwise until tight (Figure 2).
  • Verify the Rheostat Section is secure on the Battery Section of the instrument handle.

Cleaning and disinfection

Wipe the handle and charger with an appropriate health care low- or intermediatelevel cleaner/disinfecting wipe that incorporates either a 1:10 sodium hypochlorite (bleach) solution or 70% isopropyl alcohol as the active disinfection ingredient. Follow wipe manufacturer’s instructions for appropriate use, contact times and applicable warnings and precautions.


  • Do not excessively soak/saturate the handle assembly or charger.
  • Do not immerse handle assembly or charger in any solution.
  • Do not sterilize the 719 Series power handle, charging base, or charger.

After disinfection, inspect the handle assembly for visible signs of deterioration at its switch, device end connector and housing. If evidence of damage or deterioration is present, discontinue use and contact Hillrom’s Technical Support department for assistance.


Specifications and design may change without notice.

Model number 71911
Dimensions 5.4” Long x 1.125” Diameter (Max.) (137mm x 28.6 mm)
Weight 4.5 oz. (128 g)
Typical charge time 16 hours (fully discharged)
Typical discharge time 110 minutes (for new battery)
Equipment classification
TYPE BF Equipment
All Charger Models Class II equipment
All System Components Equipment not protected against the ingress of water
Operating mode Continuous operation
Environmental Temperature
Relative humidity, non-condensing
Atmospheric pressure
Storage/transport -20° to 55°C (-4° to 120°F) 10 – 95 % 500 – 1060 hPa
Operating 10° to 49°C (59° to 104°F) 30 – 90 % 500 – 1060 hPa

Service and warranty


If the product fails to function properly or if assistance, service, or spare parts are required, contact Hillrom Technical Support.


The 719 series Power Handle is guaranteed by Welch Allyn against all manufacturing defects. Welch Allyn will repair or replace, free of charge, any parts of its own manufacture proven to be defective through causes other than misuse, neglect, damage in shipment, or normal wear.



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