Holy Stone HS700E 4K UHD Camera Drone User Guide


Holy Stone HS700E 4K UHD Camera Drone User Guide



Check Before Use:

  1.  This product is a high precision drone that integrates various electronic stability and control mechanisms. Please be sure to setup this drone carefully and correctly to ensure safe, accident-free operation.
  2.  Please be sure that the batteries of the drone and transmitter are clean, undamaged and, fully charged.
  3. Please be sure that all the propellers are undamaged and are installed in the correct orientation.
  4.  Please do a thorough check of the product before each use. Inspect the integrity of the parts, any signs of cracks and wear of the propeller, battery power and effectiveness of the indicator, etc. If after doing a complete check any issues are found, please refrain from using the product until the issue has been resolved.

Operation Requirements:

  1. Please don’t use this product to follow any moving vehicles .
  2.  During the flight only turn off the motor in case of an emergency.
  3.  As battery becomes low return the drone back to your starting point.
  4. This product should not be used while drinking alcohol, if you are feeling fatigued, taking medicine, or feeling any physical discomfort.
  5. Beware of the noise volume the drone produces. Keep your distance to avoid ear damage.

Use of Battery:

  1. Please ensure batteries are fitted in the correct orientation as shown in the instruction manual.
  2.  Avoid short circuits by fitting the batteries correctly, and do not crush or squeeze the batteries as this could carry the risk of an explosion.
  3.  Do not mix new and old batteries as this can lead to a poor performance of the product.
  4.  Dispose used batteries carefully, do not litter
  5.  Please keep dead batteries away from heat and fire
  6.  If the device is not going to be used for an extended period of time.


  1. CD Clean the product after each use with a clean, soft cloth.
  2. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and avoid buildup of heat on the drone.
  3. This device is not waterproof and must not be submerged in water under any circumstance. Failure to maintain the device completely will result in the failure of the unit.
  4. Check the charging plug and other accessories for signs of damage frequently If any part of the device is damaged, refrain from flying until maintenance can be carried out.






Transmitter Functions


LCD Screen Functions


Low Battery Warning


  1. When the battery icon is shown on the LCD screen or on the APP (Pie. I), and the drone front lights glow solid on and the rear lights keep flashing slowly, it means that the battery is nearly low voltage.
  2. When the battery icon is shown on the LCD screen or on the APP (Pic.2), and the drone front lights glow solid on and the rear lights keep flashing rapidly, it means that the battery is in low voltage.


Drone Battery:


As shown in the figure above, install the battery to the buckle on the back of the drone and push it forward. When you hear a click, the battery is installed. Please make sure the battery is securely installed.



As shown in the figure above, hold down the two sides of the battery and pull it back, then remove the battery upwards.


  1. Connect the Battery to the USB Charging Cable.
  2.  Connect the USB Charging Cable with Power Bank or a USB Adapter (SV/ 2.0A) for charging.
  3. When the battery is charging, the indicator lights on the battery will flash green.
  4.  When the battery is full charged, all four green indicators on the battery will turn solid.
  5.  The charging time is about 5 hours.




  • Model: HS700E
  • Weight: 557 g / I 9.65 oz
  • Max Flight Time: 21 minutes (per battery)
  • Operating Temperature Range: 32′ to I 04’F
  • Size: 380 x 230 x 125 mm


  • Capacity: 2800 mAh
  • Voltage: 7.4 V
  • Battery Type: Li-Po
  • Energy: 20.72 Wh
  • Charging Temperature Range: 41′ to I 04’F (5′ to 40’C)
  • Charging Time: about 5 hours


  • Operating Frequency: 2.400-2.4835 GHz
  • Transmitter Power (EIRP): < 16 dBm
  • Max Transmission Distance: 3277 feet/ 999 m (outdoor and unobstructed)
  • Battery Type: 2x I SV AA batteries (Not included)
  • Operating Temperature Range: 32′ to 104’F


  • Voltage: 5 V
  • Rated Power: 10 W


No. Problem Solution
  When the drone is powered on. the indicator light keeps flashing rapidly The drone is in the gyroscope calibration state. Please place the drone on an A at and level surface.




The drone cannot hover after takeoff and tilts to one side.


Place the drone on a A at, level surface and repeat the gyro calibration.






The drone vibrated in flight.


The propeller are damaged. Please replace the new propeller




The drone unlocked and A ashed.


could the


not rear


be light


The drone battery voltage  is  too low Please fully charge the battery


  1. Please read this Disclaimer & Warning and Safety Guidelines carefully before using our product. This product is not recommended for people under the age of 14. By using this product, you hereby agree to this disclaimer and signify that you have read it fully. You agree that you are responsible for your own conduct and any damages caused while using this product, and its consequences.
  2.  When using this product, please be sure to strictly abide by the specification requirements and safety guidelines stated in this document. Any personal injury, property damage, legal disputes and all other adverse events caused by the violation of any of the safety instructions.


  1.  Failure to follow all the instructions may result in serious injury, irreparable damage to the battery may cause a fire, smoke or explosion as well.
  2.  Always check the battery’s condition before charging or using it.
  3.  Replace the battery if it has been dropped, or any odour, overheating, discolouration, deformation or leakage happens.
  4.  Never use anything other than the approval LiPo charger the battery. Always use a balancing charger for LiPo cells.
  5.  The battery temperature must never exceed 60°C(140°F) otherwise the battery could be damaged or ignited.
  6.  Never charge the battery on a flammable surface, near flammable products or inside a vehicle(preferably place the battery on a non-flammable and non conductive surface).
  7.  Never leave the battery unattended during the charging process.



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