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HROEENOI Noise Cancelling Headphone


HROEENOI Noise Cancelling Headphone

hroeenoi noise cancelling headphones

Packaging List

HROEENOI Noise Cancelling Headphone FIG 1


95% Noise Reduction HROEENOI Noise Canceling Headphones use ANC noise reduction technology in the microphone, which can isolate 95% of the surrounding noise. Compatible with Android, Phone at home, work or travel. HIFI & Stereo Sound Quality HROEENOI bluetooth headphones can produce treble up to 20kHz, bringing the sound with great clarity. It will make you feel like a live concert.

40 Hours Playtime HROEENOI wireless earbuds provide up to 40 hours of music playtime on ANC. You can charge it via the Type-C port. 10 minutes of charging and 4 hours of music playback! CVC 8.0 & Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0 0 means the transmission is faster and more stable; CVC 8.0 technology can realize a good and stable connection, giving you the freedom of true wireless calling. Featured Gift Adjustable headband for over-ear headphones, suitable for kids, teens and adults. The foldable design is easy to store and carry, and the soft protein earmuffs and sponge pads fit our ears well. Great gifts for kids, boyfriends and dads.

Products with a power plug are designed for use in the United States. Power and voltage are different around the world and an adapter or converter may be required for these products to be used in your location. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

Product Overview

HROEENOI Noise Cancelling Headphone FIG 2

  1. Active noise cancellation [ANC) button
  2. Active noise cancellation LED indicator
  3. USB-C charge port
  4. Previous track/volume – button
  5. Next track/volume + button
  6. Multifunction button
  7. Power on LED indicator
  8. 3.5mm audio jack
  9. Built-in microphone

Power ON/OFF

HROEENOI Noise Cancelling Headphone FIG 3

  • Short press multifunction button (about 1 second), the headphones will be on, and the power on indicator will light blue steadily.
  • Long press multifunction button {about 5 seconds), the headphones will be off.
  • When active noise cancellation is ON (ANC button is pressed, and the ANC indicator lights green), the headphones will keep power on.
  • When active noise cancellation is OFF, the headphones will automatically turn off in 5 minutes if no connection with Bluetooth

Connection With Your Device

HROEENOI Noise Cancelling Headphone FIG 4

  •  Pairing: blue and red indicator flashes alternately
  •  Connected: blue indicator flashes every 10 seconds
  • When turned on, JZ02 will automatically connect to the last connected device if available. If not, JZ02 will go-to pairing.
  • To connect to a new device: turn Bluetooth off of the connected device. Then turn Bluetooth on on the new device and select JZ02 to connect.
  • Having a connection problem? Delete JZ02 from the device’s Bluetooth list, and re-connect.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) ON/OFF

HROEENOI Noise Cancelling Headphone FIG 5

  • Press the ANC button, the active noise cancellation will be on, and the ANC led indicator will light green steadily.
  • Press the ANC button, the active noise cancellation will be OFF.

Phone Calls

HROEENOI Noise Cancelling Headphone FIG 6

Multi-Point Connection

HROEENOI Noise Cancelling Headphone FIG 7

  • Connect to two Bluetooth devices at the same time to switch between calls, video conferencing, listening to music, and more without reconnection.
  • For example, when connected to the laptop and phone simultaneously, you can pause the playing film on the laptop, and switch
    to the phone to play the paused music. No need for reconnection.

HROEENOI Noise Cancelling Headphone FIG 8

  • In case the headphones are connected to the laptop and phone at the same time, and you receive a phone call while watching a film on
    the laptop, you can answer the phone call immediately by short pressing the multifunction button on the headphones. No need
    to answer the call on the phone. Very convenient.


Short press the multifunction button

HROEENOI Noise Cancelling Headphone FIG 9

Next track/Previous track
Long press the +/- button (more than 1 second)

HROEENOI Noise Cancelling Headphone FIG 10

Connection via AUX

HROEENOI Noise Cancelling Headphone FIG 11

  • When connected via AUX, play audio directly via the connected device
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack: You can use it as wired headphones. They give the sound an improvement when using the head phones wired in. When the battery is low or if you want to conserve battery, just switch the wireless mode to wired mode. keep listening with the headphones jack.

Charge Your JZOZ

HROEENOI Noise Cancelling Headphone FIG 12

  • JZ02 will beep every 2 minutes when it’s on low battery.
  • Charging: indicator will light red steadily. HROEENOI Noise Cancelling Headphone FIG 13
  • Full charged: indicator will light blue steadily.
  • Charging time: about 2 hours.


  • Input 5V/1A
  • Charging Time 2±0.Sh
  • Play1ime >40h
  • Size 180x85x200 mm
  • Weight 8.6oz/245g
  • Bluetooth Range 33ft/10m


  • Don’t remove any parts.
  • Avoid dropping.
  • Do not use under weather conditions or extreme temperatures.
  • Do not submerge in water.
  • Do not use any corrosive cleaner/oil to clean.

Tips of Using Headphones

Microphone Usage Tips
  • The use of the microphone needs to be converted to blue tooth mode connection.
  • Earmuffs should not be disassembled or assembled without permission. The earmuffs and ear shells are directly attached
    to the buckles. If they have been disassembled, please check whether each buckle has been inserted into the earmuffs.
  • To use this blue tooth headphones with ZOOM and other software on the computer, it must be in the blue tooth connection state and change the audio input and output to this blue tooth headphones in the ZOOM software settings.
    Use the audio cable to connect without the microphone function.
Bluetooth Connection Occasionally Interrupted
  • When you plug in the Type-C Charging Cable to charge the headphones.
  • When you plug in the AUX Cable as a wired headphone using.
  • The playback environment needs to be performed in a stable network environment (avoid the headphones close to other wireless devices (wireless routers, microwave ovens etc}.

Can I use noise canceling headphones?
Noise Canceling Headphones pose no risk to your health and are safe to use. Unlike mobile phones, they do not emit low voltage, so you can use headphones to block out background noise as they do not pose a threat to your safety or health.

Headphones Connect to TV
  • The TV has blue tooth function.
  • Use a blue tooth transmitter with USB connector.
Reset your headphones
  • When the headphone is on, press and hold the MFB (power button)/V+ button (volume+ button) at the same time for 5 seconds, and then restart to complete the reset operation.
Warm Prompt
  • Headphones will smell because of the material. If the headphone smells, you should open and leave it for 10-30 minutes before using.
  • When the headphones cannot be turned on normally the first time you use it, please charging it for 10-30 minutes before using.

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