Hughes 50 Amp Bluetooth Surge Protector Manual


Hughes 50 Amp Bluetooth Surge Protector Manual




Hughes Autoformers, a trusted name in RV power protection for over 25 years would like to say, “THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS.” You are now in possession of the most advanced surge protector on the market!


  • Analyzes the park power .
  •  If there is a fault detected, read the LED lights on the front of the unit. Match these LED patterns to the ‘legend’ and see what fault is present. The unit will detect: open neutral, open ground, missing power on line one or two, and reversed polarity on line one or two,or no power.
  •  You can go into your app settings and set the alert limits for high and low voltage as well as your maximum amp draw settings.If park voltage gets too high or too low, or you are drawing too many amps, you will be sent an alert to your phone/tablet. Go to “Settings” and then “Set Device” in the app to set these parameters.
  • Monitors your power while hooked up to the RV. Check your phone and see how many amps you’re drawing and more importantly how many volts the park is supplying you.
  • The Watchdog will absorb high voltage spikes and surges.If the surge board is ever used up, you can call Hughes Autoformers and purchase a new board to replace it.



Operating Cuttent





Operating Voltage120 Volts120 Volts
Maximum Watts


3 Mode Surge Protection

3600 Watts



12000 Watts

Yes,L 1-N,L2-N, L 1-G,L2-G

Energy Dissipation3000 Joules6100 Joules
Maximum Spike Current6500A per MOV6500A per MOV
Voltage Range132/104V132/104V
Reverse Polarity CheckYesYes
Voltage On Ground CheckYesYes

Corrosion Resistant Easy Installation

Limited Lifetime Yes


Limited Lifetime Yes



  1. Start by making sure the park breaker is in the off position.
  2. Plug in the Watchdog by itself, without the RV attached.
  3. Turn on the park breaker.
  4. Read the LED lights on the display. Match these with the “legend”.You want all green color LED lights to know that you have good power from the source. If you have all green LED lights, you may turn off the breaker, plug in your RV, and then turn the breaker back on to power your RV.
  5.  If you are not getting 3 green LED lights displayed, note the issue and contact park management to fix the power issue.
  6.  Use the free app to monitor your supplied voltage, amp draw and energy use straight from your phone or tablet. You can set your parameters for low or high voltage warnings as well as maximum amp draw. We recommend you put these settings at 128V for maximum, and 113 V for minimum.This way you can be
    alerted if you are getting higher or lower voltage than is ideal (120 V is ideal). You can set your maximum amps to the amps of your RV or several amps below so you will be alerted before you pop the breaker on the pedestal.


  •  Download the app on your mobile device(App Store or Google Play) by searching Power Watchdog or Scanning below QR Code
  • Plug the unit to Shore Power.
  •  Open the app:
    • Tap on “Al/ow”to recieve notification
    • Make sure your Bluetooth is ON
    •  Tap on I) (settings)
    •  Tap on (±) (Add device)
    • Tap on “Al/ow”,so the app can use your camera to Scan the Barcode.




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