iProven NCT-336 Non Contact Infrared Thermometer User Guide


iProven NCT-336 Non Contact Infrared Thermometer User Guide



Thank you for choosing the iProven Non Contact Body Infrared Thermometer. The NCT-336 can be used to measure your body temperature via the forehead. It can also be used to measure the room or object temperature. Please read the instructions carefully in order to accurately utilize this equipment. Please keep these instructions handy for future reference. You can also find the latest digital version of this manual at www.iproven.com.

Safety Instructions

  1.  The Non Contact Infrared Body Thermometer is to be operated by consumers in the home setting as screening tool. This manual, accessories, Directions for Use, all precautionary information, and specifications should be read before use.
  2.  This product is designed to measure human body temperature on the forehead. Do not use it for any other purpose.
  3.  This product is intended in the home setting as screening tool.
  4.  Do not use the thermometer if it malfunctions or has been damaged in any matter.
  5. Remove primary batteries if equipment is not likely to be used for long time.
  6. This product is not waterproof, do not immerse it in water or other liquid; If cleaning and disinfecting, please follow the “Care and Storage” section requirements.
  7.  Do not touch the infrared sensor with your fingers.
  8.  Prevent measuring a patient’s temperature via the forehead if the patient’s forehead or body has been recently cooled with a cold compress or any other measure. Readings may be inaccurate.
  9.  When measuring the temperature via the forehead, please select “body” mode; when measuring the ambient temperature, objects, liquids, food and other temperatures, please select “surface” mode.


Intended Use
The !Proven NCT-336 Nan Contact Infrared Body Thermometers are designed ta be used far Intermittent measurement and monitoring of human body temperature by consumers in the home setting as screening tool.

Description of the Non Contact Infrared Body Thermometer:

  • The iProven NCT-336 Non contact Thermometer is a hand-held, reusable, battery operated device, that can measure human body temperature via the forehead.
  • The operating principle is based on Infrared Sensor technology. The IR sensor is calibrated to give a different signal when measuring an object temperature or an ambient temperature. The ASIC can turn the signal from the IR Sensor to a digital value and display It on the LCD.

Description of Controls, Indicators, and Symbols


  1.  IR sensor
  2.  Liquid crystal display(LCD)
  3.  MODE button
  4.  Dawn Arrow button
  5.  Up Arrow button
  6.  Set button
  7. ON/measure button
  8.  Battery Cover
  9.  Surface mode


 Battery installation
Caution: When the batteries are low or empty, the Non Contact Infrared Body Thermometer will not operate correctly. When the low battery indicator displays, please install new batteries.

  • The battery door is under the handle of the thermometer Slide it open
  • Insert two AAA batteries according to the+ and –
  • Close battery cover again

 How to perform a forehead or surface measurement
Be sure to read and understand all warnings listed of the instructions before use.

  • Make sure thermometer has been in the same room as you or the object you want to measure for a while
  • Aim thermometer at the middle of the forehead, above the eyebrows (see figure 2) or at the object surface you want to check
  •  Make sure thermometer is at 2-6 inch distance
  • Press on-button. Thermometer will do a self-test with all segments displayed for 2 seconds
  • Press on-button again to start measurement and read the data.


Switch between Head and Surface Mode
When the device is running, press the MODE button to switch between “body” mode and “surface” mode.
“Body” mode is used for measuring human body temperature, the “surface ” mode is used to measure the surface temperature. (The

 Use the Memory
The last temperature taken before the thermometer powers off is stored in memory. The memory can save up to 50 readings. To access and clear the data from the memory, follow these steps:

  1. When the device is off, press the down”T”function key, or press the up”.._” function key to view the history of measured values.
  2. An empty memory cell shows” -‘C” or” -“F”.
  3.  If you want to clear the saved measurements, switch on the thermometer. Enter the boot mode by pressing the mode button for a few seconds. Release the button when “RST” or “CLR” appears on the display.

Change Settings
Some settings of this thermometer can be adapted according to specific wishes of the users, depending on their individual characteristics or environments.

Replacing the Battery

  1.  Open and release battery cover following indicator on the surface of the battery cover.
  2. Remove the battery and replace with 2 new AAA batteries of the same type. Make sure to align them properly, as indicated inside the battery cover .
  3.  Slide the battery cover back In until it snaps into place. Do not dispose of used batteries in household waste. Take them to special local collection sites.
  4. If the system doesn’t work properly after changing battery, take off the batteries and wait for 30 seconds. Then try again.


  1.  The typical service life of the new and unused batteries is 2000 measurements when the operating time is 18 seconds.
  2.  Only use the recommended batteries, do not recharge non-rechargeable batteries and do not burn them.

Cleaning Care and Storage

  •  It is very important to protect the lens from dirt and damage. You may use a cotton swab dampened with isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) or warm water to gently clean the lens if dirty.
  • Use a clean, soft cloth to clean the surface of the device and the screen. Do not use solvents or immerse the device Into water or other liquids.
  • Cleaning or disinfection is necessary after every use, especially when the device is used for different people. To disinfect the device, use a cloth or swab with 70%-75% alcohol on it to clean the thermometer shell, surface of the device and LCD. Do not use solvents or immerse the device into water or other liquids.
  • It is recommended to store the thermometer in a dry location free from dust. Do not expose the thermometer to direct sunlight, high temperature/humidity or any extreme environment, otherwise the function will be reduced.
  • The thermometer has to acclimatise to a change In ambient temperature. If the ambient temperature changes, you get the most accurate results if you allow the thermometer to remain In that room for 30 minutes before taking a measurement. Make sure the thermometer is In a room with a stable ambient temperature (between 59°F to 95″F or 1 s·c to 35’C).


H,Temperature taken in not within Typical human temperature range.

(34.D°C-4 2.9°C or 93.2° F-109 .2°F).

Make sure the forehead thermometer is for forehead measurement.






Optimummeasurementdistance is 1 cm.
Incorrect test position.See figure 6 Measuring position and distance.
Subjects forehead hair, Antipyretic sticker 5,


Subjects  it quietly 5-10 minutes before the


Some people’s body temperature is lower than the general population.The main concern fever temperature
F4 over c1II temperature offset is set incorrectlyAdjust the temperature off set value
Operating temperature exceeds the range of specified temperature.Move to a room within the operating r<1 range wait 30 minutes before taking temperature.

The screen flicker, automatic turn off.


Replace battery or the product has been damaged, needs repairs.


Battery capacity it too low.


Install a new battery


Ambient temperature changes too fast


Wait until the ambient temperature is stably.

  1.  Power is off.
  2. Improper battery installation.
  3. Display remains blank.
  1. Press ON button again.
  2. Check the battery polarity.
  3. Replace with a new battery.
  4. Contact there tailer or service center.

Technical Specification

Measurement Unit“C/”F
Operating modeAdjusted mode(Body mode) Direct mode(surface mode)
Measuring siteForehead
Reference Body SiteAxillary
Extended output rangeBody mode: 34.0″C • 34.9″CfgJ_2°F ·94.B”F 42.1″C · 42.9″C/107.8°F -109.2°F
RangeBody mode: 34.0″C • 42.9″C/ g J.2″F -109.2’F

Surface mode:O”C – 100.0″C/32 “F -212°F

AccuracyBody mode:

34.0″C • 34.9″C:±0.°3C/ 93_2°F ·94.8″F:±0.5″F; 35.0″C· 42.0″C:±0.°2Cfg5.0″F· 107.6″F:±0.4″F; 42.1″C

Surface mode:±2’C/±3.6’F.
Display Resolution0.1°C/0.1 °F
Three-color Backlight (Color Alarm)35.5″C-37.3″C / 95.9″F-99.1″F: Green(Normal Temperature); 37.4″C-38.0″C(Alarm point) / 99.3°F· 100.4°F:Yellow (Slight Fever) 38.1″C–42.9″C/ 100.6″F-109.2″F: Red(High Fever)

Facial Indication

Happy face:35.5-37.3°(!  _95 g._99 1°F Sad face:37.4-42.9″C/ 99.3-109.2’F
Auto Power Off Times18s
Measuring Times 2S
Measuring DistanceSCM -15 CM(2 in .5 g in)



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