IRIS Blanket Warmer BLW-C2

IRIS Blanket Warmer BLW-C2


Prior to use, please read the safety precautions carefully to ensure proper use. The precautions listed here are described under the classification of Warnings and Cautions and are intended to prevent harm or damage to users and other persons. All of these precautions are critical in terms of safety. Please follow them at all times.

Product use
  • Use on a level, stable surface. Placing a product on uneven and unstable surfaces can cause the product to fall over, leading to injury or damage to property in the vicinity of the product.
  • Always grasp the power plug to unplug it, do not unplug it by pulling on the power cord. Pulling on the power cord can damage it, which can cause fire or electric shock.
  • Always unplug the power plug from the electric socket when the product will be unused for extended periods of time. Failing to do so can lead to fire or electric shock caused by short circuits due to reduced insulation.
  • Do not move the machine while in use. Doing so may cause burns.
  • Please perform cleaning and maintenance after the product has cooled down. Not doing so may cause burns.
  • Unplug the power plug from the electric socket when performing maintenance, inspecting, or moving the product. Do not modify the plug in any way.
  • Grasp the plug and remove it from the receptacle or other outlet device. Do not unplug by pulling on the cord.
  • When removing the power plug from the socket, please ensure that the machine has stopped running. Not doing so may cause damage to the plug blades or socket, or may cause a fire.
  • This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). To reduce the risk of electric shock, this plug is intended to fit in a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician. Do not modify the plug in any way.
Use power plugs and power cords correctly
  • Failing to do so can cause fire or electric shock due to short circuits.
  • Insert the power plug securely all the way into the electric socket.
  • Regularly remove dust from the power plug.
  • When dust is allowed to build up, insulation is hampered due to moisture, which can cause fire or electric shock.
  • Use only 120V AC. Other currents/voltage can cause fires.
  • Do not use if the power cord or the power plug is damaged, or if the power plug is loose when plugged into the electric socket. Doing so can cause fire or electric shock due to short-circuit.
  • Do not wind the cord around the product when not in use as this may cause product failure.


No warming bag is used in the blanket warmer. Air is blown directly into the area to be warmed.

IRIS Blanket Warmer BLW-C2 FIG 1

Operation Panel

IRIS Blanket Warmer BLW-C2 FIG 2


IRIS Blanket Warmer BLW-C2 FIG 3


Automatic Warming Mode
Run the blanket warmer with the air temperature and time predetermined by each mode.

MODEUse ForTemperature SettingsRunning TimeReference Page



Warming blankets in colder seasons


High Temperature Air (approx. 149°F/65°C)


60 minutes

















Warming blankets in hotter seasons

High Temperature Air (approx. 149°F/65°C)


Remove hot air by Air Blast


60 minutes


20 minutes




Warming blankets before sleep in colder seasons


High Temperature Air (approx. 149°F/65°C)


20 minutes




Eliminate dust mites


High Temperature Air (approx. 149°F/65°C)


100 minutes

Manual Mode
Select the temperature and running time.


Dry Blanket / Warm Blanket / Eliminate Dust Mites
This product can dry and warm blankets.

Unfold the hose and open the air flap at the hose tip until it is locked into place, then place the product on the blanket with the operation panel facing upwards.

IRIS Blanket Warmer BLW-C2 FIG 4

  • Fully stretch out the hose.
  • This product will stop operating if it is laid down with the air entry port on the right side facing down.
  • Ventilate the room frequently as moisture is released from the blanket.
  • Keep the side air entry port at least 6 in/15 cm from the wall.
  • Place a large towel between the blanket and floor before drying or warming.
    (Condensation may occur due to the moisture between the floor and blanket).

Warm the blanket

Insert the edge of the blanket into the space between the main body and hose.
Please do not pull the blanket by force, otherwise it may cause damage to the blanket and air flap.
Hold down firmly to prevent air leakage between the hose and blanket.

Insert the power plug securely into the electric socket.
In standby mode, press any key to light up the power indicator, and it will then enter mode selection.

IRIS Blanket Warmer BLW-C2 FIG 6

Select automatic warming mode.
Press the MODE button to select desired mode.

IRIS Blanket Warmer BLW-C2 FIG 7

Press “START/ON” button

This product will display the remaining time after it starts running. It will stop heating after set time has run out, and then it will cool down the main body and hose with a 20 second air blast before it stops running.

  • During and immediately following use, do not use the blanket or allow pets on the blanket. Doing so may cause burns.
  • Do not unplug the power plug while product is running.
  • Press the “CLEAR/OFF” button if you want to stop warming. Product will stop warming and will blast air for 20 seconds, and then the product will stop running.
  • The power indicator will turn off 5 minutes after use.
  • If the warmer does not warm the whole length of the blanket or does not reach the corners, please insert the hose on the other side of the blanket and run the product again.
Put the product away after use.

IRIS Blanket Warmer BLW-C2 FIG 8

  • Firmly grip the power plug to unplug it from the electric socket.
  • Close the air flap and fold the hose.
  • Bundle up the power cord.


Air Filter (clean once a month)
Use a vacuum hose/nozzle or other cleaning device to clear the air filter.
A clogged or dirty air filter will cause the product to function poorly.

IRIS Blanket Warmer BLW-C2 FIG 14


PRODUCT WEIGHT3.97lbs. / 1.8kg


6.3 W x 5.4 D x 14.2 H in
160 W x 137 D x 360 H mm
CORD LENGTH6.6ft / 2.0m
ATTACHMENTSShoe drying attachment
SAFETY DEVICESTemp Sensor, Thermostat, Thermal Fuse
TIMER15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 120, 180 minutes


Your IRIS USA, Inc. products are to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal non-commercial, household use, when operated and cared for in accordance with the Manufacturer’s written instructions provided.


If service should be necessary, you should contact IRIS USA, Inc. Customer Service (“Customer Service”) at 1-800-320-4747. You may then return the properly packaged product(s), (using adequate packing and shipping material to prevent damage in transit), with postage prepaid along with the name, address, telephone number, model number, and proof of date of purchase (a copy of the receipt) and a detailed description of the claimed defect. This warranty shall not cover any damage incurred to the products during transit to Customer Service. You shall have the obligation and responsibility to: pay for all services and parts not covered by the warranty.


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