itouchless DZT13 Trash Can User Manual


itouchless DZT13 Trash Can User Manual



The touchless sensor operation promotes a germ-free environment. The Activated Carbon Deodorizer neutralizes odors. The lid sensor uses invisible and harmless, patented infrared technology for accurate and responsive lid open and close operation. There are two buttons on the front of the lid, “OPEN” and “CLOSE”, to open and close the lid manually, and an ON/OFF power switch on the back of the trash can lid. The infrared sensor on the lid will automatically open the lid when your hand or object is within 6 inches/10 cm of the sensor. The lid will remain open if the sensor detects any object within its radius and will automatically close in 4 seconds after the object is withdrawn.
Indicator Light (LED Light)

  1. In stand-by mode, the indicator light flashes red once every 3 seconds.
  2.  When the lid is opened using the “Open” button, the indicator light flashes green once every 3 seconds.
  3.  When the batteries are nearly depleted, the indicator light flashes yellow/amber once every 3 seconds.
  • Do not submerge the lid in water as it houses the electronic control. You may clean it with a lightly dampened cloth.
  • Clean the trash can body only with products safe for use on stainless steel.
  •  You do not press or force the Lid Cover to close. Lid will close automatically after your hand is removed from the sensor zone.
  •  Replace batteries immediately when the indication light turns to yellow/amber. This will ensure the lid continues to operate properly.
  •  Avoid direct sunlight on the infrared sensor.
  •  Ensure there is enough room to operate the trash can without blocking the opening and closing of the lid.


  • a. Remove Lid Unit from the trash can. Remove Deodorizer Compartment located on the underside of Lid Unit (PICTURE 2) to insert a Carbon Deodorizer (see HOW TO USE THE ACTIVATED CARBON DEODORIZER). Open battery compartment cover to insert 4 “D” size batteries. Close compartment cover and reattach Deodorizer Compartment.
  • b. Insert one 13 gallon to 18 gallon trash bag through Smart Retainer Ring and wrap the top part of the bag over the Ring (STEP 1 in HOW TO USE THE SMART RETAINER RING). Put the Ring onto the top edge of the can body (STEP 2). Video instruction at
  • c. Place Lid Unit onto the can body and make sure it is securely attached.
  • d. Turn on the power switch on the back of Lid Unit (PICTURE 4). A red Indicator Light will turn on for 3 seconds. It will flash once every 3 seconds to indicate the system is on and ready to use.
  • e. Place your hand or any object 6 inches above Infrared Sensor on the front of Lid Unit to open. Lid will remain open if it detects objects within Sensor Zone.
  • f. If you press the open button, Lid will open, and remain open for 5 minutes before closing automatically – unless you press the close button. The trash can will then resume operating in automatic mode.



The new Touchless Trash Can is equipped with a Deodorizer Compartment that houses the odor-neutralizing Activated Carbon Deodorizer. One (1) replaceable Activated Carbon Deodorizer is pre-installed inside the Deodorizer Compartment. Please follow these instructions to maximize the Activated Carbon Deodorizer’s effectiveness.

  1.  Turn power switch to “Off” mode. Remove and turn Lid Cover upside down.
  2.  Slide Deodorizer Compartment (Fig.1) to the right (Fig.2) to remove.
  3. Remove Activated Carbon Deodorizer from the Compartment.
  4.  Remove new Activated Carbon Deodorizer pouch from plastic bag (Do NOT cut open the Deodorizer pouch).
  5.  Insert new Deodorizer pouch (Fig.3) into the Compartment.
  6. Return the Deodorizer Compartment to Lid Cover (Fig.1) and slide to the left (Fig.2) to lock the Deodorizer Compartment in position.
  7.  Replace Activated Carbon Deodorizer every 3 months or when odor becomes too strong.
  8. Order replacement Activated Carbon Deodorizers online at

Cleaning Tips:

  •  Deodorizer Compartment can be washed with soap and warm water (not intended for dishwasher cleaning).


  1.  Turn power switch to “Off,” remove battery or AC power adapter, then rub and wipe clean the sensor area with a soft damp cloth and dry it immediately with a soft dry cloth. Re-insert batteries or plug in AC adapter (DO NOT USE battery and AC adapter at the same time).
  2. Place trash can in an open area where nothing is blocking or within 10 inches of the sensor eye. Make sure no sunlight or direct light shines on the sensor. Turn on the power and try opening lid again.
  3. If trash can is still not working correctly, remove the batteries or AC adapter. Let trash can sit for at least 2 hours to reset. Try opening lid after reset.If your iTouchless product is still not working after trying these troubleshooting steps, please contact us at: for warranty service.


The warranty is the customers’ exclusive remedy for product defect and does not apply to:

  • User modification
  • Attachments to product by user that causes damage
  •  Damage caused by abuse, misuse, accident, water or theft.

If Trash Can should fail during the warranty period, contact us through to submit a request for warranty service. For additional details, please refer to the warranty email that iTouchless will provide. The required warranty fee is subject to location. Fee references are as following: for Contiguous 48 U.S. States $9.95 and up, for Canada $19.95 and up, for Alaska and Hawaii $29.95 and up.




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