JAUYXIAN D16 Bluetooth Speaker with Subwoofer User Manual


JAUYXIAN D16 Bluetooth Speaker with Subwoofer User Manual


What’s Included

  • Speaker * 1pc
  • Remote Control * 1pc
  • USB Cord * 1pc
  • AUX Cord * 1pc
  • User Manual * 1pc

Function Board


  1. Press to turn down the volume;long press to switch to previous program;
  2.  Press to turn on the LED light;long press to turn off the light;
  3.  Press to switch mode between: BT ,FM,AUX IN,U disk and TF card mode;long press to start up TWS;
  4.  Battery indicator;
  5. Bass boost
  6.  Play/pause;long press to search for channels automatically in FM mode;when playing REC file,long press to delete the REC file;when playing music,long press the key to enter the REC file playback;in bluetooth mode,long press to disconnect the bluetooth;
  7.  Long press to power on/off;
  8.  Function indicator, the indicator will stop flashing after Bluetooth connected, when playing music, the indicator will start flashing again.
  9. Press to turn up the volume;long press to switch to next program;
  10. AUX Input;
  11. USB Port
  12.  MicroSD Slot
  13.  Mic Input
  14. Charging Indicator: red when charging;green when fully charged
  15.  DC 5V Charging Cable Input

Remote Control



How to turn on/off the machine
Press the Power switch on the machine’s function board labeled “Power” to turn on the machine.To turn off the machine, press the Power switch again.

How to charge the machine
Connect the charger plug into the machine’s DC5V/A Charging Cable Input and to a polarized outlet. Be sure to charge fully before each use. The indicator light will turn on red to indicate charging.

How to record
Begin by inserting a suitable recording device into the function board via the MicroSD slot or USB port. Plug your microphone into the MIC Input. Ensure that the microphone is turned on and then proceed to press REC on the remote. Speak or sing into the microphone and when finished recording, click REC again to stop it. To listen to the recorded audio, remove and then reinsert the USB or MicroSD recording device. The recording will begin playing automatically.


How to set up playback
Your machine has 6 different playback options: Bluetooth, SD, AUX, PA, TWS and USB. Each has its own hook up location and set-up method (see the subsections below).

How to connect to e1uetooth
Playing music from your device Click the Mode button on the machine’s function board until the function indicator starts to blink.that indicate you are in Bluetooth mode. Then, search for the machine name” JYX” under your device’s Bluetooth connection settings and click to connect.

How to use SD mode
Playing music from an SD card Plug your MicroSD card into the MicroSD Slot on the machine’s function board. The stored music on your SD card will begin playing automatically. (SD card with storage capacity less than 64GB is recommended)

How to start AUX mode
Playing music from an AUX-compatible device Plug the AUX cable into the AUX Input on the machine’s function board to activate AUX mode. Plug the other end of the cable into the designated input on your device and play your music just as you normally would.

How to start use mode
Playing music from a use drive Plug your use into the use Port on the machine’s function board. The stored music on your USB will begin playing automatically.

How to use PA mode
When there is no music playing, this machine will automatically start PA Mode. Simply use the microphones by ensuring that they are turned on. Adjust the microphone’s volume and echo on the machine’s function board or the microphone itself.

How to use multiple playback modes
To use playback modes interchangeably, simply activate each mode according to the instructions above, then click Mode to switch between the inputs.

How to set up TWS
To use TWS mode,2 D16 speaker are required. Ensure they are both turned on.Long press the mode button on either one of the speaker,2 speakers will be paired successfully. Follow the subsections above to connect to your bluetooth device.Then you can play your music via TWS. Long press the mode button again to disconnect TWS.(The effective connection distance for the use of TWS function is five meters)


How to clean
Turn the machine and microphone off and unplug all wires. Gently wipe the outside of the machine using a clean, dry cloth. Keep all vents, buttons, and openings free of lint and dirt. Do not immerse the machine in water and do not use any harsh cleaners.

How to store
Charge the machine so that it’s ready the next time you want to use it. Make sure that the machine is clean and dry. Bind the unplugged cord gently with an electrician-approved fastener. Do not wrap the cord around the machine. Store the machine in a cool, dry place away from damaging elements. For best results, clean and store the machine after each use

How to transport
Simply unplug all wires and extend the handle on the machine to roll it around just like a suitcase. Place the microphones in a suitable bag and carry them separately.

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