JBL S412PII Monster Home Theater Speakers User Guide

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JBL S412PII Monster Home Theater Speakers User Guide



Proper placement of the speakers is an important step in obtaining the most realistic sound stage possible. These recommendations are for the optimal placement of the loudspeakers. Use them as a guide.  To insert the spikes, gently lay the speaker on its side (not its front or back) on a soft, nonabrasive surface. Each spike screws into the threaded insert in the center of each rubber foot.

CAUTION: Floor standing (tower) loudspeakers have a high center of gravity and may become unstable if rocked, tipped or improperly positioned.  Customer is responsible for proper installation and proper selection of hardware.





Speakers and electronics terminals have corresponding (+) and (–) terminals.  Wiring “out of phase” results in thin sound, weak bass and a poor stereo image.  The hole in the center .


Your S412PII speakers should be connected to your receiver in two ways  in order to achieve the best performance, especially when listening to program material recorded in digital formats, such as Dolby* Digital and DTS.® Connect the left-front and right-front speaker terminals on your receiver or amplifier to the 5-way binding posts on the back of each S412PII speaker. Remember to maintain the correct polarities (“+” to “+” and “–” to “–”). The S412PII uses a red binding post for “+” and black for “–”. These connections will provide full-range sound to all four transducers, and you should ALWAYS make these connections.JBL-S412PII-Monster-Home-Theater-Speakers-User-Guide-Image-4


The LFE channel contains additional low-frequency information not found in the left- and right-front channels. The LFE input works with the full-range speaker-level input to provide the dynamics and effects that your favorite filmmakers intended. You will need to use a Y-Connector (not included) with one male connector and two female connectors to connect the line-level subwoofer output on your receiver/amplifier to the LFE/Subwoofer inputs on the S412PII speakers. Plug the male connector into the subwoofer output on your receiver or amplifier, and connect each of the two female connectors to extension RCA patch cords.  If your receiver has separate left and right line-level subwoofer (or LFE) output jacks, you do not need to use a Y-Connector.



If there is no sound from any of the speakers:

  • Check that receiver/amplifier is on and that a source is playing.
  •  Review proper operation of your receiver/amplifier. If there is no sound coming from one speaker:
  •  Check the “Balance” control on your receiver/amplifier.
  • Check all wires and connections between receiver/ amplifier and speakers.
  •   Make sure none of cut or punctured.
  • Make sure no wires are touching other wires or terminals and creating a short circuit.
  •  Check all wires and connections between receiver/ amplifier and speakers.


Maximum Recommended
Amplifier Power:**                                    250 W
Powered Subwoofer
Amplifier Output:                                           200 W
Nominal Impedance:                                     8 Ohms
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m):                                 92 dB
Frequency Response (–3dB):                      32 Hz – 20kHz
Crossover Frequencies:                                250Hz, 700Hz, 3500Hz
High-Frequency Transducer:                     1″ Pure-titanium dome, with rubber surround, shielded; Elliptical                                                                                           Oblate Spheroidal™ (EOS) wave guide
Mid range Transducer:                                 4″ PolyPlas™ (polymer-coated cellulose fiber) cone, rubber surround,                                                                                       shielded; Linear Field Proximity™ (LFP) bezel
Mid bass Transducer:                                     6″ PolyPlas™ (polymer-coated cellulose fiber) cone, rubber
surround, shielded
Dimensions (H x W x D):                              44″ x 14-3/4″ x 16-1/16″ (17″ with grille) 1118mm x 375mm x 408mm                                                                                              (432mm with grille)
Weight (per speaker):                                           100 lb (45.5kg)


JBL S412PII Monster Home Theater Speakers User Guide



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