JYX 66BT Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker User Manual

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JYX 66BT JYX 66BT Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker

JYX 66BT Karaoke Bluetooth Speaker User Manual

Package includes in JYX 66BT Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker

  • Speaker system* 1PC
  • Wireless microphone * 2PC
  • Charging cable * 1PC
  • User manual * 1PC
  • Remote control* 1PC
  • 3.55 mm audio cable* 1PC
  • Adjustable shoulder strap* 1PC

Image Description


  1. Master: Main volume control knob
  2. Number Key: Press to switch to the program with the corresponding serial number
  3. Previous: Short press to switch to the last program; long press to fast backward.
  4. Reverb: Adjust reverb.
  5. Play/Pause: Short press to play/pause; In radio mode,long press for automatic radio station search; In bluetooth mode,long press for TWS(only valid for the same model)
  6. Next: Short press to switch to the next program; long press to fast forward.
  7. Bass: Adjust bass sound.
  8. REC: Long press to record audio,during this process, short press to stop recording.When there is a recording file in the storage device,short press is to play the recording file.(The recording function is only available when a storage device is plugged in)
  9. Mode: short press to switch between bluetooth,flash card,TF card and FM radio.When bluetooth has already connected,long press to disconnect.
  10. Treble: Adjust treble sound
  11. MIC VOL: Adjust microphone volume
  12. MIC Priority:When use microphone while playing audio, press this button to reduce the sound of the background audio
  13. Dynamic Microphone jack(6.35 mm)
  14. Condenser Microphone jack(3.55 mm)
  15. AUX IN Jack
  16. TF Card Port
  17. USB Port
  18. Charging Indicator Light
  19. 5V Charging Port
  20. Power
  21. Sound Receiver Hole

Bluetooth Connection in JYX 66BT Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker

  1. Turn on bluetooth on your mobile device.
  2. Press “Mode” key and switch the speaker to BT mode.
  3. Select “JYX-66BT” from available devices.(If JYX-66BT is unavailable,please switch back to Bluetooth mode and try again )

Transmit audio without Bluetooth by plug 3.5mm audio cable into AUX IN jack,the speaker will play the audio from input device automatically.

USB and TF Input
When insert USB or TF card into speaker,the speaker will play the audio from USB/TF card automatically.

FM Radio

  1. Pull out the antenna on the top of speaker.
  2. Press “Mode” key to switch to radio station.
  3. Long press “Play/Pause” key to search and save more available stations automatically.
  4. The station searching completed when it no longer switch automatically.
  5. Press “Next” or “Previous” to select your own station.


  1. Plug in a TF card or flash card
  2. Long press “REC” to start recording,short press to end recording.
  3. Short press “REC” again to play the recording audio.

TWS Function

To use this feature,two JYX-66BT systems are required.

  1. Turn on the two JYX-66BT and turn them both into Bluetooth mode.Two machines will flash “BLUE” on screen.
  2. Long press the “PLAY/PAUSE” button of either of the two machines(Only need to press one button),the other machine will make a prompt tone and stop flashing. TWS function will be activated by then.
  3. Connect your device with the speaker and play music.
  4. Long press “PLAY/PAUSE” button again to inactivate TWS function.

Remote control


  1. Silent: press to Silent ON,press again to Silent OFF.
  2. Mode: Press to switch the system between USB,TF card,Radio station,AUX IN and Bluetooth modes.
  3. BT: Press to switch to Bluetooth mode in any working state.
  4. Play/Pause: When in USB/TF card mode,short press to play/pause the program,long press to repeat.When FM works,short press to silent ON,long press is for searching radio stations.
  5. Next.
  6. REC
  7. Digital keys: Press to play the program with the corresponding serial number.
  8. Repeat: Press for single loop and list loop.
  9. Vol+
  10. PREV.
  11. Vol
  12. REC Play: Press to play the recording file.

Wireless microphone in JYX 66BT Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker


Instructions for Microphone Operation

Notes:The microphone included in the package will be automatically connected to the speaker system when it’s turned on without additional operation.

Product Parameters

  • Model: JYX-65BT
  • Speaker size: 6.5 inch bass + 2 inch treble
  • RMS: 15W
  • Input voltage: 5V


  • The system can not start up.
    Charging the built-in battery; Check if the adapter is connected securely.
  • The system provides no sound.
    Check if the system is power on. Adjust the volume.
  • The Bluetooth connection is not available.
    Move your device closer to the system. Check to see if the Bluetooth is engaged.
  • Unable to connect two system with TWS feature.
    Make sure the two systems are within one meter of each other.
  • Reset the system.
  • If the system does not respond to any operations,long press “Power” key for 8 seconds to reset the system.



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