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Kwikset Smart Lock Reset Latest Method 2024

Kwikset Smart Lock Reset Quick Start Guide

Whenever you encounter a situation where your Kwikset Smart Lock is out of order, you surely think about its resetting because it’s time for the Kwikset Smart Lock Reset. Understand the need of the hour and come to our manual guide, through which you can find all the methods and procedures for the Kwikset Smart Lock Reset. Let’s start!

Smart Lock Reset Method

1st step: First of all, unplug the lock from the power source.

2nd step: At the back of the lock, there is a “Reset Button.”  Find this button and press it with the help of a needle or paperclip.

3rd step: Hold the “Reset Button” firmly and plug the lock into its power source again.

4th step: Press the reset button until the LED light of the lock flashes.

5th step: After seeing the flashing light of the lock, release the reset button. The Kwikset Smart Lock has been reset and is working properly for your use. Try it.

Understanding Kwikset Smart Lock System

As you read about the step-by-step instructions for Kwikset Smart Lock Reset, you have a clear idea that these rules can help you repair or reset your Smart Lock, but there are some features and specifications about Smart Lock Reset that should be in your knowledge before starting the reset procedure. Let’s have a look!

  • First, make sure that the door is unlocked and open.
  • Before deleting any associated data, including access codes, you must reset all data in Smart Lock so that it may recover after completion of the resetting procedure.
  • Make sure that this is the last resort.
  • A signal will appear in the form of a red flashlight with a beep in the Kwikset Smart Lock, in case you do not wake up again.
  • There are two choices for you: you may adopt the factory reset option or it may be done through a program button present on the model, but for the later one, you will need a needle, paperclip, or any tool.
  • You are shown at least four indicators of a successful Kwikset Smart Lock Reset. These indicators may be green or red flashing lights, or in the case of resetting the deadbolt Smart Lock, you will hear three long beeps.
  • Just keep an eye on the resetting system until success is confirmed.
  • The door will automatically return to its original position after resetting the factory and latch bolt.
  • Just press and hold the program button for a few seconds to reinsert the battery.
  • But don’t panic. Wait for at least twenty-five to thirty seconds by holding the button down until the lock beeps or the LED light flashes.

kwikset smart lock reset

Kwikset Smart Lock Codes Reset

For this purpose, a specific default programming code (O-O-0) is used, but before starting the procedure, make sure that the door is unlocked; otherwise, you will indulge in an inappropriate situation. Now hold down the reset button and wait for three long beeps.

It is a well-known fact that the Kwikset Smart Lock has enabled you to leave your house without the bother of carrying keys with you. This smart lock helps you get access to your home without using any keys, but the matter of discussion here is the setting of new user codes for your guests. Both traditional and touch-screen Kwikset Smart Locks need code management. To understand this process, read the instructions jotted down below:

  1. Start by removing the battery cover to open the interior lock system.
  2. Now, unscrew the security screws present at the edge.
  3. Now replace the damaged part with the help of a standard, high-quality wrench or screwdriver.
  4. You can easily program a new setup and delete the old one.
  5. Now you need a master code of 4 to 8 digits in length. But keep in mind that it should not be the same as a user code.
  6. Always select the codes that are difficult to guess for others.

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In conclusion, the Kwikset Smart Lock Reset is a convenient and time-saving procedure because we always prioritize your convenience and feasibility. You can use our Smart Locks Reset without any hesitation to get into your home or leave it without the hassle of carrying keys with you. 

Last but not least, the master code “0” is a default, so always change it before encoding.

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