Lazle GBF-1620-A Glass Body Analyzer User Manual


Lazle GBF-1620-A Glass Body Analyzer User Manual



Knowledge of the warning signs and symbols is crucial to the safe and proper use of this device. Kindly get informed on the following signs and symbols which you might encounter within this manual or on the label:



The Glass Body Analyzer GBS-1620-A is a delicate, trendy, easy-to-use device that uses Sense-On Technology. Thus, it automatically powers on once you step on the scale.

Your Scale and Its Environment

To ensure your safety as well as the service life of your scale, please avoid using the scale under the following circumstances:

  • Slippery floor such as tile floor
  • Jumping onto the platform immediately after bath or with wet feet
  • Near a cell phone or microwave oven

Avoid storage in the following locations:

  • Where there is water
  • Where the device may be exposed to extreme temperatures, humidity, moisture, direct sunlight, dust, or salt air
  • Where there is risk of shock or drop
  • Where you store chemicals or full of corrosive gases
  • Where in reach of the infants or children

Efficient Use of Your Scale

To ensure the accuracy of measurement, please follow below instructions when you start measurement.

  • Place the scale on a flat, hard surface. Soft surface such as carpet will affect the performance of the scale.
  • Start measurement at least two hours after Getting up or Dinning.
  • Avoid measurement immediately after strenuous exercise, sauna or bath, drinking, and dinning.
  • Always start measurement in the same time slot and on the same scale located on the same flat, hard surface.
  • In order to ensure the accuracy of weighing, when you moved the scale or haven’t used the scale for a long time, please turn on the scale first, wait until it turns off, then you can stand on the platform again and measure your weight.
  • When you don’t use the scale, please place it stable. Do not put anything on it.
  • It is intended for use in the domestic setting only.
  • Any information provided by this scale is in no way meant to treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness from happening. If in doubt, contact your physician.

Product Outline


Function Outline

“Unit” Button: This is for setting the desired weight measurement units from the available options and switching on the device.

In-box Content

  1. x1 Glass Body Scale GBS-1620-A
  2. x1 3V CR2032 Battery
  3. x1 User Manual




Preparing Your Body Analyzer


  • Open the battery compartment on the underside of the scale.
  • Take off the insulating strip in the direction as indicated by the illustration.
  • Close the battery compartment.
  • Wait until the digits “0.00kg” are displayed on the LCD screen.



  • Open the battery compartment on the underside of the scale.
  • Correctly – in the right polarities, insert the new battery (x1 CR2032) into the battery compartment.
  • The LCD screen should light up (with the value 8888) once the new battery is properly installed.
  • Close the battery compartment and wait until the digits “0.00kg” are displayed on the LCD screen.



When the “Lo” symbol appears, it is indicative of a low battery. The device will power off automatically after 4 seconds if the battery is drained. Worn batteries are hazardous waste. Do NOT dispose of them with household garbage. Kindly refer to local ordinances and regulations on the disposal of worn batteries and scrap devices. If this device will not be in use for a prolonged period, kindly take out the battery before storing the scale in a cool, dry place.

Start Measuring

Selecting a Measurement Unit

With the battery correctly installed, press the “Unit” button on the underside of the scale to select the desired measurement unit; either pound, kilogram, or stone. The default measurement unit is the kilogram (kg).



Note: The scale should be placed on a flat, hard surface. Wait a few minutes after switching on the device, per the instructions below. After 10 seconds of inactivity, the device will power off.

Initializing Your Scale

On the first use and every time the scale is moved to a new platform/environment, it will need to be initialized/re-initialized to ensure accurate measurement. Take the following steps to initialize the scale:


  • Place the scale on a flat, hard surface.
  • Press down with your feet on the center of the platform and take off your feet. Or, press the “Unit” button to turn on the scale.
  • The LCD screen should display “0.0”
  • Once the screen powers off, initialization is complete, and the scale is ready for use.

From this point, simply step and position yourself correctly on the scale to take measurements.


  • Position the scale on a flat, hard surface.
  • Gently step on the scale and stand still until the measurement is complete. This is indicated by the displayed values blinking twice, after which the reading is locked.


You can now step off the scale. The measurement will remain displayed on the screen for 10 seconds, after which the device will power off.

Note: After 10 seconds of inactivity, the device will power off.

Error Prompt




About the Accuracy of This Product

  • This product passes strict inspection before delivery and therefore its accuracy is guaranteed by the manufacturer. Please refer to the above table for the descriptions on accuracy.
  • This product is specially designed for body scale as well as weight measurement. It should NOT be used by anyone during the process of transaction for verification of goods’ weight.



This product passes through strict inspection before manufacturing and distribution. Its accuracy is, therefore, guaranteed by the manufacturer. Please refer to the table above for the accuracy details. The GBS-1620-A body scale is designed solely for bodyweight measurement. It should NOT be used by anyone during transaction processes for the verification of goods’ weight.


  • Always clean the device exterior with a soft, slightly damp cloth. To remove stains, use a mild soap. Wipe the device with a clean, dry cloth after wet cleaning.
  • Always use a clean, dry, soft cloth to wipe off dust.
  • Do NOT use detergents, propellants, treated clothes, harsh cleaning agents, or sprays on or in this device.
  • Do not immerse or submerge this device or its parts in water or any liquid.
  • Kindly treat this scale with utmost care.
  • Do not jump on, drop suddenly, or kick the scale to avoid damaging its performance level.
  • Do not store the scale in the same room as cleaning chemicals or other household products that emit vapors that might affect the electronic components of the scale.
  • Do NOT attempt to lubricate, disassemble or open up this scale. This will void your warranty. Kindly contact Transtek for after-sales services.
  • Do NOT dispose of batteries in a fire. Batteries may explode or leak.
  • Always uninstall the batteries if the device will not be inactive for prolonged periods.


  • This product is covered by a two-year warranty from the initial purchase date.
  • This warranty does NOT cover damages from misuse or negligence; including but not limited to:
  • Damages from unauthorized repairs or modifications.
  • Damages from careless handling of this product, during or after transportation.
  • Damages due to noncompliance with the operation manual-stipulated instructions.
  • Malfunction or damages from failure to provide the recommended maintenance.
  • Damages from improper use of power supply.

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  • EXPLOSION RISK if the device battery is replaced with an incorrect type.
  • Dispose of used batteries according to stipulated regulations.
  • Disposing of a battery in a fire or hot oven, or mechanically crushing or cutting one can result in an explosion.
  • Keeping a battery in an extremely high-temperature environment may cause an explosion or leakage of flammable liquid or gas.
  • Keeping a battery in an extremely low air pressure environment may cause an explosion or leakage of flammable liquid or gas.


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