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Levoit LUH-A602S Smart Hybrid Humidifier Manual

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Levoit LUH-A602S Smart Hybrid Humidifier Manual

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Power SupplyAC 120V, 60Hz
Rated Power280W
Water Tank Capacity1.58 gal / 6 L
Max Cool Mist Output300 mL/h
Max Warm Mist Output550 mL/h
Max Run Time50 hours on low mist setting

Note: The humidifier may run for a longer or shorter time depending on the environmental temperature and humidity.

Noise LevelLowest: < 28dB (Low Cool Mist)

Highest: < 40 dB (High Warm Mist)

Effective Range430–753 ft² / 40–70 m²
Dimensions11.6 x 7.7 x 11.3 in /

29.4 x 19.5 x 28.8 cm

Weight6 lb / 2.7 kg

 Package Contents

  • 1 x Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier
  • 3 x Aroma Pad (1 Pre-Installed)
  • 3 x Absorption Pad (1 Pre-Installed)
  • 2 x Water Filter Sponges (1 Pre-Installed)
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide

To access additional smart humidifier functions, download the free VeSync app.


General Safety

  • Only use the humidifier as described in this manual.
  • Place the humidifier and cord so that it will not be knocked over. Do not place near large pieces of furniture or in high-traffic areas.
  • When not in use, turn the humidifier off and disconnect from power by removing the plug from the outlet.
  • Do not use the humidifier in wet environments.
  • Keep the humidifier out of reach of children.
  • Do not open the base or remove the water level sensor for self-servicing.
  • Always unplug your humidifier from the power outlet before cleaning your humidifier or detaching the water tank from the humidifier base.
  • Always make sure to place the humidifier on a flat, level surface before operation.
  • Only fill the water tank with clean water. Never fill the water tank with any other liquids.
  • Do not place the humidifier near sources of heat, such as stovetops, ovens, or radiators.
  • Do not place the humidifier directly on floors, carpets, or rugs.
  • Do not use other items as replacement parts for this product.
  • Do not cover the nozzle while the humidifier is on. Doing so may damage the humidifier.
  • Remove the water tank from the base before moving the humidifier.
  • Do not immerse the humidifier base, power cord, or plug in water.
  • If the humidifier is damaged or is not functioning properly, stop using it and contact Customer Support immediately

Power & Cord

  • Ensure that the plug fits properly into a polarized socket.
  • Do not handle the power cord or plug with wet hands. Keep the plug and power cord away from liquids.
  • Your humidifier has a polarized plug (one prong is wider than the other), which fits into a polarized outlet only one way. This is a safety feature to reduce the risk of electric shock. If the plug does not fit, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, do not use the plugin that outlet. Do not bypass this safety feature.
  • If the power supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by Arovast Corporation or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid an electric or fire hazard. Please contact Customer Support.
  • Unplugging the power cord will disable the remote control of the humidifier and temporarily disconnect the humidifier from VeSync and other third-party apps.

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)
This humidifier complies with all standards regarding electromagnetic fields (EMF). If handled properly and according to the instructions in this user manual, the appliance is safe to use based on scientific evidence available today.


Function Diagram

Levoit LUH-A602S Smart Hybrid Humidifier Manual fig 1

  • A. Nozzles
  • B. Top Cover
  • C. Handle
  • D. Water Tank
  • E. Water Filter
  • F. Water Filter Sponge
  • G. Base
  • H. LED Display
  • I. Control Panel
  • J. Aroma Box
  • K. Aroma Pad
  • L. Humidity Sensor
    (In Aroma Box Compartment)
  • M. Mist Tube
  • N. Mist Channel
  • O. Noise Silencer
  • P. Absorption Pad
  • Q. Air Outlet
  • R. Float Brackets
  • S. Inner Chamber
  • T. Power Cord
  • U. Water Outlet Valve
  • V. Heating Element
  • W. Transducer
  • X. Float

Levoit LUH-A602S Smart Hybrid Humidifier Manual fig 2


  • A. Sleep Mode Indicator
  • B. Timer Indicator
  • C. Wi-Fi® Indicator
  • D. No Water Indicator
  • E. Relative Humidity (RH) Percentage
  • F. Warm Mist Setting Indicator
  • G. Mist Level Indicator


  • H. On/Off Button
  • I. Mist Level Button
  • J. Humidity Level Button
  • K. Timer Button
  • L. Warm Mist Button
  • M. Sleep Mode Button


Note: You can also control these functions using the VeSync app, as well as additional functions

Levoit Classic 300S Smart Humidifier User Manual fig 3Power Button

  • Press to turn the humidifier on/off.
  • Press and hold for 5 seconds to pair with the VeSync app. See the VeSync in-app instructions for more information.
  • Press and hold for 15 seconds to reset the humidifier. This will restore the humidifier’s default settings and disconnect it from Wi-Fi® and the VeSync app.

Levoit Classic 300S Smart Humidifier User Manual fig 4

Mist Level Button

  • Press repeatedly (or press and hold) to cycle through mist level settings: Auto Mode, Low, Medium, and High.
  • Press during Sleep Mode to turn Sleep Mode off. The humidifier will keep misting on Auto Mode.

Levoit Classic 300S Smart Humidifier User Manual fig 5Sleep Mode Button

  • Press to turn on Sleep Mode.

No Water Indicator

  • Blinks when there is no water in the tank. After this indicator blinks 10 times, the humidifier will turn off. Refill the tank and properly place it on the base to use your humidifier.
  • Lights up when the water tank is removed. Remains on until the tank is replaced.


Levoit LUH-A602S Smart Hybrid Humidifier Manual fig 3

  1. Remove all packaging.
  2. Clean the water tank and water tank cover before first use.
    Note: Check to make sure that the water filter is correctly in place. If not, then rotate the filter clockwise to secure it in place.
  3. Choose a hard, flat location for the humidifier at least 12 inches / 30 cm away from any walls. The surface must be water-resistant.
  4. The mist should be directed away from walls, furniture, bedding, and appliances. Avoid letting too much mist fall on the side of the humidifier with the aroma box, as this may interfere with the sensor inside the aroma box.
    Note: The humidity sensor and an air inlet are both located inside the aroma box. Placing the humidifier away from walls will also ensure that the inlet and sensor function properly.

Filling & Refilling

Note: Make sure the water tank is clean before filling.

  1. Remove the water tank cover by holding the nozzle and pulling it upward.
  2. Use the handles to remove the tank from the base. Fill the tank with room-temperature water. Do not fill with hot water.
    • We recommend using purified water to fill the tank.
    • Using tap water may result in white dust (dried minerals) on surfaces.
  3. Replace the water tank cover and place the tank back on the base.
    Levoit LUH-A602S Smart Hybrid Humidifier Manual fig 4

VeSync App Setup

The VeSync app is continually being improved and may change over time. If there are any differences, follow the in-app instructions.

  1. To download the VeSync app, scan the QR code or search “VeS
    sync” in the Apple App Store® or Google Play Store.
    Note: For Android™ users, choose “Allow” to use VeSync.
    Cosori Dual Blaze 6.8-Quart Smart Air Fryer Manual FIG 1
  2. Open the VeSync app. If you already have an account, tap login. To create a new account, tap Sign Up.
    Note: You must create your own VeSync account to use third-party services and products. These will not work with a guest account. With a VeSync account, you can also allow your family and friends to control your smart air fryer.
    Note: The VeSync app is continually updated and app features will expand. Note: The VeSync app is continually being improved and may change over time. If there are any differences, follow the in-app instructions. The VeSync app allows you to access additional smart air fryer functions, including those listed below. Note: For Android™ users, choose “Allow” to use VeSync. 2. Open the VeSync app. If you already have an account, tap login. To create a new account, tap Sign Up.
  3. Tap + and select your smart air fryer.
  4. Follow the in-app instructions to set up your smart air fryer.

Wi-Fi Connection:

  • To disconnect Wi-Fi, press and hold the On/Off button for 15 seconds until the Wi-Fi indicator turns off. This will restore the smart air purifier’s default settings and disconnect it from the VeSync app.
  • To reconnect, please follow the instructions in the VeSync app for adding a device.


Auto Mode
Auto Mode uses the humidifier’s sensor to automatically adjust the mist level (or turn it off) to maintain a comfortable and healthy level of humidity.

  • Auto Mode automatically adjusts the mist level to maintain 40–50% relative humidity. You can change the target humidity level in the VeSync app.
  • By default, Auto Mode uses Automatic Stop. The humidifier will stop misting when the highest target humidity level is reached. If the humidity drops below the target humidity level, the humidifier will begin misting again.
    • If Auto Mode is selected when the humidity is higher than the target humidity range, the humidifier will not start misting until the humidity lowers.
  • In the VeSync app, you can turn Automatic Stop on/off. If Automatic Stop is off, the humidifier will keep running on a Low mist level when the highest target humidity level is reached.

VeSync App Features

The VeSync app allows you to access additional smart air fryer functions, including those listed below.

Remote Control 

  • Turn the humidifier on/off from your phone.
  • Cycle through mist levels and turn on/off Auto Mode and Sleep Mode from your phone.
  • Turn the display lights and night light on/off from your phone.
  • Customize Auto Mode settings like target humidity and auto-off.

Monitor Humidity Levels 

  • Check current humidity levels in the humidifier’s environment.

Set Timers & Schedules

  • Program individual timers or create a schedule for your smart humidifier.

Third-Party Voice Control

  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant™ for voice commands.

Note: The VeSync app is continually updated and app features will expand.

Using the Aroma Box
Your humidifier can be used for aromatherapy.

Levoit LUH-A602S Smart Hybrid Humidifier Manual fig 5

  1. Push the aroma box at the back of the base and pull it out. [Figures 3.3]
  2. Put 8–10 drops of essential oils on the aroma pad. [Figure 3.4]
  3. Place the aroma box back into the humidifier.
  4. Turn on the humidifier. The humidifier will automatically diffuse aroma when used.


Levoit LUH-A602S Smart Hybrid Humidifier Manual fig 6

  • Do not add essential oils, water treatment liquids, or third-party water filters into the water tank or base chamber. Only add essential oils to the aroma pad. [Figure 3.5]
  • The aroma pads can be cleaned and reused after diffusing essential oils.
  • This humidifier uses a small heat-based aroma diffuser. The aroma is intended to be light.

Levoit LUH-A602S Smart Hybrid Humidifier Manual fig 7


Important Tips

Your humidifier must have the correct level of water in the base chamber to work properly. If there is too much water in the base chamber, the humidifier cannot create mist.

Levoit Classic 300S Smart Humidifier User Manual fig 16

  • Never pour water directly into the base chamber. [Figure 3.4] Only add water to the water tank. The humidifier will automatically release the correct amount of water into the base chamber.
  • Avoid moving or shaking the humidifier. [Figure 3.5] This may cause the water tank to release too much water into the base chamber.
  • Before moving the humidifier, turn it off, unplug it, and remove the water tank.
  • If your humidifier doesn’t produce mist correctly, check the max water line to see if there is too much water in the base chamber. Pour out extra water if water is over the max line. [Figure 3.6]
    Levoit Classic 300S Smart Humidifier User Manual fig 17
    Note: The max water line is only for this purpose. Do not pour water into the base chamber.
    Levoit Classic 300S Smart Humidifier User Manual fig 18



  • All maintenance should be done on a water-resistant surface, such as a kitchen counter.
  • Change the water daily to avoid bacteria growth.
  • Use a tissue or cloth to clean the nozzles regularly.
  • If not using the humidifier for 1 week or longer, do not leave water inside. Clean and dry the humidifier instead.

You should clean your humidifier every week, and when you’re ready to store it.

Cleaning the Aroma Pad & Absorption Pad

  1. Pull out the aroma box and remove the aroma pad. [Figure 5.7]
  2. Remove the noise silencer, then remove the absorption pad from on top of the heating element. [Figure 5.8]
  3. Rinse the pads under warm, running water.
  4. Dry the pads with a clean cloth.
  5. Place the aroma pad back into the aroma box.
  6. Place the absorption pad back into the base.

Do not use liquid cleaners or detergents to clean the pads or any other part of the humidifier.

Levoit LUH-A602S Smart Hybrid Humidifier Manual fig 8

Levoit LUH-A602S Smart Hybrid Humidifier Manual fig 9

Replacing the Aroma Pad & Absorption Pad
If the aroma pad or absorption pad is stiff even after cleaning, then it needs to be replaced. Extra pads are included with the humidifier. To maintain the performance of your humidifier, only use official Levoit aroma pads and absorption pads. For more information, contact.


Levoit LUH-A602S Smart Hybrid Humidifier Manual fig 10

  1. Place the float back into the base chamber: [Figure 5.9]
    • Make sure the correct side of the float is facing up.
    • Insert the smaller prong into the closed side of the float brackets.
    • Place the larger prong into the open (U-shaped) side of the float brackets.
      Levoit LUH-A602S Smart Hybrid Humidifier Manual fig 11
  2. Place the absorption pad and the noise silencer back over the heating element. [Figure 5.10]
  3. Screw the mist tube back onto the mist channel by twisting the tube clockwise. Place securely into place back over the base chamber. [Figure 5.10]
    Levoit LUH-A602S Smart Hybrid Humidifier Manual fig 12
  4. Place the outer water outlet valve back onto the tank by rotating it. [Figure 5.11]
  5. Make sure the water filter sponge is securely placed inside the water filter. Place the water filter back into the tank and rotate it clockwise to secure it in place. [Figure 5.12]
  6. Refill the tank, if necessary. Place the tank properly on the base and place the tank cover on the water tank.
    Levoit LUH-A602S Smart Hybrid Humidifier Manual fig 13

Follow the cleaning instructions (see page 16) and allow all parts to dry completely before storing. Store in a cool, dry location.


ProblemPossible Solution
Humidifier doesn’t turn on, or turns off unexpectedly.Plug the humidifier into a working outlet and turn it on.
Add purified water to the water tank.
Little or no mist comes out.Turn the mist level to a higher setting.
Fill the water tank.
There may be too much water in the base chamber. Empty the base chamber. Refill the water tank (not the base chamber) and place the water tank properly onto the base.
Make sure the air inlets on the bottom of the base and in the aroma box are not blocked. The humidifier should not be set on carpet or other surfaces that may block the air inlets.
Clean the humidifier (see Care & Maintenance, page 16). Make sure the nozzles are not blocked or clogged.
Make sure the humidifier is on a level surface.
If the water tank or base was washed with detergent, rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove any detergent.
Clean the water filter (see page 16) or replace the water filter sponge

with a new one. One replacement water filter sponge is included with this humidifier. For information on additional replacements, contact Customer Support (see page 27).

Humidifier uses water too quickly.The humidifier uses up water based on the environmental temperature and humidity. If your environment is cold and/or dry, the humidifier will run out of water faster.
Using the warm mist function will use up water faster.
Humidifier produces an unusual smell.If the humidifier is new, unplug and rinse all parts, then place in a cool, dry place for 12 hours.
If essential oils were placed on the aroma pad, rinse the pad under clean water and allow it to dry.
Clean the humidifier (see Care & Maintenance, page 16).
ProblemPossible Solution
Humidifier makes a loud or unusual noise.Make sure the water tank is properly in place (see Getting Started, page 8).
Set mist level to a lower setting.
Empty the base chamber. Refill the water tank (not the base chamber) and place the water tank properly onto the base.

When using the warm mist function, the heating element may make a gurgling noise if the water level is low. Add more water to the water tank.

The humidifier may be malfunctioning. Stop using the humidifier and contact Customer Support (see page 27).
Mist leaks from the base.Make sure the water tank is properly in place (see Getting Started, page 8).
White dust appears around or in the humidifier. 

We recommend using purified to fill the humidifier. Avoid using water with high mineral content, such as tap water.

Clean the humidifier (see Care & Maintenance, page 16).
Water visibly leaks from the humidifier.Avoid running the humidifier in a room with over 60% relative humidity.
Wipe any excess water off the top and bottom of the base.
Do not shake the humidifier.
Make sure to place the humidifier on a flat, level surface.
Check the water tank for leaks. If there are leaks, contact Customer Support (see page 27).
The area around the humidifier is damp or wet from condensation.Humidity may be too high. Turn down the mist level, turn off the humidifier, or open a door or window to the room.
Open a window to ensure proper airflow for the humidifier, or move the humidifier to a more well-ventilated room.
Make sure the water tank is properly in place (see Getting Started, page 8).
When replacing the water tank, wipe off excess water from the water tank and base.
ProblemPossible Solution
Mist is not warm after pressing. 

Allow the humidifier to heat up for about 15 minutes to produce a warm mist.

Clean the heating element (see Care & Maintenance, page 16).
The mist is warm on the cool mist setting.The heating element may still be warm after being used for warm mist. Allow the heating element to cool for at least 30 minutes.
Mold grows inside the humidifier.Clean the water tank and base chamber regularly (see Care & Maintenance, page 16).
 lights up red.Fill the water tank.
Place the water tank properly on the base.
Clean the water filter (see page 16) or replace it with a new one. To request a new water filter, contact Customer Support (see page 27).
Essential oil has little or no smell. 

Add more essential oil. For best results, use pure essential oil.

Display shows an incorrect humidity percentage.The room may be larger than the humidifier’s effective range. Move to a room smaller than 430–753 ft² / 40–70 m².
Moisture may have built up inside the humidity sensor. Make sure the nozzles are facing away from the aroma box so that mist does not settle on the sensor inside the aroma box (see diagram in Getting To Know Your Smart Humidifier, page 5). Turn off the humidifier, remove the aroma

box, and allow the sensor to air dry.

If the humidifier is placed within 12 inches / 30 cm of a wall or in a corner, the humidity sensor cannot provide a proper reading for the relative humidity in the room.
The humidity sensor will give an improper reading if it is exposed to dust. Avoid using the humidifier in dusty rooms. Avoid using tap water in the humidifier, as this can increase dust in the air.
The humidity level isn’t changing in my room. 

Use a higher mist level setting.

Depending on your environment, the humidifier may take longer to humidify your air.
The room may be larger than the humidifier’s effective range. If the room is larger than 430–753 ft² / 40–70 m², the humidifier will not be as effective.
Display shows Error Code “E1”, “E2”, “E3”, “E4”, or “E6”. 

The humidifier is malfunctioning. Contact Customer Support (see page page 27).



My smart air purifier isn’t connecting to the VeSync app.

  • Make sure your phone has Bluetooth® turned on and is not currently connected to another Bluetooth device.
  • During the setup process, you must be on a secure 2.4GHz Wi-Fi® network. Confirm that the network is working correctly.
  • Try moving your air purifier closer to the router. Your phone should be as close as possible to your air purifier.
  • Your router may need to be at a higher location, away from obstructions.
  • Make sure your air purifier and router are away from appliances (such as microwave ovens, refrigerators, electronic devices, etc.) to avoid signal interference.
  • If you’re using a VPN, make sure it’s turned off while setting up your air purifier.
  • Disable portal authentication for your Wi-Fi network. If portal authentication is enabled, the air purifier will not be able to access your Wi-Fi network, and the setup will fail.

The VeSync app is displaying an incorrect humidity percentage while the humidifier is turned on.

  • The room may be larger than the humidifier’s effective range. Move to a room smaller than 505 ft² / 47 m².
  • Moisture may have built up inside the humidity sensor. Turn off the humidifier and allow the sensor to air dry. Make sure the nozzle is facing away from the sensor so that mist does not settle on the sensor.

This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:

  1. This device may not cause harmful interference, and
  2.  This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures:

  • Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
  • Increase the separation between the equipment and the receiver.
  • Connect the equipment to an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.
  • Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.


Product NameLevoit VeSync Core™ 600S Smart True HEPA Air Purifier
For your own reference, we strongly recommend that you record your order ID and date of purchase.
Date of Purchase
Order ID


Terms & Policy
Arovast Corporation (“Arovast”) warrants this product to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship, under normal use and conditions, for a period of 2 years from the date of original purchase. Arovast agrees, at our option during the warranty period, to repair any defect in material or workmanship or furnish an equal product in exchange without charge, subject to verification of the defect or malfunction and proof of the date of purchase.

There is no other express warranty. This warranty does not apply:
  • If the product has been modified from its original condition;
  • If the product has not been used in accordance with directions and instructions in the user manual;
  • To damages or defects caused by accident, abuse, misuse, or improper or inadequate maintenance;
  • To damages or defects caused by service or repair of the product performed by an unauthorized service provider or by anyone other than Arovast;
  • To damages or defects occurring during commercial use, rental use, or any use for which the product is not intended;
  • To damages or defects exceeding the cost of the product.

Arovast will not be liable for indirect, incidental, or consequential damages in connection with the use of the product covered by this warranty. This warranty extends only to the original consumer purchaser of the product and is not transferable to any subsequent owner of the product regardless of whether the product is transferred during the specified term of the warranty.

This warranty does not extend to products purchased from unauthorized sellers. Arovast’s warranty extends only to products purchased from authorized sellers that are subject to Arovast’s quality controls and have agreed to follow its quality controls. All implied warranties are limited to the period of this limited warranty. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.



Levoit LUH-A602S Smart Hybrid Humidifier Manual

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