Lift Master Smart Garage Camera Owner Manual

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Lift Master Smart Garage Camera Owner Manual


For Indoor Use Only

Check Your View Before You Mount:

  • Power up the Smart Garage Camera™ in your chosen mounting area.
  • Smart Garage Camera™ is in reach of the included 10′ (3 m) Micro-USB cable and a power outlet.
  • Hold the camera at your chosen mounting area, free from visual and metal obstructions. Check your mobile device view shows what you want to see before you mount.
  • If using the magnetic mounting base screws for a surface mount, mark the surface area to install.
  • Power off the Smart Garage Camera™ by unplugging it to begin a surface mount.
What’s In the Box


Connect Your Smart Garage Camera™

Use the myQ® App, your mobile device, and your router to control your Smart Garage Camera™.
Before You Start:

  1.  Be sure your mobile device’s Wi-Fi® is on and displays a strong signal where the camera will sit.
  2.  Check that Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device.
  3.  Enable Location Services on your mobile device.
  4. Download the myQ® App.
    TIP: If you already have the myQ® App, confirm you have the latest version to optimize your myQ® experience.
  5. Create or sign in to your account.
  6. Add your Smart Garage Camera™ to your myQ® account.

Connecting To A New Router

NOTE: Use this information only if you are installing a home router for the first time or replacing a home router and you have an existing Smart Garage Camera™.

  1. After you install a home router, add your Smart Garage Camera™ to your myQ® account as a new device.
  2.  Tap your Smart Garage Camera™ | Gear icon , tap Settings and select your preferences.
Mount the Smart Garage Camera™

Items You May Need:

  •  Ladder
  • Philips Screw Driver
  • Drill and Drill Bit
  • Hammer

Choose from Options A or B:

Option A: Magnetically Set to Garage Door Opener


  •  Place the Smart Garage Camera™ magnetic mounting base on the garage door opener, with lens facing what you want to see.
    2. Wrap the cable around the mounting base.

Option B: Surface Mount

  1. Lift-Master-Smart-Garage-Camera-image-3Remove the magnetic mounting base from the Smart Garage Camera™.
  2. Position the magnetic mounting base at the desired installation surface.
  3.  Insert screws provided with drywall anchors, as needed.
  4. Reassemble the Smart Garage Camera™ over the magnetic mounting base.
  5. Position the Smart Garage Camera™ with lens facing what you want to see.

Set Up Additional Cameras

You can add multiple Smart Garage Cameras™.

  •  In myQ® App | Devices, click the Add icon + and add another camera.

TIP: Use the name of the room or location your camera will be mounted for easy identification.

Smart Garage Camera™ Default Settings
Your Smart Garage Camera™ comes with these default settings that can be customized to your preference in the myQ® App.

Resetting Your Camera to Factory Default Settings

  • Use a pin to hold the Reset Button on the camera head side for 15 seconds. The LED light turns off, and then blinks, indicating the camera is reset to factory default settings. See What’s In the Box on page 3 for more information.

How Your Smart Garage Camera Works

Each time your garage door opens or closes, the Smart Garage Camera™ records that motion event for as long as it detects motion. You can monitor live streaming activity in your garage from anywhere using your mobile device. With a video storage plan, you can watch past time-stamped motion events, and also download and share the motion event.

Watch Smart Garage Camera™ Live Streaming

  • From myQ® App, tap your camera, and the camera screen with your live streaming view displays.
View Motion Events

After you enable motion event recordings, your camera captures a recording, or motion event each time your garage door opens, closes, or motion is detected in front of the camera.

  1. From myQ® App, tap your camera and the camera screen with your live streaming view displays.
  2.  Tap View Motion Events. Past motion events display from newest to oldest.
  3. Tap the motion event you want to play. The video screen displays.
  4. Tap the Play icon.
  5. Tap the Back < arrow. The video displays “watched”.

NOTE: If you have multiple cameras, a badge displays with the first letter of each camera’s name to the right of the motion event.
To filter by camera name:

  1. Tap the filter icon on the top right corner.
  2.  Select the camera motion events you want to see.
  3. Tap the Back < arrow.

Push to Talk

Use your Smart Garage Camera™ speaker to talk to people in live streaming view.

  1. Tap the Speaker icon on.
  2.  Press and hold the Microphone icon to talk. The Microphone icon highlights and the message, “Speak into phone” displays. Stop pressing when you stop talking.
Updating Firmware

When your Smart Garage Camera™ displays that the firmware version “is out of date,” the Update Available button displays for you to upgrade new features and performance improvements.
To update firmware:

  1. Stand in front of your Smart Garage Camera™ to see the LED status and tap Update Available. The firmware updates and the LED status indicator is purple.
    NOTE: DO NOT unplug the camera during the update. It will be offline and not viewable during the update.
  2.  After 5 to 10 minutes, the status in your Camera Settings is “up to date.”
Enabling Motion Event Recordings

Motion events as stored video clips are accessible only when you have a Video Storage Plan. If you have not already done so, follow the App instructions to activate a plan.Tapping the View Motion Events button will also present a trial use of motion event recording for a limited time.To turn on your motion detected recordings in your garage:

  1.  From the myQ® App | your selected camera | Gear icon , tap Settings | Motion Detection.
  2.  Turn on Motion Recording.
  3. Slide Sensitivity level from lowest to highest for best recording definition.
  4. Tap the Back < arrow.

Setting Alerts
After you enable motion event recordings, you can set alerts.

  • Tap myQ® App | Alerts and follow the in-app instruction.
Deleting Your Smart Garage Camera

You can remove your Smart Garage Camera™ from your myQ® account, and add it back later.

  1.  Tap the Gear icon next to the camera you wish to delete.
  2.  Tap Delete Camera.
  3.  Tap Delete. The camera is removed from your Devices screen. Test the views of the other cameras in your account to assure they provide the view you need.

Managing Motion Events

Depending on your Video Storage Plan, you can:

  •  Download motion events to your mobile device’s storage
  •  Share motion events
  • Delete a single motion event at a time
  • Bulk delete all captured motion events, and
  • Mark as unwatched on select motion events.

Share Motion Event Recordings

  1.  From Camera | View Motion Events in myQ, tap the motion event you want to share.
  2. Tap the Options dots . Choose your method of sharing and follow myQ App.
  3. Tap the Share icon .
  4.  Choose your method of sharing and follow myQ® App.
Delete Motion Event Recordings

To delete a single motion event:

  1. From Camera | View Motion Events in myQ®, tap the motion event you want to delete.
  2. Tap the Options dots .
  3. Tap the single Delete icon .

To delete multiple motion events:

  1. From Camera | View Motion Events in myQ®, tap any motion event you want to delete.
  2. Tap the Options dots next to the motion event.
  3.  Tap the Bulk Delete icon . Tap your selection. “Are You Sure?” displays.
  4. Tap Yes.
  5. Tap the Back < arrow


Smart Garage Camera™ is not in the router list

  1.  Assure your camera is powered on. LED is solid green. See LED Status Indicators below.
  2.  Select your router and enter your router’s password. Your camera displays in the router. list, and you can set up. Or if not:
  3.  For firewalls, if you have a one router that supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz, the passwords for each may be different. Try either or both passwords to resolve.
  4. Move the Smart Garage Camera™ closer to your home router, recommended distance no more than 3 ‘.
Camera is offline

• Try unplugging and plugging in the power cord. The camera comes back online.See LED Status Indicators below for more information.

Motion Event recording is not displaying

  • Assure you have a Video Storage Plan and Motion Recording settings are On.
  • Motion event recordings are stored for the number of days your Video Storage Plan specifies. You can download motion event recordings to save video to your mobile device’s local storage.

Live streaming video is black and white

• When you turn Night Vision on manually during daylight, your recording displays in black and white. Set Night Vision to Auto for best performance.

One Year Limited Warranty

The Chamberlain Group, Inc. warrants to the first consumer purchaser of this product that it is free from defect in material and/or workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.

Software Agreement

Use of this product and the software embedded within the product are subject to the copyright notices, terms, and conditions accessible in the myQ® App. Open the App Menu and select Help, and then License and Terms of Use for more information.



Lift Master Smart Garage Camera Owner

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