Monster JHIU0144 VGA to HDMI With Audio Adapter User Guide


Monster JHIU0144 VGA to HDMI With Audio Adapter User Guide


The VGA to HDMI Adapter is a High Definition Video Converter which converts Analog PC VGA and Analog Audio (3.5 mm) Signal to Digital HDMI Signal. It allows You to connect the VGA (HD-15 Connector) Output from a Computer/Laptop to the Digital HDMI Input of a HDTV, LCD or Other Display with HDMI Connections. It supports High Definition Resolutions up to 1080p.


Supports High Definition Resolutions Up to 1080p Ideal for Video Streaming or Sharing Content Plug and Play Technology Supports up to 10.2 Gbps Bandwidth VGA Input supports 1920×1080@ 60 Hz Clear 3.5 mm Audio Sound Compatible with Mirror and Extend Modes.


Input Ports: (1) VGA and (1) 3.5 mm Audio Jack
Output Port: (1) HDMI Jack
Power: USB Power Adapter


  1.  Plug the Other End of the 3.5 mm Audio Cable into the 3.5 mm Port on the Laptop or Computer.
  2. Connect One Plug End of a HDMI Cable (NOT INCLUDED) into the HDMI Output Port on the Adapter.
  3. Insert the Other Plug End of the HDMI Cable into a HDMI Port on the HDTV or Display.
  4. Turn the HDTV on.
  5. Change the Input Source Setting on the HDTV to the Correct HDMI Port on the HDTV that you are using. This will ensure that the HDTV is receiving the Signal from the Laptop or Computer. Please see Your HDTV Manual to Complete this Step.


Note: This adapter is a VGA to HDMI adapter is a one-way adapter. It only converts VGA to HDMI.


Monster JHIU0144 VGA to HDMI With Audio Adapter User Guide


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