OnePlus Z2 Ear Buds User Manual


OnePlus Z2 Ear Buds User Manual

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Charging Box

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Pairing and connecting

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For Android phones
follow the Google Fast Pair prompts.For non-Android phones place the buds into the charging case with the cover opened. Press and hold the setup button of the charging case tor 2s to enter Bluetooth settings. Then, select OnePlus
Buds Z2.
To restore the factory settings
Place the buds into the charging case with the cover opened.Press and hold the setup button of the charging case for 10s until the indicator lamp blinks  red.
Note: Only OnePlus 6 and lata versions are supported.

Replacing ear lips

Use ear tips in appropriate size to enjoy optimal comfort and noise cancellation experience.Check the buds accessories for, ear tips in different sizes.

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Buds details

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For OnePlus 6 (or later versions) you can set buds details and upgrade the software version of the buds under Settings’>Bluetooth.
On a non-OnePlus mobile phone
download and install Hey Melody to obtain features of the buds and upgrade the software version for enhanced listening

Noise control

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Press and hold the touch area for 1s to switch the noiSe control mode between “Max noise cancellation’ and “Transparency” by default. To switch between two different modes, enter Settings ;,, Buds details.

Other func1lon control

Call control
Answer/End, Dot.i:lle-tap
Reject: Press and hold the bud for 3s
Switch the device
Press and hold either bud (in powered-oo status) for 3s to reconnect to the previous device.
In-ear detection
During roosic pla}’t)ack, the buds automatically pause the music when you take them off. If you put the ba.-js back within three minutes,the buds automatically resume the music.

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Charge the buds
Put the buds in the charging case to initiate charging.
Charge the charging case
Connect the charging case to a power supply through the charging cable delivered with the buds to charge the charging case.

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