Philips Electric Shaver Series 5000 Fast & Protective featured

Philips Electric Shaver Series 5000 | Fast & Protective User Manual


Philips Electric Shaver Series 5000 | Fast & Protective User Manual

Philips Electric Shaver Series 5000 Fast & Protective

How do I use my product?

Always check the product and all accessories before using. Do not use the product or any accessory if it is damaged, as this may cause injury. Always replace a damaged part with one of the original type.

Note: This product is waterproof. It is suitable for use in the bath or shower and for cleaning under the tap with water. For safety reasons, this product can only be used without cord.

How do I clean my shaver?

Clean the product and the attachments after each use for optimal performance.

Cleaning the shaver with water
Clean the shaver after each use to prevent clogging and damage.

Never dry the shaving unit with a towel or tissue, as this may damage the shaving heads.
While rinsing the shaving unit, water may drip out of the base of the shaver. This is a normal occurrence.

Battery safety instructions

  • Charge, use and store the product at a temperature between 5 °C and 35 °C.
  • Do not burn products and their batteries and do not expose them to direct sunlight or to high temperatures (e.g. in hot cars or near hot stoves). Batteries may explode if overheated.
  • If the product becomes abnormally hot, gives off an abnormal smell, changes color or if charging takes much longer than usual, stop using and charging the product and contact your local Philips dealer.
  • Do not place products and their batteries in microwave ovens or on induction cookers.
  • When you handle batteries, make sure that your hands, the product and the batteries are dry.
  • To prevent batteries from heating up or releasing toxic or hazardous substances, do not modify, pierce or damage products and batteries and do not disassemble, short-circuit, overcharge or reverse charge batteries.
  • To avoid accidental short-circuiting of batteries after removal, do not let battery terminals come into contact with metal object (e.g. coins, hairpins, rings). Do not wrap batteries in aluminum foil. Tape battery terminals or put batteries in a plastic bag before you discard them.
  • If batteries are damaged or leaking, avoid contact with the skin or eye. If this occurs, immediately rinse well with water and seek medical care.

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