Philips SHAVER Series 7000 S7720-26 men's shaver featured

Philips SHAVER Series 7000 S7720/26 men’s shaver User Manual


Philips SHAVER Series 7000 S7720/26 men’s shaver User Manual

Philips SHAVER Series 7000 S7720-26 men's shaver


  • Charging, recharging or storing attemperators below 40ºF/4,5ºC or higher than 95ºF/35ºC adversely affects lifetime of batteries.
  • Charging or recharging requires one full hour.
  • Afully charged shaver has a shaving time of up to 50
  • Youmay recharge when the display indicates the battery is almost
  • This shaver will not operate corded directly from the electrical
  • Do not charge the shaver in a pouch or travel

Put It To The Test & Shaving Tips

  • 21Day Trial and Conversion  It is a fact that your skin and beard need time to adjust to a new shaving system.
  • Use your new razor exclusively for 3 weeks to fully enjoy the closeness of a Philips Norelco
  • At first you may not get as close a shave as you expect, or your face may even become slightly  This is normal since your beard and skin will need time to adjust. Invest 3 weeks and you’ll soon experience the full joy of your new razor.
  • Stick with it! If you alternate shaving methods during the adjustment period, it may make it more difficult to adapt to the Philips Norelco shaving system.
  • If you are still not convinced after 21 days, Philips Norelco will refund you the full purchase price as long as the request is received within 45 days of purchase.


  • Alwaysclean your shaver after each
  • Regularcleaning guarantees better shaving
  • Never clean, remove or replace shaving unitwhile motor is
  • Donot apply pressure to shaving head  Do not touch shaving heads with hard objects as this may dent or damage precision-made slotted combs.
  • Do not use shaver if shaving head combs are damaged or  Facial injury may occur.
  • Do not use abrasives, scourers or aggressive liquids such as gasoline or acetone to clean the


  • Always remove razor from the charging stand/ Jet Clean System before cleaning
  • Unplug the charging stand/Jet Clean System after charging/recharging or cleaning  The charging stand/Jet Clean System and razor may be wiped clean using a damp cloth.
  • Water from the tap should be on a warm setting to clean any washable
  • Note: DO NOT place or clean any parts of the charging stand/Jet Clean System in a dishwasher


  • The shaver can be placed in the travel case or Smart Clean System for safe
  • Be sure shaver is turned off. Remove cord from outlet before storing in a safe, dry location where it will not be crushed, banged, or subject to damage.
  • Do not wrap power cord around shaver or Smart Clean System when
  • Store cord in a safe location where it will not be cut or damage.
  • Do not place or store Smart Clean System where it can fall or be pulled into a tub or sink, water or other liquid while plugged in.


 Replacement Shaving Heads

  • Model SH70 – For maximum shaver
    performance, replace your Philips Norelco shaving heads once a year.
  • Replacement Smart Click Style
    Model RQ111 – Philips Norelco Smart Click Style
  • Replacement Cleaning Cartridge
    Model JC302 – Philips Norelco Smart Clean Cleaning Cartridge, 2-Pack
    Model JC303 – Philips Norelco Smart Clean Cleaning Cartridge, 3-Pack
  • Smart Click Cleansing Brush
    Model RQ585 – Philips Norelco Smart Click Cleansing Brush

Philips Norelco Shaver Accessories may be purchased at a store near you, or on our website


Philips Electronics North America Corporation warrants each new Philips Norelco Product, Model S7720 (except cutters and combs) against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase, and agrees to repair or replace any defective product without charge.

IMPORTANT: This warranty does not cover damage resulting from accident, misuse or abuse, lack of reasonable care, the affixing of any attachment not provided with the product or loss of parts or subjecting the product to any but the specified voltage.*


In order to obtain warranty service, simply go to or call 1-800-243- 3050 for assistance. It is suggested that for your protection you return shipments of product by insured mail, insurance prepaid. Damage occurring during shipment is not covered by this warranty.

NOTE: No other warranty, written or oral, is authorized by Philips Electronics North America Corporation.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequen- tial damages, so the above exclusion and limitations may not apply to you.

* Read enclosed instructions carefully.


Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to the Philips SHAVER Series 7000 S7720/26 men’s shaver:

1. Is the Philips Series 7000 S7720/26 suitable for wet and dry shaving?

  • Yes, the Philips Series 7000 S7720/26 is designed for both wet and dry shaving. You can use it with shaving foam or gel for a comfortable wet shave, or you can use it dry for quick and convenient shaving.

2. How do I clean the shaver after use?

  • After each use, you can rinse the shaving head and blades under running water to remove hair and shaving products. Make sure the shaver is turned off and disconnected from the power source before cleaning.

3. How often should I replace the shaving heads on the Series 7000 S7720/26?

  • The frequency of replacing shaving heads depends on your usage and the coarseness of your facial hair. On average, it’s recommended to replace the shaving heads every 12 to 24 months for optimal performance. Some shavers have a replacement indicator that will alert you when it’s time to replace them.

4. What is the battery life of the Philips Series 7000 S7720/26?

  • The battery life can vary depending on usage, but on a full charge, you can typically expect 50 to 60 minutes of cordless shaving time. Charging times may vary, but a full charge usually takes around one hour.

5. Can I use the shaver while it’s charging?

  • Some electric shavers, including the Philips Series 7000 S7720/26, offer a quick-charge feature that allows you to use the shaver for a quick shave while it’s plugged in. Refer to your user manual for details on this feature.

6. Is it safe to use the shaver on sensitive skin?

  • The Philips Series 7000 S7720/26 is designed with comfort in mind and features advanced technology to minimize irritation. However, it’s important to use proper shaving techniques and take your time when shaving sensitive areas to avoid irritation.

7. Can I use the shaver for both wet and dry shaving in one session?

  • Yes, you can switch between wet and dry shaving during the same session. Just make sure to clean the shaver thoroughly if you switch from using shaving foam or gel to dry shaving.

8. How do I maintain the shaver for long-lasting performance?

  • To ensure long-lasting performance, regularly clean the shaving head, replace shaving heads as needed, oil the blades when necessary (if applicable), and store the shaver in a dry place. Follow the maintenance guidelines provided in your user manual.

9. What is the warranty for the Philips Series 7000 S7720/26 shaver?

  • Warranty terms can vary by region and retailer, so it’s best to check your product documentation or contact Philips customer support to determine the warranty coverage for your specific shaver.

10. Where can I find replacement parts and accessories for my shaver? – You can typically find replacement shaving heads, cleaning cartridges, and other accessories for your Philips Series 7000 S7720/26 at authorized Philips retailers, online marketplaces, or through the Philips official website.

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