You are currently viewing RAM Mounts RAPSB187LO9 EZ-Strap Rail Mount User Guide

RAM Mounts RAPSB187LO9 EZ-Strap Rail Mount User Guide


RAM Mounts RAPSB187LO9 EZ-Strap Rail Mount User Guide


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  1. Attach (C) adhesive rubber pad to (B) strap.
  2. RAM-Mounts-RAPSB187LO9-EZ-Strap-Rail-Mount-User-Guide-Image-2Cut out measuring strip shown on the right. Wrap the strip around area where RAM® EZ-Strap is to be attached until the “ALIGN EDGE ™ WITH ZONE” end aligns with one of the “Short, Medium, or Long” segments to determine appropriate strap length. Once correct segment is determined, use scissors to cut only along one of the shown reference lines “ ” just pass the corresponding groove.
  3. RAM-Mounts-RAPSB187LO9-EZ-Strap-Rail-Mount-User-Guide-Image-3With (C) adhesive pad facing up, insert (D) pin half way inside hinge of (B) strap. Insert (B) strap with protruding (D) pin into the backside right slot of (A) base. While pressing (B) strap firm against (A) base, press pin through the left slot using a flat head screwdriver. Adhere (E) adhesive pad.
  4. RAM-Mounts-RAPSB187LO9-EZ-Strap-Rail-Mount-User-Guide-Image-4Place RAM on surface and feed the strap through ® EZ-Strap™ (A) base until strap clicks into base. Hold the RAM® EZ-Strap in ™ place as you pull the strap to tighten.



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