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How to Program Samsung TV Remote Control Codes [2024]

Samsung TV Remote Codes Latest 2024

A comprehensive guide for Samsung TV remote codes is in your hands. Samsung is a well-known leading company among television manufacturers, renowned for innovative displays and high-quality features. Samsung televisions have an extraordinary feature for your convenience, which is their compatibility with Universal Remote Codes. However, being an international television manufacturer brand, Samsung has launched Samsung TV Remote Codes, so that you may easily program your TV with these Remote Codes and enjoy the innovative experience of entertainment. These codes enable you to control multiple devices with only one remote, but first of all, you need to have complete knowledge of Samsung Remote Codes to use this remote correctly and feasibly. Here, detailed information about Samsung Remote Codes is jotted down for your convenience.

What are Samsung remote codes?

A remote control has a series of remote codes that correspond to some specific functions related to the working of the TV. Through a specific alteration procedure, universal remotes are synchronized with these remote codes to work with this international brand. Samsung Remote Codes are automatically synchronized with your TV and can turn a TV on or off, adjust the volume of the TV, or change its channels.

Depending on the year of manufacture and model number, Samsung TVs can use a diverse variety of remote codes. The Samsung Remote is a well-appreciated invention due to its immense utility and feasible availability around the world. Samsung TV remote codes have the eligibility to work with different brands, even with those brands whose replacement is unavailable. So if you have trouble after losing your original TV remote, you have an open option to utilize Samsung TV Remote Code to replace the original one. This feature makes the Samsung Remote Codes easily pairable with approximately all kinds of television brands, regardless of their mode. These remotes can be set up to work with your TV easily.

Samsung TV Remote Codes

This manual will focus on Samsung Remote Code to program it with your TV, and all necessary remote codes to synchronize with your TV have been listed in this guide. So continue reading this article to get complete information about Samsung TV remote codes. Commonly, 4-digit codes are used as Samsung remote codes. Some important Samsung TV remote codes are:

1: (07744, 0093, 0217, o448)

2: (00019, 0618, 0037, 0178)

3: (0060, 0587, 0644, 0056)

4: (0030, 0556, 0009, 0702)

5: (0269, 0270, 0271, 0272,…

6: (0281, 0282, 0283, 0284,…)

samsung tv remote codes

How to Set Up Samsung TV Remote Codes

Initially, some codes do not work properly, but don’t worry; it’s a usual issue. Take it easy and understand the technique to provide a multiple number of codes. If the first code does not synchronize with your TV, you can try another code. This is a trial-and-error method, so don’t panic and repeat the procedure until the correct code is found. Keep your remote battery in good condition because it affects your remote’s performance. Deteriorated batteries in remotes make them unable to respond to commands and cause malfunctions in the remote. Always use a new battery for a new remote to get optimal performance.

Whenever you try to pair a remote with your TV, start with the code search function. You can use this guide to determine the relevant position while entering the codes manually.

Sometimes there may be a factory issue, which can be resolved by a factory reset procedure. This procedure may erase all, the previous data in your settings and reset your TV to its original state, but to do this, follow the following steps:

  1. Turn your TV  “on”.  
  2. Navigate to settings and click the “support” option.
  3. Enter the security pin.
  4. Press” yes” to rest your TV.

Now your Samsung TV Remote Code has synchronized to your TV, and you can restart it. But keep in mind that before resetting your data, backup your data because this procedure will remove all previous data settings.

 Last but not least, sometimes your room furniture or other electronic devices interrupt the synchronization of the remote and TV and make it difficult for the TV to detect the remote commands by blocking the signals. So, make sure that there are not any objects in front of your TV to hinder the synchronization.

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It provide significant value to your TV entertainment. These remote codes make it easy to pair with your TV, especially for people who have less knowledge about tech-savvy and don’t have enough time to learn about complex setup procedures.

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