You are currently viewing SCA 385508 4.3 Inch Mirror Mounted Reversing Camera System User Manual

SCA 385508 4.3 Inch Mirror Mounted Reversing Camera System User Manual


SCA 385508 4.3 Inch Mirror Mounted Reversing Camera System User Manual



This mirror mounted reversing camera system is installed by running the provided wiring directly from the rear of the vehicle to the passenger compartment. The hard wired system provides a clear and interference free signal to the mirror mounted monitor. The IP67 waterproof camera is powered directly from your reversing light, allowing your system to automatically switch on when the vehicle is put into reverse.

WIRING DIAGRAMSCA-385508-4.3-Inch-Mirror-Mounted-Reversing-Camera-System-User-Manual-Image-1


  1. At the rear of the car locate a suitable mounting location for the butterfly camera ensuring that it is located as close to the center of the vehicle as possible and attach using the supplied screws. (EG: Fig 1) When mounting the camera, make sure the camera does not cover any part of the license plate. With the license plate removed, check if there are any pre-existing holes through which the cables from the camera can be passed through to the boot of the vehicle. (EG: Fig2)
  2. Connect the RED wire of the camera’s wiring harness to the wire that supplies power to the reversing light. Measure the voltage on this wire to ensure it is +12V when energized. Before making the electrical connection to the reverse light, temporarily disconnect the camera from the power plug.
  3. After you have insulated the join you can re-connect the power harness to the camera.
  4. Connect one end of the supplied RCA video lead to the RCA lead coming from the camera then run the RCA lead to the front under side of the driver side dash board. To do this you may need to remove the rear seat to pass the cable into the cabin area. You may also need to remove the door scuff plates to run the wire along the side of the vehicle.
  5. Mount the Mirror Monitor to your rear view mirror by adjusting the quick connect tabs. Connect the mirror monitor to the wiring loom and run the loom to the underside of the driver’s side dash hiding the cabling as you go.
  6. Connect the camera’s RCA video lead to the RCA plug on the mirrors wiring loom



  1. Press the middle button for Menu access functions (see Fig.1)
  2.  Press the top button repeatedly to increase value
  3.  Press the bottom button repeatedly to decrease value


Brightness: Adjusts screen brightness
Contrast: Adjusts screen contrast
Saturation: Adjusts screen saturation
Language: Select menu language
Mode: Changes display mode between 16:9 & 4:3 ratio
Reset: Resets all menu setting back to factory configuration


4.1Sensor1/4“ CMOS (PC7080)
4.2TV SystemNTSC/PAL
4.3Effective Pixels648 H X 488 V
4.4Resolution480 TVL
4.5Frame Frequency30 fps
4.6Scan System525 lines,60 fields/sec
4.7Synchronizing SystemInternal
4.8Video Signal1.0Vp-p at 75ohm
4.9Exposure ControlAuto
4.1Auto Gain ControlAuto
4.11Scope of Electronic Shutter1/60~1/100000 sec
4.12White BalanceAuto (2500K~9500K)



Minimum Illumination

0.6Lux Under the light can clearly see the shape of the object




4.15Image SpecificationMirror Horizontally
4.16Power12V DC
4.18Work Power Range9V~16VDC
4.2Storage Temperature-30~+85


Image Quality Assurance




4.22Environmental Temperature90%RH
4.23Waterproof LevelIP67
4.24Reverse parking linesInbuilt with CMOS camera


This warranty is provided by SRGS Pty Ltd. Supercheap Auto will offer a repair, replacement product or store credit if the product is assessed as being defective during the warranty period. To claim under this warranty, take this product to the Front Service Desk of your nearest Supercheap Auto store. For store locations, visit . You will need your receipt or proof of purchase.


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