SCA Watt Solar Maintenance Charger User Manual


SCA Watt Solar Maintenance Charger User ManualSCA-Watt-Solar-Maintenance-Charger-User-Manual-Image-2


  • Before using the SCA solar maintenance battery chargers ensure the instructions have been read and understood.
  • The SCA solar maintenance battery chargers are not intended for use by young children or infirm persons. Please keep away from pets.
  • Always wear the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when working near batteries. This includes gloves and eye protection.
  • For maintainable batteries it is advisable to read the operation manual before charging.
  •  Ensure battery is being charged in a well-ventilated area. Never charge a battery in a closed off space or in an area without ventilation.


  • For advice, contact the Poisons Information Centre in Australia (PH: 13 11 26) or the National Poisons Centre in New Zealand (PH: 0800 764 766)
  • If battery acid makes contact with the skin or clothing, wash immediately with soap and water.
  • Drink a glass of water and seek medical assistance.


  • Amorphous solar panel
  • Suitable for maintaining 12 volt batteries
  • Ability to trickle charge in cloudy conditions
  • Easy to use, connect 12 volt clips to the battery in a well ventilated area where there is adequate sunlight


Part Number:TPS-946-4.8
Charger Type:Maintenance
Rated Power:4.8 Watt at 1000W/m², 25°C
Maximum Power Voltage :17.5V
Maximum Power Current :274mA
Open Circuit Voltage :21.0V
Short Circuit Current :342mA
Operating Temperature:-40°C To + 85°C
12v Battery Chemistry Types:Lead Acid, Gel, Calcium & AGM
Battery Voltage needs maintenance:≥12V
Battery Charge Capacity (Ah/ CCA):AUTOMOTIVE 200–750CCA MARINE 200–700MCA DEEP CYCLE 17–80A




Amorphous panel Solar Connection Lead 12V Battery Clamps

Step 1. Electrolyte Level Check Solar Maintenance Chargers are designed to maintain a charged battery
(≥12V) NOT for charging a deeply discharged battery. If the level is low, add demineralised water to the correct level, as indicated on the battery.

Step 2.  If the battery does not contain enough voltage the maintenance charger will not be able to provide adequate current to maintain your battery.

Step 3. Connect SCA solar maintenance charger to battery Connect the SCA solar maintenance charger to the battery, via the 12V battery clamps.

Step 4. Charging Once connected,tinted windows or a dirty solar panel will affect the battery chargers ability to charge a battery .SCA-Watt-Solar-Maintenance-Charger-User-Manual-Image-1


Part Number:TPS-946-4.8
Charger Type:Maintenance
12v Battery Clamps Length:3.0 Meter
Case Type:Plastic
Solar PanelAmorphous


ProblemIndicationPossible CausesSuggested Solution

Battery charger does not work?


Battery is still flat


Charger has not been connected correctly Charger has “short circuited” due to reverse polarity connection

Battery voltage was too low to install charge

Charger is not receiving enough sunlight


Check connections are secured correctly

If short circuit due to reverse polarity connection: discontinue  use Check battery Voltage level with a voltmeter Move charger to direct sunlight


Is this battery charger suitable for lithium batteries?
No. Please contact your local Supercheap Auto store for lithium battery chargers.

Is this battery charger suitable for 6/12/24 Volt batteries?
No. The battery charger is only suitable for 12 volt Batteries.


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